The Engineers Answered “YES” To Weapons | LAV-AD 25MM BBBBRRRRRRRTTTT

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  1. Engenders said yes LAV-AD ya um i want to have anti everyting engenders put the most powerful anti air and anti ground weapons “LAV-AD” time for chaos boys. XD

  2. Asking to play with phlopy 414

  3. Day 364: Phly, I challenge you to get 8 kills in one game with the SU-5-1. This MBT/Tank Destroyer is severely underloved in your channel.

  4. Day 289: Of asking phly to play the dicker max because it’s 105 is basically cheating at is br and it can survive and they also moved it down to 3.7

  5. I just wish they could have gotten the LAV engine sound right. For anyone that has been around them for years do you feel the same way?

  6. Devlin Plantenga

    Day 139 asking for the best 5.7 fighter, the American spitfire!

  7. What are your keybinds for ground battles?

  8. Were those hydra pods you didn’t use ?

  9. the 20mm sounds more like and a10

  10. Requesting since Sept 2018 please Phly. I-16 type 10, fun agile and deadly little fighter.

  11. One of the funnest videos you’ve done in sometime 👏 😀

  12. the sound. Thats because its a bunch of Russians that make this game

  13. Sounds in War Thunder are so bad, its one of the biggest weakspots.

    Unprecise, underhelming, buggy, where to even start?

  14. So I am just curious, because no one seems to know either on WT’s forums, Phly makes the comment “it would be great if we could chat to them WT.” I just came back to WT after a few months away from the game and discovered that you can’t chat to the teamates anymore or enemies, why? Like it says “chat unavailable”

    I thought I was chat banned at first but then realized I wasn’t, the chat was disabled. So…did they disable it because of toxic peeps or? Like what gives? I used to be able to communicate to my teammates and say like “hey, Abrams over there” etc, but now you can’t…World of Warships PTS does the same thing, not sure if this is a new “trend” in games to silence the chats or whatever but it’s frustrating…if anyone has an answer as to why they did this, would be helpful to know at least.

  15. I got up that spot in a ww2 puma and just annialated enemys

  16. Day 312: Phly, I challenge you to the conphusing aerial smokescreen challenge. Destroy three enemy aircrapht with smoke shells in a single game. Good luck. o7

  17. I would to watch phly play roblox

  18. Say “YES” to LEN-ZEZT

  19. Day 333: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  20. The fact the stinger is so bad….. ridiculous

  21. Some intros are 5 minutes of history and fascinating detail study of the vehicles featured. Some just explain themselves and Phly knows this xD
    I kinda would like to see a small video of Phly going over his settings in the game and why he has some things the way they are or explain the complexity of high tier controls
    Squad has probably the best BRRRRT sounds in gaming, maybe Arma is closer but the Squad Brrrt is so crisp and clean

  22. So, the A10 on the ground?

  23. Yas~ give me more pepper plz

  24. 6:15 Phly Makes A-10 Sound

  25. I really wish i could enjoy the game the way you do, but this games entry tax is too ridiculous sadly

  26. Hey phly….. you and Benny should collaborate again ….. I think we all miss it

  27. bring ing back the old intro as the outro <3

  28. I’ve always wondered, why doesn’t the US adopt this gun as it’s primary weapon on IFVs instead of the 30mm that bradleys use?

  29. There is no need for an excuse to playing roblox but if you do there is a game called Neo Warfare X it’s basically War Thunder roblox but you don’t have to grind for everything and there’s a wider variety of vehicles and weaponry I recommend you play it phly highly recommend (p.s. play alpha on free flight mode if u do play the game on roblox)

  30. “Ground A-10 isnt real it cant hurt you”
    Ground A-10- “brrrrrt”

  31. Yo how can u get like that TEST DRIVE ?

  32. More if those intros please, anyeay im gonna keep spamming u untill u make a vid about elc bis

  33. Don’t hydra rockets have a minimal arming range?

  34. Phly, the Hydra is a family of rockets, M247 is one model of it. They have a whole crapton of different versions with different warheads.

  35. Hey Phly! Why have you never used so far the commander’s sight for vehices that have it?


  37. I think it might have to do a with the delivery system

  38. When it’s coming from a plane it should be much faster I think 🤔?

  39. The ground a-10

  40. Attempt #6

    Challlange: Try to Capture a Point with a Harrier/Yak-38 in vert-mode in RB Tank Battles.

  41. Z will always win

  42. Álvaro Hernández

    6:21 the best moment

  43. *sees thumbnail : silly phly editing a rocket pod on top of a turret
    *video starts : what the f****

  44. Day 1: Phly bring back the intro song we all know and love.

  45. ooh a video with no over clickbaited crap of an excuse for video a thumbnail, guess ill watch

  46. Rendezvous With The Ramey Family

    I was an LAV crewman. I love how war thunder finally implements an LAV variant but it’s literally the one we don’t use and haven’t used since before like 2003.

    Implement the LAV-25 for christs sake. Even the LAV-LOG Ian’s mortar variant is more used than this thing lol.

  47. Sir Illuminar The Valiant

    Just turned 27. And I still occasionally play ROBLOX games lol

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