The Fastest Doom Turtle Ever… | World of Tanks T95 with Bond Turbo (Improved Compressor)

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks T95 Gameplay with Bond Turbo, The Fastest T95 Ever. World of Tanks Tier 9 Destroyer T95.

00:00 Introduction
02:35 My T95
03:20 All July GA Winners
04:10 How I Draw Winners
04:50 First Battle
11:57 Second Battle
20:00 Battle Results and Conclusion

Music used:
Genesis – Ooyy
Future Yellow – Ooyy
Come 2gether – Ooyy
In that order. 🙂

Today I am going play with T95, the legendary Doom Turtle… But not any T95, the fastest the has ever seen with newly added Bond Turbo which helps reach it around 25kph with right wind. 🙂
Also, going announce winners for all of my July giveaways! 😉

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. Doom Turtle needs to see some upgrades to its spotting power, because THIS… Is unstoppable! 😀
    Also, congrats to all the winners and stay tuned for more awesome GAs this month.. stay awesome, much love! 🔥
    Video chapters:
    00:00 Introduction

    02:35 My T95 Setup

    03:20 All July GA Winners

    04:10 How I Draw Winners

    04:50 First Battle

    11:57 Second Battle

    20:00 Battle Results and Conclusion

  2. damn when it was 13kph

  3. how you get improved turbocuarger man? i finish season x ranket battles in golden league but i did not get anything for reward.

  4. What is the name of the song?

  5. Still to slow. Put the gun on an EBR, it already has the armor.

  6. To be fair. Draws/equal games are not good for the grind.

  7. Hey Dez , can u do T67 , i konw its lower tir but T67 was rly fun to play!
    all the best buddy 🙂

  8. Marutein Falconone

    I play at the moment also the T95 and love it, sadly its a slow tank

  9. I tried hard 2nd mark, but 2 games good and 1 game pure garbage 😭

  10. D E and F are the spots to control.

  11. man I grinded up t95 with no premium with top speed of 12 km/h back in the day

  12. Analog Weeb Music Repository

    I didn’t even stop to think about what tank i would put the improved turbo on, fastest click in my life. I have to admit it doesn’t make a huge difference vs standard turbo or anything, but it’s pretty good nonetheless. Which tank to try bond turbo on next..?

  13. Knight of YouTube

    Whatever happened to the rule that you must include the music in the description I would love for YouTube to make this Mandatory just so I can find it easier.

  14. What’s the name of that song in the intro ?

  15. What? Doom Turtle is evolving.
    Congratulations! You Doom Turtle evolved into Zoom Turtle!

  16. Does anyoneelse have serverproböems lately? The last days i couldnt even play WoT because of all this lags.

  17. Would you do a premium for world of tanks console 😩 cant efford a decent pc

  18. Man i was away when the ratings went down, as a slow tank lover i would have loved that compressor for my e3 and maus

    Edit: ya think the turbo will come to the bond store?

  19. The problem is the start of the battle, tanks have become so fast that the slow tanks just cant do a whole lot, its not fun, and giving the slow tanks more speed is not the way to solve the problem. They should just make certain tanks less fast, mostly the fast heavys are way to fast

  20. How the actual fuck did that E100 still died in the first battle. Honestly i stopped playing this game because of players like that E100.

  21. I put mine on amx50b 71 top speed bounty improved aming and Bond vstab

  22. Okay I believe I have found the ultimate build with this equipment. Hear me out. Concept 1B, improved turbo, improved rotation mech, and (strangely enough) additional grousers. Add high octane oil, food, good crew, and turbo directive. The tank will have 51kph top speed, 26.22 ptw ratio, and a traverse speed of ALMOST EIGHTY.

  23. Hi Dez, could you tell me the name of the mod that allows you to see the third mark progression during the battle? Awesome content by the way, as always. You’re a legend

  24. I did this with my Duck, its amazing!

  25. Congrats to all the winners

  26. Hey Dez, about a ramming beast? E50M with bond turbo, bounty vents, improved rotation and gasoline?

  27. Ooooohhhhhh
    For 3 mark its combined dmg and spot, thats makes it clear, i was already like:”how the frik did i manage to get 2 mark if i have to avarage 3k dmg for 100 battles”

  28. Now imagine it with FM and Crew 2.0….. I wonder what the minmaxxed mobility would be…

  29. thks i dont get to win 🙁

  30. Yea 😂

  31. STOP thys marketing for thys trash game…its stupid and realy stupid …its ded…..

  32. Seeer Google sucks azz

    Going to dislike every video until you stop playing the chipmunk background music.

  33. Hey Dez, whats that that you’re using that allows you to see mark of excelence progression?

  34. Yay. Bond stuff. We’ll never get it.

  35. Dez, why you never use “gazoline” when doing the fastest snail in the game? 🙂

    btw thanks for videos like always spot on 🙂

  36. No torso blasting gordan ramsey cooking?

    Joke aside. Imagine this tank untrackable and max traverse speed with field mod + crew2.0

  37. so apcr are more accurate because u have less chances to miss?? u should write some kind of scientific work to Science magazine about : “If u miss less than u hit more” research by Daz

  38. god awful camo you got on that thing! 😉

  39. donny cheah de lin

    i see your video i can learn the skill

  40. I never liked this tank. Pure because of the fact you can pen the tank thru the tracks…

  41. Did you get the blind shot on the leopard in the first game?

  42. You play as anonim, that’s a shame, I will unsubscribe and won’t watch your clips anymore.

  43. I remember when T95 was real turtle and max speed was 13km/h 🙂

  44. T95 should be Tier X, much more beautiful and stronger shape than 110e3!!!

  45. My bond turbo goes on KV5. 46 top speed 100 ton heavy tank

  46. bro disable handbrake

  47. I typed support Kristina Timanovskaya in chat and was banned……….. I was playing under the name ” FreeRoman ” — After 10 years I was ready to quit. Had gold to burn. I wanted to prove that the oppressive govt of Belarus was having an impact on the way this game is developed. The way the cash grabs are nearly obscene. This country and its people do not hold the same values as truly free people have.

  48. Ghost town is trash. The old version was much better but they made the town much smaller when the map came into random battles

  49. Do you prefer the T95 over the T110E3?

  50. Got that because it was the slowest tank in game, rip

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