The explosive mass in this shell weighs as much a human | BIGGEST HIGH EXPLSIVE SHELL IN THE GAME

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Source: PhlyDaily


  1. The Scharn just burned down. It wasn’t an ammorack by any means.

  2. I don’t think the problem is light cruisers vs light cruisers, it’s when 3.0 destroyers have to face 5.0 light cruisers or when the 5.0 cruisers have to face full on battleships
    My best ap rounds on 6in cannons barely pen 200mm

  3. Nope, the HMS Marlborough is armed with 10 x 13.5 inch cannons. The USS California and Tennessee had 12 x 14 inch Super-Heavy shell slingers. and this is before you account for all the 15 inch, 16 inch and let not forget 18.1 inch guns in the game. So not the heaviest HE charges by a wide margin.

  4. Why not use the fritz X bomb? It was made for hitting naval targets after all

  5. Like how do people not shoot at you lol.

  6. what even was that match? there were no planes coming after you, no one saw you, wth?

  7. 80kg of explosive mass
    that ship is essentially throwing 80kg bombs at the enemy in supersonic speeds

  8. It’s a Bridge! lol

  9. Not gonna lie, they probably didn’t shoot at you because they knew they couldn’t do much to you before you returned fire and obliterated them. There for there’s a good chance that they where just trying to avoiding your attention

  10. Imagine if war thunder added the French battleships, later, with there 19 and 20 inch guns. That would be insane

  11. BleedingUranium

    Always awesome to see more Naval content! Battleships are definitely cool, but it would also be nice to see some Destroyer gameplay one of these days too. Shimakaze with her 41 knot top speed and 15 torpedo broadside would be a good choice. 😉

  12. idk but i think chat is back

  13. So 1 beer is regular beer, the other beer is high explosives……. Welcome to Canada there Bud! 😀

  14. Phly, use the low br spaa from Sweden they’re so op

  15. LETS GOOOO MORE NAVAL i love this gamemode, its so underrrated

  16. Challege Suggestion – Panzer III N with Stock APHE at 3.0 (Day 6)

  17. MORE NAVAL!!!

  18. Phly! THE CHAT IS BACK!

  19. Christian Howarth

    I do love me some Phly and playing WT Navy, but these videos are like watching old people fuck.

  20. Phly: *Slaughters half of the enemy team*
    Also Phly: ‘Why are you running?’

  21. For TheBomber990. Day 3: play the P-51C-10 to show em a little trick you learned

  22. Good. Good! Let Phly’s naval interest cultivate and phlourish!
    Sooner or later he, too will have Drachiniphel on in the background as an ASMR! ..

  23. Phantastic video as always! Keep up the great work!

  24. that shells explosive mass 80.1 and equivalent 88.11 weight is more than me i weigh 53.7 and im gonna be 20 in a couple months

  25. C S ~ [Duke of Ramble]

    “Today, we’re going to be fornicating aggressively.”
    — Phly, 2022

    Also, I would’ve used an analogy if Wodka.
    _”You have two identical bottles of vodka…_
    _One bottle is filled with fermented grain alcohol._
    _The _other_ bottle, is filled with a slurry of hate-fuel and has_
    _a flaming rag stuffed into it!”_

  26. the royal navy took all the explosives in the british empire and didn’t leave any for their tanks

  27. I-16 type 10 please.
    Requesting since Sept 2018.

  28. Meinfraulein690

    i dont know if im just extremely unlucky or just i suck at naval (I dont consider myself bad but you could check my stats and see if im bad or not) but the dante alighieri seems really weak. I know its not the strongest battleship and I dont think its the weakest either but its sap just seems to overpen crusiers and the explosive fillers just seem to be too weak to do massive damage unlike other battleships and it has a slow reload (average among battleships). I mean its decently fast but its armor is super thin (8in guns can pen it with ap at decently close ranges) and its very easy to ammo rack because its shell rooms are way above the water line. The only real advantage it has in my opinion is that its aa is slightly better than other battleships with some exceptions.

  29. This makes me want to go and play naval but I get on and there are only like 10 people spread throughout the tiers and never find a match lmao.

  30. Christopher Isherwood

    you should try Kongo 🙂

  31. Anthony Greenslade

    your saying it right 🙂 its Australian/ english,

  32. One of the biggest issues is that it’s not humans. There are a lot of bots/afkers in Naval. They set their main guns to fire at will and go forward and do nothing else. I’ve seen so, so many fresh spawned torpedo wielding cruisers sail on without ever firing at my Scharnhorst.

  33. Why is that Zis in thinbnail xD?

  34. A lot of Naval mechanics make more sense in EC, rather than standard RB

  35. The shot does indeed go short at 18:00, because the damage to the barrel is enough to let it fire

  36. hey phly i have been watching for a while now and your videos have really helped me to keep my mind off what im going throught rn, please keep pumping out the great content, i hope you, laura and baby banks are well:)

  37. Hey man, did you know the Sweden reserve tanks take SABOT? Like… 1.0 is an uptier and you get SABOT!! Pls be a menace in them for a video, I promise you’ll have a great time

  38. This is the definition of “It’s not about the size its how you use it”

  39. Phly please play some destroyers and/or do a collab with one of the naval CCs.

  40. i weight more than thatr shell

  41. Soularion Games

    How does he gradual fire it?

  42. Can we see you using the He 111 with the Fritz X in Naval, using it the intended way and destroying battleships with it?

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