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Source: OddBawZ

The Elefant in War Thunder is finally here. This German Heavy Destroyer has been long awaited to War Thunder and for what is an up Ferdinand it’s quite the beast!

The Elefant is available as the top tier reward for the latest War Thunder Battle Pass Armored Elephant but at Battle Rating 6.7 it’s a pretty difficult to play.

The Elefant will face ATGM’s, HEAT-FS and course APDS and APFSDS from vehicles as low as 4.7 all the way up to 7.7 making it pretty weak to most opponents. However, on the side it can be almost impenetrable to vehicles whose armament is limited to APHE and some solid shot.

Overall, this pretty pathetic vehicle for Battle Rating 6.7 and on top this it’s extremely slow too. The Elefant should excel at long range due to its 200mm of frontal armour but it’s often late to the battle meaning enemies are already flanking. On top of that, it’s slow to react due to its case mate design meaning its a sitting duck for ATGM vehicles and laser range finders with APDS and HEAT-FS.

It’s my belief this vehicle is over-br’d and would be much more suited to 6.3!

Today, I 5 in total to see how I can do. It was a struggle!



    • @Synalra / シナウラ ye jagdpanther is chad, also the ho ri should be 6.7 or 7.0 idk why its 7.3 .

    • TIZIANIK and 1900 others

      @liladoodle yeah must be awesome being killed by cold war era tanks with HEAT rounds

    • 6.0 is good. This thing is supposed to be super good on long range and with frontal engagements. That means you’re just playing it right. Just like a heavy tank like the is4 should be a lower br. That thing is a heavy tank but by its high br it’s as good as a medium tank at its current br… Kinda unfair

    • @Fly 2:41 sherman 76 can litterally one shot this thing

  2. Potato in a shoe

    Idea for OddBawz merch: “I could crew replen here but…”

  3. odd can u make an video on the worst tank arl-44 plz? day 3

  4. What is he talking about at 11:08? Is there some mecahnic ive been playing this whole time without that warns you when a tank is nearby?

    • At 11:07 you will see a tiny red triangle 🔺 pointing at the enemy on the extreme right hand side of the screen. Now you will notice it a lot! Use it!

    • ​@OddBawZ Ohh okay not the red chevron, but that really tiny red tringle pointing to the right. Is there a way to make that more visible it’s so small and almost translucent. Thanks for replying btw. If anyone else has the answer im not specifically asking Odd so feel free to give some tips.

  5. I stopped playing 6.7 Germany (well 6.7 entirely tbh) cause the awful uptier 99% of games. It’s so awful lol

  6. Guilherme Lopes

    Quite fun to fight this with my centurion and apds

  7. Gerald Wildbahn

    The reason the driver kept getting taken out was the MG port creates a hole for the overpressure to get into the front compartment, killing the driver from most ufp shots. It’s a disadvantage from the Ferdinand if anything..

  8. Efe the Captain

    That chat spamming thing is stupid AF

  9. Lets address the elefant in the room…

  10. Clone_boy CT-27-5555

    Its sooo dumb that gajin made ww2 tanks go against cold war era tanks. At 6.7 you only need a gun that shoots apsfds and heatfs shells (i dont know how those modern apcr shells are called)and great engine.

  11. Justin Cresswell-Beer

    This thing is a pile of wank. Give me the Ru 251 at 7.0 any day!

  12. plz play the Chinese 4.3 spaa. Its now the best TD/SPAA since the wirble penetration nerf

  13. Regardless of how balanced it is at its BR, there’s something incredibly demoralizing and simply unexciting about playing a casemated mid-WWII TD amongst pretty much entirely early/early mid cold war vehicles. Seems wrong.

  14. They need to have two separate BR groups. First one has ww2 Era tanks at 10.0 and second has cold war Era tanks at 1.0 all the way up to modern at 10.0. That would make the game so playable that people might actually enjoy it again lol.

  15. Local drug seller

    Volumetric overpressure holes in armor shit armor model of gaijin are huge issues pretty much ruining an otherwise enjoyable game. But hey at least we got another dumb go kart with death star on it only for 69.99$ so its all fun and well.

  16. Ho Ri Production is honestly alot better than the Ferdinans. Its just much better speed and acceleration , armro is overall better, and its gun is reasonably good as well

  17. How is he diving with bomber view??? When I do that my planes ALWAYS level to horizon… something in the settings?

  18. richard williams

    odd how can i get the scrolling gunsight its got to be better than moving up and down with the mouse ?

  19. Tried hopping back in and playing games but the servers hate me, played maybe 10 games and then shows 0 games being played and 0 people in que! I can still see why I took a break from it because of the servers

  20. Sometimes it’s a shame Warthunder doesn’t model the known issues with vehicles. The Ferdinand and worse Elephant were notorious for their transmissions breaking and catching fire…

  21. Samuel Choiniere

    I think that when the enemy tanks were over pressuring your driver it was because of the MG port. The Ferdinand doesn’t have a machine gun there which makes sense as to why it wouldn’t happen with that tank but would happen with the Elefant. Sorry if somebody already commented this.

  22. grayson hellyer

    They should break vechiles into eras and then rank them within there.

  23. I appreciate you talking smack about your enemies, and teamates. I haven’t been playing long and it seems like the adage is true that….. your teammate can be just as bad as your enemies.

  24. Aaron Baskerville

    Why did the elefant become a test drive vehicle?

