The F-89D Is Quite Possibly The Most Sophisticated Weapon System On Planet Earth

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The F-89D Is Quite Possibly The Most Sophisticated Weapon System On Planet Earth


  1. You Phellas have a great rest of the week. I hope you’ve enjoy this weeks vids 07

  2. The Mount Phuji landing was pretty hilarious.

  3. this aircraft was ment to shoot down bombers…you fly up about 800m then unload.

  4. Set the rocket activation distance between 700-1000m and use it for dog fighting in air battles. You’ll get more kills than in ground RB.

  5. Oh my God you’re an absolute potato with rockets xD

  6. F 89 is overpowered its statistically better that an 8.0 British jet and the guns are also better. So with the ground pounder version you can just outrun anything

  7. I was wondering if they put planes from that particular period of air to air fighting into the game. All in all plane nice, you using air to air missles only on ground targets and not showing their intended use … not cool at all.

  8. This plane has the wrong kind of rockets It’s supposed to have proximity fuse rockets so it can shoot down aircraft

  9. Warthunders first offensive scout plane

  10. comrade phly please go play the glorious t-50 and enjoy yourself

  11. Hey phly… why don’t you try it for anti-air duties using the timed fuse on the rockets… could actually work

  12. what a shit plane

  13. All these 8 bit games themes make me feel so good. Is this nostalgia or what.

  14. to nitpick, those are rocket pods, not pylons. You’d hang a rocket pod from a pylon.

  15. NEAT, but at least HALF of your ammo is always wasted, even if you make perfect shots.

  16. Not your fault Phly, blame Gaijin and it’s insistence that every cannon, MG, rocket pod, or whatever else is perfectly laser acurratte. If weapons had their historical spread this would be much more usable.

  17. Imagine this plane back when rockets were OP…

  18. Wierd plane… could get the same number of kills with half the rockets….

  19. The fool on the hill

    Packet Loss Thunder

    Free to lag download now!

  20. Maus : *Exist*
    Any planes with rockets: i’m about to end this men’s whole carreer..

  21. Did anyone else notice the pilot just flying out of the cockpit when phly pressed return to hangar? 10:24?

  22. phly are you gonna make a video on the event vehicles and which one is worth getting? pls!

  23. That retro theme song brought back memories and nostalgia I didn’t know I had

  24. I saw one of these things yesterday at an air museum

  25. Got to touch one of these bad boys at Peterson. Beautiful aircraft!

  26. I want to see a comp of all your most BS moments

  27. Please play the Vosper mk. 2
    Attempt #104

  28. It’s wing broke because it’s USAF not USN lol jk

  29. M15 CGMC?? You play yes yes!!

    Attempt # 4

  30. The Panzer Of the Lake

    D I S G U S T A N G

  31. most accurate and relatable intro ever

  32. Didn’t this shit shoot nuclear air to air missles?

  33. When the glitches get so bad they start effecting youtubers trying to show off your game…

  34. F-89D was a bomber interceptor, supposed to use the radar to target in on bombers. Not really meant as a plane to take on other fighters. Wasn’t intended in the air to mud role either.

  35. Every time I see this aircraft I always get reminded of the Battle of Palmdale.Where two of these failed to shoot down a single out of control F6F drone and ended up causing brush/park fires and raining rockets down on Palmdale itself with the barrages.

  36. Unguided, air-to-air, NUCLEAR ROCKETS when Gaijin?

  37. 17:16 top 10 saddest anime deaths

  38. 5:35 Like if you almost cried while laughing

  39. Challenge Request Attempt #39
    Play any tank with an untrained crew.
    Suffer with the rest of us who don’t have golden eagles.
    (Milestone Edit) For every increment of 10, this challenge request becomes more difficult.
    Play any tank with an untrained crew, and without modifications. (No premium tanks)
    (Milestone Edit)
    Play any tank with an untrained crew, without modifications, and with cinematic quality settings.
    (Milestone Edit)
    Play any tank with an untrained crew, without modifications, with cinematic quality settings, and load the maximum number of high explosive rounds.

  40. warblitzco charles

    Anti ship

  41. Blake Lonsdale-Cook

    You need to use the airburst feature Phly. That’s the only reason Gaijin would even consider putting unguided rockets as the only choice at this tier.

  42. Please play the p108a series 2 tank hunting in tank rb this almost might be loving the unloved I’ve only seen one video on your channel about it #18

  43. The F-89D Scorpion was designed to shoot down Soviet bombers with those small rockets, its roll was an interceptor. So if you can look for an enemy bomber, the shrapnel from those rockets would easily knock it down.


  45. I didn’t realize this until the end of the video. But this is a premium plane. WTF War Thunder.

  46. War thunder is troll, from wiki “The Northrop F-89 Scorpion was an American all-weather interceptor built during the 1950s, the first jet-powered aircraft designed for that role from the outset to enter service. Though its straight wings limited its performance, it was among the first United States Air Force (USAF) jet fighters equipped with guided missiles and notably the first combat aircraft armed with air-to-air nuclear weapons (the unguided Genie rocket)”

  47. The game can detect packet loss, by the way. Each packet has an ever-incrementing identifier, so if the game receives packet 104 but not the 103, that means 103 has been lost

  48. remember the good old days when HVAR was king, lord and god ?

  49. Full Metal Basterds Studios and Productions

    Ah yes. A plane from that era when the US Air Force had so much money they could afford silly things like the F-89 Scorpion and the F-94 Starfire. At least the latter started out with guns, evolving to all rocket armament with the C model. F-89 started out as supposed to have a radar guided, nose mounted turret with 6 or 8 .50cals or 6 20mm. It ended up with rockets. The final model had 6 Falcon guided missiles in the wingtip pods and looked pretty cool. Also could carry the unguided Genie Air-to-Air NUCLEAR MISSILE for those Soviet Bomber hordes!!!

  50. F-89 had (for its day) the most sophisticated all-weather radar you could put on a plane. It’s sole purpose was operating in conjunction with complex ground-direction intercept stations. Its target: Russian strategic bombers. Its weapon: ALL the 2.75″ Folding-Fin Aircraft Rockets. It’s NOT a ground-attacker and NOT an air-to-air fighter. Why WT put it into the game is beyond me; that’s some real Galaxy Brain thinking…

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