The Fakes of War Thunder | Fake Tank Friday

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Source: ConeOfArc

Its easy to rag on World Tanks with number of fake vehicles which have been added recently. However, they aren't alone in adding fantasy vehicles to their game. So, in an effort to keep things fair, today we will look at some of the less than real tanks from the game War Thunder.

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  1. What’s your opinion on this topic? Did I miss any tanks you might consider fake or fantastical?

    • You have all the fake japanese shipping containers in WOT maybe they were napkin drawings in a cafe but cant imagine they were ever close to real O-I and so forth

    • @Peculiar Jack That’s incorrect. 9.4ft is the very top of the T95’s M2HB machine gun. The actual roof of the T95 is only 83.5 in (6.9ft) from the ground. If you include its hatches the height goes to 95 in (7.9ft). The HULL roof of the Maus is roughly 2 meters from the ground. Close to 7ft. There’s no way my guy; you can’t just take Wikipedia values at face value.

    • Yes. You missed the Jagdpanzer 38t “Hetzer” that is in the game. Why is it a fake tank? Because it has a mix of early war and late war details, mainly the commanders hatch and the exhaust.

  2. When a wot panther 2 is more realistic you know you did bad

  3. Question, could you do a video on WOTS t28 htc?

  4. Wonder where the VK leopard is. The turret already exists ingame, on the SDKFZ 234/2, and the chassis was put onto a panzer II (the luchs, I think.)

  5. Coneofarc be like:
    Its not just that this tank is fake and unreal, its an absolute fantasy, as you all probably well know, tank presented in game has black tracks, as ofcourse real life one had dark brown tracks, except for laziness of developers this is also due to unfortunate mistake of one author who got out of black crayons and thought that dark brown ones were close enough

    • Well if you want to go that far into it then yeah, many of the paint colors used ingame are not quite accurate to the real world shades of paint used by various nations for their tanks. Mounting the wrong gun and turret to a vehicle is a bit more than the wrong shade of paint though.

  6. Altough the tanks were not accurately real, the damage of it is quite realistic than world of tanks, i mean world of tanks are just healthbars while in war thunder, you need to find a penetration of the tank to destroy it, which is realistic.

  7. I always hated that they removed those vehicles. It never made sense to me. Especially when there are other fictional vehicles still available and one of the replacements being even more fictional. They should have left them, alone for the reason that they add more usefull/playable/enjoyable content to the game.

  8. no no, actually from my experiences we usually bully gaijin

  9. Lector-Dogmatix Sicarii

    WT is not world of tanks, no matter how lazy and bastardized greedy gaijin is. Excuses are like assholes. The correct solution is to just get on with completely removing Tigor II 105, Pwnther II L71 and Oofwind II/ Coelian. Allowing only opens up a can of retards asking for BS like the FV215B 183. Germany has enough of the best AA’s anyway. Only 100 E-100’s exist in game as a sweat lord reward. Complaining about the T28 is pretty non sequitur to fake tanks, as the only thing that needs changing is the brs to match.

    • I like how you b1tching about fake tanks while also using the fake ”FV215B 183” name even though it’s only ”FV215”

  10. Okey..Uninstall War thunder now,never thoght war thunder will have fake tank in there…I thoght only fake tank are only in World of tank

  11. It. Is. A. Video. Game.


    This guy is someone I’d never want to hangout with.

    • So what if it’s just a game? is it wrong to criticized about its inaccuracies? is it wrong, huh?

    • You’re right, it is a video game. However that doesn’t mean it can’t be used as a tool for teaching people about some of the history or misinformation around some of the content in it.

  12. What about making a video all about the inaccurate vehicles?
    The ones which are technically true, but are of two different versions jumbled together.

  13. Breakfast Withtrees

    Jesus Loves You

  14. For anyone who dosent want to watch the video let me put it into one sentence: Looks dumb but dosent affect the gameplay.

  15. Could you have a section in the next face tank Friday for the Churchill gun carrier

  16. I refer to it that way because the one ingame called T95 is the one which represents what the real tank looked like.

  17. Wot: 60% of tanks are fake
    Wot blitz: 90% of tanks are fake(smasher? Hybrid nation? Battlepass fake tanks? It should be world of disney blitz

  18. Tiger 105,Panter 2,Coalian hav been remover 2 years ago for historycal reasons.

  19. Real men play warthunder

  20. Serious Vegetable Gardening

    ConeofArc, you should do one over the 44M TAS.

