The End of FV215b 183 or Still a Beast!? | World of Tanks 2.0 Big Balance Updates

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Source: DezGamez

183 and New HESH Rounds. World of Tanks 2.0 Big Update, New , New Ammo, Artillery Rebalance, Tree Rebalance, Rewards Tanks, Collector Tanks, New Statistics, Personal changes and more! World of Tanks Update 2.0 Patch Sandbox Test Server.

► [Sandbox] New Balance Test Article:

2020 seems to not like sleeping very much… We just had Team Clash event which ended today, Black Market with new offer every day and now this – NEW BALANCE in World of Tanks.

This is probably the biggest change World of Tanks is ever seen in a single patch, compared to the World of Tanks 1.0… This actually may be a time for a World of Tanks 2.0.

In this episode I am going to take a look at my favorite tank destroyer in the game, The FV215b 183 and to the nerfed HESH and HE rounds.

As this is my favorite tank destroyer, every changes to it hits me deep… Is this tank useless now? Is HESH ammo useless now?

Let's take a look!


  1. Only 1100 basically with hesh on a pzIV…ouch
    I’d just play jg

  2. So how can 0 pen do 1k dmg? I mean nowdays HE doing 0 is broken as well, but killing all durp tanks? Why? Are any of them breaking the game? statisticly not great win rate, no dmg records every game. Sure on of 20 games is good but rest is often shit. EBRs are more broken and more toxic for the game. Same goes for russian black.hole armor (tier X td hitting side and doing 0 dmg). Majority of the players dont like it so maybe WG will rework those changes (atleast we can hope)

  3. Keep up the good work Dez!

  4. This is just another RIPOFF by Wargaming. I have over 1500 games in my DeathStar 183 and like you its my favorite MEME tank.
    They continue to play TAKEAWAY from us and think that by giving us Tier 7 Super TRASHCATs that we will be happy. NEGATIVE.
    Give us back our WT E100 , our HESH , our T110E5, our TYPE 5 HEAVY, and all of the other tanks that they have stolen or completely NERFED.
    As always DEZ, another great video. You are by far my favorite WOT You Tuber. Thanks buddy. DEZ YOU LATER!

  5. hey Dez, I played WOT for almost a year but didnt manage to get any gold, how come you have like a fortune of gold? How did you make it?

  6. Economy? Shell price?

  7. I don’t like this changes prefer HE and HESH remain thesame

  8. How is there outcry over this? I genuinely don’t get it.
    We all know 2.1 through 2.5 will, almost without a doubt, be nothing but rebalances.
    (otherwise, yeah, WoT is probably screwed.)

    This is literally what the Community has been asking for ever since I got back into this game: “fix the damn balance WG”.
    It was so broken that even they finally realised the only option was to rebalance *everything* from the ground up and learn from their past mistakes.
    Everyone said Premium ammo should be situational. Now people are complaining about making ammo situational. Seriously?

    As long as they actually keep updating the balance, I think this is the only possible move they could have made if they wanted to save the game. As it is it’s so imbalanced it’s an absolute joke. Why would any new player stick with this game for any length of time? Especially Free to Play. Low tier gameplay is absolutely terrible. It’s actually straight up bad. It’s grindy as hell before you know what the rewards of that grind even are. For anyone except fairly experienced players it’s a straight up bad game, and it’s insanely hard to get into. Anyone who watched QB’s early Free to Play streams saw how bad it is for an experienced and skilled player. For a new player it’s literally an instant uninstall.

    And people are complaining that they’re trying to fix that?

  9. Ogponline battlefield 1 Yes im better

    Is this game worth playing now?

  10. ok,now im glad i never grinded that wasted road.

  11. 183mm HESH was the most broken thing in the game. One shotting a tier 10 40 seconds into the game was utter bullshit

  12. Technically since it’s a premium ,they’re legally not allowed switching its ammo , but since they’re, ap should deal a minimum of 1500-1600 damage , with its 310mm of pen , change the accuracy too .36 accuracy


  14. Bad Idea this entire sandbox test is.
    Like it I do not.
    Revert game to patch 9.10 they should.

  15. Sounds balanced, exclude the Russian tanks!

  16. Load the Skill rounds

    HESH made to pen armour, WG be like 0mm pen… peace out mthfka

  17. i want a refund

  18. I don’t agree that consistent damage to non armoured vehicles is a good thing. It dumbs down the skill cap and rewards players for auto aim into tracks/screens/spaced armour.

