The Fastest Reloading Tier X, CRAZY! | World of Tanks K-91 Fastest Reload Build New Equipment 2.0

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Source: DezGamez

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Today we are going to play with the fastest reloading tier 10 tank in World of Tanks. It is The K-91, is kind of a medium and tank destroyer hybrid tank… But the shells and that reload time combination is just scary!

Enjoy the show!


  1. Hi Dez! Finally this episode!!!
    Edit: Yes pls one Auto Aim Episode
    Edit 2: How about Accurate SU-152??? Of course with 152MM gun:D

  2. how to access the test server?

  3. Noooooo deez don’t tell my secret. I screw people on a daily basis with my full bond k91. Everyone underestimates this tank

  4. The fastest firing tank is russian, surprising…

    • whats also suprising is the leopard 1 is better then it in almost every single way and although its russian its one of the most underused vehicles cause the leopard 1 does everything k91 does but better aswell as k91 doesent have a fully traversable turret

  5. What about highest DPM?

  6. You didnt put your vents on the mobility slot….

  7. Well wg said they will make tier 11,
    I can wait for that episode!

  8. And yet no one plays the K-91. kinda strange

    • its the gun depression that kills it for me.

    • The k91 (for me) bounced more shells than any tank I’ve ever played and I’ve played them all. I’d say I bounced about 60% of my shots in that tank. I sold it.

    • well there isnt much special about it because leo 1 is essentially better aside from having a pewpew gun
      k91 also lacks a fully traversable turret which is a big downside

    • Engine deck plate can be overmatched by almost everyone. So people just shoot down on it, blow up your engine/ fuel tank. You burn so much in this tank. It’s a beast against poor players, but competent players just aim HE at bottom of your turret and blow up your engine.

  9. Handy tip- you can jump down some rocks to get the extra 10% loading speed with adrenaline rush if you are in a shiper. Of course, if you are playing arty, I’d recommend a larger drop or some water to reduce your hp.

  10. Now is you turn E 25

  11. Make the highest DPM in the game. (I have no idea maybe Badger is the perfect tank for it?

  12. K91 is the best med in the game if you give it to a good player

    • Problem is that, if you go up against a good player, they will shoot HE down on your deck, kill your engine and flank you where you can’t turn your turret. Probably while you’re on fire. Since it’s a very low tank, everyone shoots down on your engine deck Since many tanks will overmatch your plate there, they don’t need to get close, you get hardly any bounces. It also makes it super vulnerable to arty one shots. Makes it very hard to carry against good players. Dez was very lucky in these games. Or, rather, for every couple good games, you get one where you burn down or your fuel tank explodes. It would be an amazing tank if the engine was in the back and it could work the ridge line properly.

  13. dez is so bad at this game , the only thing he has is al the maney in the game he wants

  14. sander oseth tønder

    I am pretty sure that If Dez still makes these OP builds, the 2.0 equipment will get nerfed haha

  15. 4:55 in dez, s gargae is t-22 medium tier x tank. Never seen it before

  16. One of the many RSG ammo rack kill lately of 34 games on air

  17. You know it would be even better with bond equipment right?

  18. Yea, you need to put the Vents in the first slot. That way you get even more bonus.

  19. K-91 is awesome. Thx Dez for the review 🙂

  20. AusCan Plant Support

    It’s an amazing tank with a talented player behind the controls like yourself. Keep up the good work, another great vid!

  21. the teams are so bad now. I am starting to wonder how they even managed to download the game in the first place.

    • Lmao now? Teams have always been trash

    • People are spamming games to grind the marathon, so everyone just rushes, dies, jumps in another tank. People worked out that 3 quick games give more xp than than one long one. Even if it’s rng if you win and depends which side has more op rewards tanks. Game is un-playable ATM, if you are not grinding.

  22. im wondering how this setup would perform on Obj 430U like how good could the DPM be with the armor it has and the mobility it has

    • 430U hasn’t got the greatest mobility and the DPM is meh, only the armour is stupid. It’ll be ok, but nothing special – you’re better off with Turbo, Rammer, Vents. You want to get close asap.

    • @Lucid Nonsense ok thx

    • After nerf you need at least one stabilizer, they nerfed its stabilization. Commander hatches are small, no one shoot them even after nerf. Mine setup is rammer, vent, stabilizer. Stabilizer is a must have if you don’t want to miss in 100m and aim quickly. I don’t think that it needs any 2.0 equipment.

  23. arty build pls…should be fun make enemy annoy

  24. great video, thanks for highlighting this tank as I just finished researching the tier 9 on this branch after having fun in the Obj 416

  25. it also has the highest non premium shell velocity 1700 meters per second

  26. Fastest tier 7tank destroyer e25 with the same set up as k-91???

  27. Isn’t vents better in 1st slot?

  28. Samuel Aaron Felipe

    I have one with the same max firepower load out. It is a beast.

  29. You could make a realod time even better you should put vents inside mobility slot.

  30. I only play k91 is insane i hope wg dont read comments they will ruin it

  31. Imagine doing this with a E25

  32. Hi Dez please do an auto aim only video!

  33. I wanna see right-click sniping w/ K-91 😀

    by far my fav tank in the game; I wonder if the improved accuracy module is really worth it; I am running the rotational mechanism on it; thing turns on a dime and gives me half the bonus of vstabs, so kind of a win-win imo; accuracy is just a number

  34. Dez you keep forgetting that you can put the vents in the first slot to get better stats!

  35. I use the same DPM setup on my STB-1 (with a Vert Stab instead of the Improved Aiming) and end up with 4180 DPM. Works like a charm and I’ll take STB-1 over K-91 anytime

  36. Is there a more DPM-Setup in Tier10 possible?

  37. 91 won’t penn front armor. Win the flank, then crossfire the middle. Dez is right, it’s a TD early in the game, then go out, and play it like a Medium, to finish the game.

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