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  2. Day 1 of asking you to play the P-47D-22-RE

  3. 3:30
    These are boxes called reactive armor that protect a tank and were developed in the Soviet era
    Good inf

  4. Here’s something cool that war thunder could add, is when your in a squad with friends in the garage you would see there tank in the garage with you.



  7. Congrats Phlee, and welcome back!

  8. Was laughing my ass off when you were trying to sound convincing about the utter dog tags

  9. Bro the intro is so f*cking cool

  10. Depleted uranium packs, Armor.

  11. congrats on the second kid phly

  12. Damn, phly went from kv2 with Laura,to having fun with Italian vehicles,to being a father,this character arc is wild

  13. The only custom mod is 2 anime body pillows, and nothing else weird enough. You can put both of them on

  14. phlat phuck phriday

  15. twitch is gonna die soon because of the way they’re cheating streamers of income.

  16. Whats that intro track?

  17. greatest intro

  18. 16:58 POV: Ukrainian border guard at the Aliaksandrawka – Vilcha border checkpoint on February 24th, 2022 at approximately 04:00 Kyiv Local time

  19. Nikola Čaluković

    Warcrime abrams

  20. Ulfgar-Septimus von Stahlenberg

    Collecting trophies of each other just increases toxicity. If at all it should be anonymous, like just “T-34 turret”.

  21. Алексей Егорушкин


  22. Bruh you gotta put the intro track info man

  23. Wise Old Grizzly

    This isn’t call of duty. We’re not gonna start chasing dog tags.

  24. Love the video phlydaily congrats to new born so cute congrats buddy ive always enjoyed your videos

  25. When i watch phlydaily and an ad comes up, i dont skip it😎

  26. I haven’t even played warthunder for the last 4 years but still watch phly

  27. 3:06 Would have been so typical if you had really pressed the button and the stop button would not have worked

  28. Want me to ruin your appetite? The German word “Pickel”, pronounced almost like pickle, means pimple. And a pickle looks like a cucumber with pimples

  29. Are the “boxes” not ERA?

  30. Two things annoy me about this tank. Gaijin said it’s not an M1A1 for balancing reasons? That just doesn’t make sense. Making sure it’s not a complete top tier premium as a 10.7 M1A1 would see 11.7? Getting the model wrong and disguising it as a feature? Which is it?

    Second one is that they removed the collision on the rear barrels when the update went live to then add the collision back. If the barrels are blown off the collision also persists.

    After all their “promises” Gaijin is still just a lazy, half arsed company that just does not give a fuck.

    Edit: Also why is the “ERA” not modeled at all? Why can’t it be 5mm? It might volumetric catch a HE or something just like the absolutely made up ERA values on the Russian tanks.

  31. Congrats on your 2nd child phly!

  32. cheese, pickles, ham

  33. why didn’t you show the X-ray of the tank? just looked at him and mumbled (

  34. Honestly I’d like camo netting

  35. Congrats and GL&HF !

  36. i swear each of phlys games everyone is a paid actor

  37. most UGLY Abrams

  38. You have an exquisite moustache If I do say so myself.

  39. Fuck this games. Congrats on newborn!

  40. Still the best abrams

  41. Phly, you may want to photoshop that mustache off to avoid your child laughing at you when they see the pics. maybe, just maybe, i did that to my Dad 😉 Congrats though!

  42. Day 45 of asking PHLY to play The Last Tiger in Battlefield V for German suffering and glorious Glorifica

  43. when is the video of the cv9030 cominggg

  44. Grats and welcome to the world Lotta


    11:52 phlydaily laugh like black beard from one piece loooooooool

  46. What time I’m ready to watch the stream on mg road trip😃

  47. How many calories is that baby?

  48. Haha Phly making his own tank crew one by one

  49. I mean you are a noob when u asked why did he explode. Well let’s put 2 and 2 together sense u didn’t kill him but did take his gunner he knew he was dead either way so he J out. 😂😂

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