  25. Sooooooo balanced 👌 😌 warthunder knows how to balance a game guys really

  26. I played WT for a solid month. Had to uninstall today, just too frustrating and I’m not having any fun which is the whole point. Loved these videos but I never came close to replicating. I never know where the enemy is, but they know where I am. I rarely get 1 shot kills, but get 1 shot deaths. I guess I just don’t get it. Maybe because I’m on console? Anyway, best of luck!

  27. OddBawZ, at 11:26 you mention you received a “threat indicator” from your crew. I didn’t see or hear any indicator. What are you referring too? I am curious.

  28. What is the threat indicator?

  29. Thomas Kositzki

    I got my own little theory on BR changes at Gaijin…
    Their data-based formula goes as follows: They have a big box with all vehicles names written on little folded pieces of paper. At the beginning of the month, the trainee takes a handful and divides them equally between up-BR-ing and down-BR-ing by 0.3. Then the papers are unfolded and the changes implemented.
    That way the Snails actions would make sense for a change. 😛 XD

  30. Thomas Kositzki

    Something else for a 2nd post:
    I would love to see the game split into a WW2 part and a Cold War part.
    Then just stop adding stuff to the WW2 part because what they basically do is ruining the meta by adding ever more OP vehicles that are basically made up.
    Just balance everything out properly and keep up maintenance… and just reap the rewards, just like Starcraft 1 did.
    It was called the most balanced Multiplayer game for a reason and it was beloved by its community because of that.
    I bet one could make that system work out.

  31. Ferdinand vs bmp1 and t54 ……………..really gaijin sucks its all cancerous.

  32. Devlin Plantenga

    Day 98 asking for the best 5.7 fighter, the American spitfire!

  33. I fucking hate the ar bomber jets, both of them are annoying as fuck to deal with. I don’t care about the me262s as much but they can be a bit annoying, but the ars are worse

  34. Ricardo Sanchez

    There’s some sketchy glitches in this game with the armor. I was in a Tiger 1 using the default round it comes with (APHE or APCBC whatever it is) vs a T-34-57 and was above the T-34 at a 20 degree elevation roughly, straight on to him. I shot his machine gunner’s port on the front of the hull and it not only didn’t penetrate, it didn’t even do any damage to the vehicle whatsoever

  35. The irony of calling the Germans sub-human. I know they did some bad things, but it _was_ a long time ago. 😄

  36. Games at BR. 6.7 don’t actually exist, Gajin just says they do then they throw you in a 7.3 or 7.7 game every time so all your WWII vehicles can get stomped on

  37. I don’t care how many fucking “if __ was historical” videos Spookston puts out, I still would rather be facing historical situations with the 6.7 stuff than the continuous early cold war and the odd downtier/proper tier….

  38. Titanius Anglesmith

    Isn’t funny how the overpressure issue seems to be stronger with russian vehicles?

  39. The Main Problem is the Matchmaker constantly pushing you +1 Level up. im a mediocore player but always being uptiert just sucks. im willing to wait 3-5 minutes for a good game, but on my level and not on a level 20 years later.

  40. Quirks and Features……. is Odd doing a collaboration with Doug DeMuro ??

  41. An idea:
    – Separate WW2 and CW tanks
    – make vehicles of the same erayear fight each other
    – you will have problems with t34s having to fight tigers and for that I’d say adjust the spawn point costs heavily so one can spawn 3 or more t34s for one tiger

  42. @OddBawZ you forgot to mention that ~50mm pen can now pen the engine deck when hitting the added roof armor plate from the front!
    not to mention the still super weak spot under the front fender bellow the new added track pieces.

  43. Bezimienny_Andżej

    Heard the quote about German mains, pressed like, even though my experience in Air RB is – US F2G users are the worst. Basically jump into something that turns well and is not Ta-152H (because they recognize Ta as a threat), and you can clobber them endlessly. Re.2005 will soon reach 6.0 😀

  44. Thanks for the videos! Work is eating my last nerve. This helps.

  45. Seems to me that the battle ratings and the actual battles tend to land on certain popular BR and as a result I find myself fighting higher BR in most of my battles. For example, I used to love playing 4.0 with either US and with Sweden but nowadays its an automatic uptier to 4.7 or even 5.0. Same for playing 6.7, you will invariably end up playing 7.3 or 7.7. Its really taking the fun out of playing specific BR ranges when you consistently get uptiered. Is there any factor in the selection related to players experience, game level? Poor Elefant cannot survive at this level and for a premium and reward vehicle it is very poorly if compared to some of the earlier rewards vehicles

  46. 11:23 that doesn’t say much about playing that nation and the players for it cause you know Germany doesn’t have the brightest players. Plus when aren’t you top of the team in games 😁 Also the game seems like players are in a daze and have the time now and that’s probably caused by the influx of ALL the newer players. I really don’t know how the hell Odd gets actual decent teams when playing Germany but me “LMFAO” forget that bs i get the bottom of the barrel for a team

  47. Its not called War Thunder it should be called “War up tiered” cause actually getting top tier for once is like the luck of the draw cause I have won lottery tickets more times than i have got top tier in this game lately.

  48. Speed and mobility is meta. With slow WW2 crap you get rekt by planes,atgm or hightech ammo..

  49. And that’s why I quit almost all full uptier games before start.

  50. In both air and ground there’s should be eras, pre war and ww2, cold war era and post cold war to modern day. I’m pretty sure most people would prefer quality game play and immersion and wait a bit in the cue. It always broke and ruined the experience in war thunder for me when I was killed straight through my thickest armour against a vehicle that my vehicle never faced in ww2. Warhunder have ruined the potential for an awesome game.

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