The FASTEST Medium Tank in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks introduced the CS-63 recently and with a turbocharger it’s the fastest medium tank yet!



  1. So the future are faster and faster, EBR, lynxh and now mediums. Soon even heavy get turbo and drive 75 km/h. Not a good way I think. 😣

  2. Qb looks like he has lost the passion. Now he’s just making money off what he knows!

  3. Can you also post links for your mod pack in your YT videos? Ty

  4. That pesky bat chat, that’s defo the worst thing a bat has been responsible for, I’m not forgetting anything am I?

  5. anyone wanna see some Swedish mediums? they never seem to get any love

  6. So this leo with nitro but the gun is retarded when using the nitro

  7. After playing through this 10 day marathon dont really enjoy this game anymore even the good games are just meh same repetitive nonsense that rages players having a new tank that does 75 kmh is hardly going to keep me playing feel ive been there done it and tbh im sick of it such a rigged game id rather keep my sanity

  8. “Mr Bat Chat. We meet again.” Loved that line! LoL! Glad to hear you re enjoying your Polish sports car!

  9. This is what the wheelies should have been but with crappier guns. The turbocharger is becoming my favourite piece of equipment and makes some tanks much more playable – e.g. archer, valiant and transforms some others, e.g. scouts and faster mediums.

  10. A heartbreak win 💔

  11. I love how the leo was finally buffed so its not shit and they go and add another tank that beats the leo at one of its only strengths

  12. this tank can be described in two words: dog shit

  13. EBR with GAS GAS GAS = ?

  14. I do not owe anybody anymore with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  15. The aiming circle while on turbo mode should be the aiming circle of all wheeled tanks.
    I dont get the wargamming logic, or they just want at least non russian tank who can destroy their game

  16. U my friend are blessed with godlike rng
    Just not fair…

  17. Your video was good! But what WG did to my favorite tanks, it is really bad, so im going to quit the game, I dont need to spend more money in a game that is not fair.

  18. Wow nice to see this game still fucking blows

  19. Sooooooo basically the leopard 1 is once again useless. Not even the fastest anymore. But the gun handling…yea thats great if you can take a hit without being ammo racked.

  20. Finally a new video god damn.

  21. Me, myself and I I, myself and me

    I’ve only been playing this game on an almost daily basis and at least 2 hours a day, for less than a quarter of a year, and not really a gamer, but have managed to get a win/loss rate of 42.2 thereabouts, is that actually a good achievement?

  22. Anyone else notice the leopard pta did 5555 dmg? Pretty satisfying

  23. Polish tanks are crap

  24. This is impressive. Tier X medium tanks in my games typically hug the red line and jostle with arty for good hiding spots. It’s the new meta.

  25. Jireh Alexander Duran

    Great content as always, QB!

  26. Quicky baby, you need to see wot forum how people insulting you because of this video.
    You have too much haters dude.

  27. I have NEVER seen such easily presented targets in any WoT tanks game…never!

  28. Why not play a light tank instead?

  29. Quickie….just for my info….what lag in ms do you enjoy? It seems to me you have pretty low lag. Just jealous a bit…..

  30. The funny thing is the Fv304 is still faster 😉

  31. So your channel is down to one video a week? OK, I see where this is going.

  32. Bartholomew Macaluso

    Polish tanks have proven to be over all, great fun and capable

  33. Just here to mention that the enemy Leopard PTA has 5555 damage. I don’t know how it is in your country, but here he would be the one to pay the next round of drinks 🙂

  34. 1:10 wth are you even saying qb. Yeah why even bother playing the game. Rsuh the broken spots, give the enemy team 0 chance of win. Make every game 3 min. wp

    • Just like when the wheely shits came into the game.. broke the light tank meta completely.. realise, adapt overcome! (Or just give up)

  35. This was a shit battle, firing gold at everything. And then he complains that the tier 8 shoots gold at him when he sprays it on everyone.
    This is just a unicum spamming gold at everyone. And getting god like RNG.

    Just shows how that needs to be changed in this game.

    • Ekeeboo does the same thing Total shithead using his positiion to fire gold. QB is not a unicum though he has good game knowledges and gold and money thats all

  36. This game has lost it’s soul WG, and you are to blame for it. Why would you allow the addition of a turbo-charger into a slot when the tank already has a turbo-charger?

  37. Your team had a guarantee loss if you weren’t part of their team 👍

  38. I just don’t like how only the tier 10 has the turbo feature the whole line except the tier 10 is boring

  39. Love the videos! Always makes me happy if I feel down… but don’t stop the best moments videos just because we’re all back at work/school! Anyways… when they reopen could you do some more museum visits? Doesn’t have to be tanks but why not duxford? They have loads of planes and a big tank museum too!

  40. The chat and your cs-53 is doing like a sistine chapel touch at the end game capture

  41. So Leopard is obsolete

  42. How the B-C’s a steal? He don’t know the Indien’s ammo is damaged. In his eyes it’s “both on low hp, better hurry up and save my teammate” I don’t think he did it intentionaly to “steal” or something

  43. Yeah I’ve seen this game on twitch, Mr bat chat not cool man, he definitely should let you have the Radley cause my opinion you were MVP in the game. GG

  44. Mr batjat we meet again, I’ve been laughing for 10 minutes had to message to stop. Now I can watch the rest of the vid.

  45. Kenneth Fortugaleza

    SO it’s like an obj 430u but faster?

  46. QuickyBaby,
    I have one question. Please answer because I will slowly go crazy. 🙁
    I have a Turbocharger 1 on progetto 65, but there is no effect on speed. I also don’t have an icon in the game and I can’t activate the turbine. The turbocharger is in slot 1.
    What else do I need to have in the other slots ?? What skills should Commander, Gunner, Driver and Loader have?

  47. Watching you is enjoyable. Keep it up. Your commentary is amazing. Been a fan since 2013 and will always be

  48. This thing is piece of kaku

  49. Yeah I hear ya quikybaby…this game got boring a long time ago. I don’t at all get into it like I used to in 2012. Used to feel really badass driving any tank..and now..meh after a million times it’s such a drag and so boring

  50. 10:24 not just that tank any tank lol

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