THE END OF AN ERA | VFW Hull Break Is actually true (War Thunder T-34-85 Gai Gameplay)

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THE END OF AN ERA | VFW Hull Break Is actually true (War Thunder -85 Gai Gameplay)


  1. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. This is what happens when ppl bitch and dont learn how to kill a tank, it gets nerfed and made useless as it can get killed from being tracked. This goes to show that the game gets worse when the players bitch enough

  3. Who else thinks that we could probably crowdphund our boy his own actual tank to drive around his hometown in? I’ve seen them used as limo/wedding vehicles in Murica… surely our man-child could get one =]

  4. As soon as you said “I wanna tell you all something nice…” I just instantly went “I love you too phly.” Also, I take slight ophense. I’m originally from Wilmington on the coast. Peeps do live in NC

  5. I raise you South Dakota sir for nothing out here. We have cold and flat land as far as the eye can see

  6. Hey Greensboro is a great city!

  7. Keep up the videos I like them all

  8. Does anyone know what happened at 3:00? O had something similar happen in advance to the Rhine at 8.3 or 8.7. Basically half the buildings on the entire map collapsed

  9. PHLY revisit your old favorite, the PAK puma and see how shes doing

  10. The Asian Dictator

    It’s over anakin I have the high ground 11:28

  11. Wish they’d just rename the chinese tree the Merc tree already

  12. Hull break is just a shitty mechanic used for people who don’t know how to load HE shells.

  13. The normal dude 1833

    Ok pumma

  14. Captain Doomyar creepergamer10

    Look Hanz ze russian name their tank gei nien nien nien

  15. TheMightyCongueror

    Never played it, but I imagine that the VFW is no longer fun to play, I mean, it’s a huge target, slow as fuck, has no armor, the only thing it has going for it is the gun.

  16. What player base?
    It feels that all it’s left is youtubers and bots…

  17. Alexis Bierque de Birka de Fauville

    That 12.7 on the roof looks like a small upgrade

    But in reality, it’s a HUGE difference


  19. do the t64-b, only rocket Challenge #2

  20. me: buy VFW after being killed by this shi*t for a lot of times
    gaijin:*adds Hull Break*

  21. Nobody lives in North Carolina… *laughs in Iowan*

  22. Alexis Bierque de Birka de Fauville

    I actually use the same round as you, as it has better penetration at range and angle

    And more damage

  23. Phly: “I wanna tell you guys something super nice.”
    Me: Out loud, “I love you”
    Phly a second later: “I love you”
    Me again: “Aww, I called it”

  24. Phly Quote of 2020: 9:12

  25. …Am I the only one that still don’t know wtf is a hull break? Do the chassis just collapse in on itself? Like wtf is that? How does shooting at the gun mantlet cause hull break? And they only apply to certain vehicles????
    Structural failure do not work like that at all. Shooting a 152mm on a 25mm won’t cause structural failure.

  26. 6:40 we find out the last thing phly thinks about before he dies is penis

  27. Eres muy Grande, pero casi me atraganto desayunando por tanto reir, sigue así ??. Saludos desde Germany de un Español.

  28. Why the F did they give the Chinese a T34/85 that makes the Soviet one practically obsolete? Why do they keep over-buffing the obscure nations that hardly did anything in world war 2?

  29. How is the panther and tiger1 on the same br as this bs
    It was litterally created to counter it

  30. Please we need this with the strange event Ram tank too

  31. just stop screaming, i´s annoying, the rest is AOk

  32. mfw it’s 2020 and Phly still don’t know about ***normalization***

  33. When phly gets his strikes removed and the memes almost explode

  34. Phly should do a video on the IS-122. The gun sounds AMAING when shot, and he hasn’t played it for a while yet.

  35. Absolutely fucking raped as expected. No point playing Germans at all.

  36. 11:21 “Do you not have elevation?”

    No, but I bet he had plenty of depression after that shot.

  37. Yes please
    Play the IS-2 (mod.1944) phly

  38. Hey Phly, I was wondering if you could use you’re old opening theme song (with the saxophone I believe).

    I always thought your funniest moment of the video played at the beginning with the theme song following was always a good combo.

    You don’t have to do it for all videos, just would like to hear it again.

  39. King Neptunes Bastard

    Your days and WT are coming to an end as you knew it………..It is broke AF and you will be also, I mean with them, not actually broke as you are a very intelligent gamer…Yet how are you in real life? Prepare…..And no! NC sucks ass…Who the fuck says something rules nowadays? That shit is what we said when I was a kid in the mid 80’s Grow the fuck up Hacker

  40. War thunder lemmings at its finest. Find a good spot, and the whole team wants to follow you blocking your escape. Air rb one person dives 5 teammates follow trying to snake the kill. Lol

  41. What have they done to my VFW… I grinded my butt off for that tank. What a kick to the dick.

  42. The music in the intro is fire <3

  43. Ha you wanna feel the true pain of Hull break, try the warrior
    I have played around 40 matches with it and every shot that hit it hull broke it even rounds that just clip the rear just instata kills you

  44. If I ever come to the North Carolina, we will go for a beer!

  45. Random shiz Of who knows what

    im pretty sure phly had a nut bust when he pen the panther

  46. Dont touch to chinese tanks they could be infected with virus

  47. After decades of complaining. Finally. At last. I almost want to reinstall this chinese spyware game again.

  48. its just a t 34 but gai

  49. You’re hilarious

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