The End of The OG Bully Era in World of Tanks

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World Tanks The Unspottable Bully T95 with Bond Turbo. World of Tanks 9 American Tank Destroyer.

First sketch clip: Ron Swanson
Second sketch clip: Gus Johnson

The Mighty Doom Turtle strikes again.. and again… and again on this channel. But it is a special tank, so. 😉


  1. The faster our battles are going to be, the less T95-like-tanks are going to see the enemy. 🙂
    So, let’s enjoy the moments, the battles where THE OG BULLY STRIKE BACK, Hooah! Much love! 😉

  2. Also mean more EBR’s i dont know whats worse.

  3. “The Mobility Crypt”

    I’m fucking dying here Dez! Thank God I sprayed my drink all over my bed and not my monitor at least!

  4. one of your best vids ever.imo youre the best youtuber/streamer this shitty game ever had.keep up the good work. 😉

  5. Three Minutes into the video and I had a tear in my eye!

  6. ok dez what were you smoking that video and can i have some of it lol. great way to make it known that they are making games way to damned fast

  7. I almost shed a tear, sniff sniff

  8. Great commentary, respect for that uniqueness ❤️

  9. DezGamez, nice dramatic story of T95 that tank just gets forgotten about too much and it’s an OG tank too!

  10. Depends a lot on MM and the map. I did 5 kills and 5.3kdmg on el halluf the other day i was just bullying everyone on north west

  11. For anyone wondering thats the Miami Vibe camo.

  12. Jokes on you I got bond turbo on my turtle and tortoise

  13. You making fun of E50 reminded me of Trump making fun of a reporter in a news conference a couple of years ago lol. You sounded so much like him. Hilarious video

  14. Retropaintball clips

    My e3 have been dusting in almost 9 years now. Tried 3 games little time ago and it’s completely shit so I’m not gonna test it for some years to go again 🙃

  15. its giving a Jurassic park vibe

  16. Great episode 🙂

  17. Love the edits 🤣🤣

  18. 2:55 object 750?? Wow nice.. Dez.. you gave a new name for another OP Rushaaaa tank 😂😂😂

  19. Fez you’re too good at what you do. Ha I found this video very entertaining. Keep up the good work. As you were good sir

  20. just … 😀

  21. WG saying “we`re traying to make the game better” but update after update they are destroying it 🙁

  22. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    E 50, having stroke lmao

  23. lmao it will “evolve”

  24. what does “OG” mean in this environment?

  25. Priceless – moar of this Dez! 😂🤣😂

  26. The conquerer had *NO* idea.

  27. I think this process in the game changes its not unusual. The game hosts the premium consumers, who process profit for the share holders. Problem is seen only by the “non-paying” consumers, who suffers all the time, and services the paying gamers… its sad story, but this is my honest opinion. At this time I have an average 1 enjoyable battle of 8.

  28. Slovenský Tankista

    the zen turtle.

  29. The legendary battle that the delivery guy disrupted xD

  30. Nice Claus impression

  31. this is great,we need to keep the lineage of doom turtle to be continued. well im gonna buy the turtle again. thanks

  32. Day 39 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  33. ALL I CAn say is ahhahahahhaaha

  34. In my opinion armor is irrelevant nowadays as everyone is spamming gold. So you trade a LOT of mobility for armor that is completely useless nowadays. With everyone spamming gold, there is no reason to have armor anymore.

    I really love the Tortoise and T95, but it just has no armor with all the gold spam.. rather play the Leo, as everyone will pen you anyways, rather have the mobility.

  35. Great video editing and absolutely true, if I see a T95 and I turn around and run!

  36. OG Bully my fav. Animal

  37. good job on playing t95 turtlee love ur vids man keep up the good work! p.s wich MoE mod ur using? i cannot find it on the mod hub

  38. Oh no thw mission almost complete

  39. Panayiotis Michael

    Holy F@c# Sh!t…
    I saw the title and thought that WG are removing T95 from tech tree in game…

  40. this reminds me national geographic when they talk about monkey species, wich in this game….is pretty accurate!

  41. If anybody has any sense they will drop this game faster than a syphilis infested transvestite hooker. Hopefully before you drop another hundred into it.

  42. T95 was my first love in this game. That will never change

  43. Wow. I never dreamed that one day I would hear Sir David Attenborough himself commentate a WoT match, but now I’m so glad it happened.

  44. Is it just me or does this Dez video feel like it was produced by Klaus Kellerman?

  45. Naw the T95 has still its place. Just not in World of Tanks …

  46. Nice replay but tooo much crap talking…

  47. This tank is disgusting , with higher mobility than maus , it have more armor than maus .

  48. T95 will always be on my heart and still use him a lot 🙂

  49. Brilliant piece of work… I had a tear in my eye at the end… near extinction!!!

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