  21. Question: Do you think that polish Tanks in wot are real or fake?

  22. WoT is worst in that aspect.

  23. Do world of tanks blitz

  24. On the Tank Encyclopedia article, there are few photos that shown the actual test vehicle actually built. You might wanted to use the ”non-existent rotating turret” since it never received rotating turret

  25. Hi, regarding the tiger 2 sla engine, I searched a lot about it because I put it on my thesis back in the days and yeah information are low and in the end it was like “yeah bigger engine, x layout of cylinders, slightly less HP but diesel goes brrrt” (it was quite unique because most or even all German vehicles use gasoline instead) and the actual test reported that 5 tiger 2s were equipped with that engine and the results were OK. End of the story.

    • Would you happen to have the source material you used for that? I haven’t seen any mention of it being put into any Tiger IIs outside the Jagtiger.

  26. If fantasy or real it makes fun thats it. 😀

  27. Dont worry dislike is gone. WT die hards cant down vote this one but unleash in comments.

  28. How historically accurate these vehicles are is to discuss at some point but these vehicles serve or served a noble purpose: balancing. As you can see most vehicles are German. The reason for that is that there are almost no equal tanks to post war/early cold war vehicles. They can’t just leave a full tier empty until the Marder and Leopard 1. The panther 2 was a counter design to the T44-100 and the Tiger 105 is a good threat for the IS-3. There is no way you can balance while being 100% historically accurate. Some sacrifices must be made. You shouldn’t just point out the historical inaccuracies while beating gaijin for trying to stick to history, without mentioning the reason or speculation why they even added the vehicles in the first place.

  29. You are wrong about the weight of the T95 because with the extra tracks on it did come to just 80 tons and without them it came to just about 75 tons trust me i can pull up the info right now

    • The tank was designed to use 4 tracks for a reason. Part of it was ground pressure but it also would distribute the weight across more suspension components. Not sure how what I said was wrong

  30. Osterwind as what it replaced was coooler

  31. The new yo tanks especially the ten are laughable

  32. Any plans to cover the M3 lee?

  33. KILLER of the SHADOWS

    How about you talk about the Soviet Progvev-T

  34. Your mom is a fake tank.

  35. Can you pls do kv 44

  36. War thunder is better than w.o.t

  37. The E-100 is better off being called the Tiger-Maus, since that was the original designation for the tank with the Maus style turret.

  38. Panther II :

    If you remove the 88mm gun from the vehicle and put in the 75mm instead, it will be 100% real, as in WW2 they did in fact place nightvision equipment on the Panther F, only this was in the very last few months of the war…. So, I would say that the Panther II is 90% accurate overall, the only fake thing is the gun on it 🙂

  39. Im sad i cant use my E100 effectively anymore, because of anti-tank rockets.

  40. here you have the next 100% CHEATER: =IPARB= SuperWidowMaker a fck piece of a 100%aimbot cheating bstrd

    unbeloevable level 16 CHEATER in BR 10!!! noobofepicness66 100% no doubt he is cheating , runs through open in field and killed everyone in the way without hiding or anything, he was hit many times but wasnt damaged at all he just run further with no loss this is impossible, and every kill he made was one-shot-kill …..this fvckn gay-jin wnker cheater game

  41. Thank you for doing your research and pronouncing the German names correctly – it’s something which many YouTubers can’t manage.

  42. Good and interesting video!! As a plastic model builder, especially of German WWII armor, this explains the sudden explosion of model kits of some crazy designs!!! I have a very extensive library of German armor, to include the “paper panzers” had the war continued into 1946 and beyond, but the kits of armor vehicles hitting the market now even has my library “confused”. Lots of these designs that you depicted in the video are quite interesting but WTF over??? Never played a single second of World of Tanks or War Thunder – and not sure that I want to – but….Also, can understand/respect the “what if…” designs/theory of these vehicles, but a lot of them just look way too impractical. Now IF they were in a SCI-FI world, can see that working.

  43. u look like spookston lmao :)))

  44. Fake all the tanks of war thunder are real the other ones are build but never been put in the millitary

  45. Are you going to do a part 2 to this video? If so I would love to watch it if not then thats ok with me

  46. Still rather playing prototypes from wot with some interesting things than 7 versions of the sherman that differ by 2mm of the tracks width and different radio…

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