  19. And fucking Warging just re-released the 183…

  20. just play with heavy tanks now.. you’ll have alpha advantage over soft enemies! 😛

  21. my poor kv2… now im gonna be depressed… Well I alrddy am but this makes it worse

  22. hahahahha NEVER expect any help from people coming from east euro third world country hahahah they are really retared hahahah plaqyersd

  23. do you feel alright…. oy oy oy yo the whites are rule tonight

  24. this is more like a more mobile and with turret stug e100 to the german one

  25. Dez, please try out KV2. It has serious problems! With HE. If you shoot tracks it do not deals any damage. And I did 0 dmg a lot of times. For example I hit obj703 II s turret from the rear and I dealt 0 dmg. Please test it out!


  27. Isn’t it funny how WG nerfs the 183 RIGHT after they sell it for an obscene amount?
    I am so very glad I didn’t fall for their shell game sale,
    but if I did, I would be very upset right now

    VERY upset

  28. honeslty i dont like that they are changing the HESH like im already hitting people with like 600 to 700 damage anyways im not that lucky with RNG and now it will be even not worth playing the damn tank because im already hitting those rolls
    when you hit and pen a tank it’s rewarding when you are able to hit pen and destroy a tank, as in the tank of the vehicle is named TANK DESTROYER THAT IS WHAT IT’S MENT TO DO IN IT’S ROLL IN WOT, like thats the purpose of the fucking tank to begin with like do not change it. id rather have arty with HEAT and AP back then them to nerf a tank that i got before they took it out.

  29. It’s all fine and dandy that they made HE shells more consistent, but what’s the point of firing it if AP is better for literally everything except splashing a hull down Russian heavy? Before this comes to the live server I’m going through all of my tanks and firing off all my HE rounds; I’ll carry one or two but I’m not going to bother with the 5-10 HE rounds I carry now to punish lightly armoured tanks. With the 183 I won’t even bother with the HESH shells. I fire AP unless I somehow can’t pen them (not going to happen too often as it has 310 pen) or if I’m going to run low on ammo and need to kill a tank on 600 hp or less then I’ll fire regular HE. It’s not worth the cost. These HE changes in general have lowered the skill cap of the game. It’s not going to reward players for being intelligent with their ammo choices. They’ve actually decreased the usefulness of HE when they state they want to increase it’s usefulness. HE has identical uses except for the fact that the live server HE rounds can actually pen and punish lightly armoured tanks while the sandbox HE rounds can’t as AP will always do more damage. HE is just not worth it. They’ve finally addressed the gold round issue but instead of actually fixing the HE issue they’re just changing the issue to something else. I’d put money on the fact that after these changes go live the usage rates of HE will drop significantly in normal circumstances (IE not someone trolling with HE or someone who is ignorant to fire nothing but HE).

  30. 8:32 – 8:42
    Dez trying to make us have seizures

  31. This is why I don’t play wot anymore. They sold the fv for 22 MILLION CREDITS but then they nerf it.

  32. Have played alot with centurion 7/1 on sandbox server and WG Can remove the hesh ammo, because it has become useless. Noone Will drive the 7/1 aften this hesh nerf. Very uniq for this tank. You do between 80 and 120 damage with the new test hesh rounds. I hit A t92 Scout for 18!!!! Dmg!

  33. Nobody plays the 183 for the AP. I’m not happy with this wot 2.0. Been playing since feb 2012, I own 25 tier 8 premiums and 25 tier 10s. For the first time ever, I will uninstall if I don’t like the changes.

  34. they should add more hp on top of what they already added since tanks are still able to die fast

  35. It’s time they nerfed the other tanks besides the type 5 heavy

  36. If wot is going to nerf the deathstar’s OMG round & make it’s ammo situational then they had better increase the reload speeds.
    This is a bit rich to sell it on the black market for 50,000,000 & then nerf it.

  37. Maybe we should all stop playing until they actually release the update. Removing tanks and changing the tech trees = no point researching as you could be wasting time and credits on soon to be non-existent tanks & anything you want might not be worth it after the nerf.

  38. if the HESH shells were a feature of the russians tanks, they would not have been affected.

  39. I think the thing that’s constantly ignored with this whole “situational” standpoint is…you’ve got a 20s+ reload, do you even have time to roll the dice and reload another shell type? Short answer is no.

  40. What is this game?i seriouely dont know

  41. They beat up a legendary tank.

  42. No one is going to be afraid anymore, hell I would rush a 183mm and not really be worried now. Once it has shot in close combat 183 is dead.

  43. So now the low skilled gold spamming players will have their skill exposed …. Good players already use suitable ammo types in different situations … So their game play won’t be affected …. But … The good spamming bricks who almost have full gold load out will suffer … I dig that … It’ll bring some salt to the game… Really cool

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