The FASTEST Tank in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks Panhard EBR 105. Today I’m playing the fastest tank in the game the Panhard EBR 105!


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. I despise french wheeled vehicle…….NO VEHICLE with tires (or any real vehicle) can zigzag on snow/mud/water/sand the way they do and not get stuck or at least lose control and spin out. ….Also impossible to move in reverse as fast as they do..Not how a transmission works + how does the driver see in both direction to zigzag like that?

  2. As soon as the the Mario Kart collection was introduced i sold ALL my tiex X , IX tanks. i stick to tier V-VIII. My objection? these wheeled anomalous entities have no respect for the laws of physiscs. why can’t i have a flying t-54 then?

  3. All the people that only want to rely on super armor tanks hate this tank. Good gun or speed. They will cry everytime.

  4. I like playing WOT, not want to play Twisted Metal.

  5. symptomatic of the power creep affecting the game today. Either the maps need to be enlarged or serious nerfs across the board to All tanks in the area of view range; or perhaps a concealment buff/view range nerf combo to make the maps feel more expansive. Now the “Wheelie” can zip out of spawn and in under a minute be in the enemy spawn, spotting Everything and some older release tanks like the St Emil or many of the heavy tanks can’t fight them due to slow traverse in hull or turret. Worse they lack the speed and/or acceleration to get arty safe before they are out of the match in under a minute, Click. Great gaming experience that, I can tell you from experience.

  6. EACH AND EVERY *bad words here* DEVELOPER at Wargaming who voted to INCLUDE those Tanks (in the current STATE of the Game) should be FORCED to Play 500 Battles EACH WEEK in a HWK 12 and get a “feeling” for the new wheeled Tanks…
    I mean… they partly (and offen) do NERV Guns and make the shell Velocity go down…. best Example: HWK 12…. ever tried to hit a wheeled Tank with it? 😀
    And what PISSES ME OFF the most is: YOU do not get ANY reward for HITTING this Bullshit-Scout… no SUPPORT DMG if you damadged some wheeles….
    Those Tanks are just retarded to hit… and IF YOU HIT (they normaly keep on moving…) you do not get ANY support DMG because you did not “tracked” the Tank even if you killed 3 of 4 wheels on one Side…. It’s plain unfair to anyone who does not drive them. Also their Wheels ABSORB DMG like they would be an 430U-Turret…..

    I wonder when the russian wheeled Tanks get included…
    EVEN FASTER of course, better Guns… and a 430U Turret as Default… with base Viewrange of around 500m……

  7. Alessander Turibio Paes

    I wonder when the modern tanks will come to WoT…

  8. And I was happy because I have my tier 10 light the WZ ?
    Those OP wheeled vehicles just ruined the game more and more

  9. GamingWithJag games


  10. Fastest vehicle in world of vehicles* there fixed the title of video

  11. These are not tanks and do not belong in WOT.

  12. These “tanks” should be removed. Too good

  13. The only reason wheeled vehicles appeared in WOT is because they got kicked out of hot wheels for being to Op. Id say to go back but ig they’d still be Op no matter what. Lol

  14. WOT tip- if you are trying to mark a tank, go for either spot assist OR tracking. Mark of excellence only counts towards one or the other, not both. And damage always counts

  15. RIP T-50-2

  16. I like playing the wheeled vehicles but sometimes driving them is like swinging an angry cat by the tail. Good Video.

  17. After 6-7 years of hate against arties being in the game and being annoying, WG managed to add a new type of vehicles called wheeled vehicles which are even way more fckn annoying. Well done

  18. Stjepan Đogolović

    Put up the game from last night stream. That one was a zinger

  19. Төгөлдөр Баяраа

    This is not Tank. This is armored moped

  20. When I try to play this position, defending tanks always come down off their base and swarm me, either killing me or running me off ??‍♂️

  21. CB1000R _RIDER _cy

    well. its one of my favorite tanks in the game, i use it in all my clan wars,advances etc… but man you have to be on the move all time, jumping, trolling…love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • CB1000R _RIDER _cy

      at the same map i spoted 14 enemys 152 spot dmg only..yea some times its sucks but still its so much fun to play with..if you dont crash it lol

  22. World of OP light and wheeled vehicles.

  23. Got to be honest. I think this class has been a massive step backwards for the game. Terrible RNG when you hit but only crit them – effectively doing nothing – which given how hard it can be is so stupid a mechanic.

    Sorry WG made a major mistake with these being introduced.

  24. What possible reason would a small, fast, wheeled vehicle such as this have such a big gun?
    Bullshytt poorly balanced game.

  25. Fastest tank, biggest bullshit. If I want a fast-paced vehicle destruction derby, I play Rage II. As far as I’m concerned, bringing these wheeled pests into the game ranks among Wargaming’s worst ever design decisions.

  26. the invite code expired already? Not even a day after?

  27. Where are your 3 gun marks

  28. Arty…for unicums…

  29. QuickyBaby in the end you are surprised you did not die, I have noticed a significant rise in number of tanks left with only a few hp. My theory is that wg changed the rng when a tank is on low hp. If your hp is higher than the shells low roll damage it is very likely you will stay alive.
    And what comes to wheels, i really do not like how they behave. Extremely hard to hit and when hit most likely a no damage shot. Irritating frustrating and chaos bringing. Often played by experienced players totally owning the game.

  30. The p in coup de grace is silent.

  31. I think the EBRs are a bit too good, especially how hard they are to hit and many times when you do manage to hit them, you only half-damage their wheels.

  32. 7000 players only?! Maybe people dislike this line???

  33. QB, if you went to any military of any country on this planet and described this AFV as a tank, you would be ridiculed. You are just a gamer with no real idea of tanks and AFV’s and the correct terms and usage. This is an Armoured Car. As an ex-tank soldier it is a shame that people who play these types of games cannot school themselves with the right terminology. Even WG are every much as guilty with their ridiculous crew ”voice overs.” Enjoy the fantasy, reality is a helluva lot different.

  34. Chronis Chochlidakis

    QB how are you saying that EBR isn’t a “competitive” tank when it has replaced the light tanks in all highgly competitive clans in team games (CWs, SHs, etc.)? I think that is a bit of overstatement. The fact that the EBR is not suited for the majority of the players, doesn’t make it mediocre as you present it.

  35. WG has to get them out of the game. The whole play sensation i had is spoiled by these type of tanks.

  36. miguel quinones

    Well technically its an armored car. So its the fastest armored car. The fastest tank in the game is the Hellcat. It is also the fastest tank in he world.

  37. dieter van bogaert

    EBR 75 the biggest shit tank screwing WOT game play (as bad as the few introduced OP russian BIAS tanks) . Allow a few in the game in the same team and it gets horrible. try to play frontline and its is total bagger with EBR gold shit noob tanks driving around like crazy, horrible to hit, 101 times critical but it can take several before it even brakes…. aim assist is way to OP. With other LT you get tracked like crazy. With the wheeled shit it can take far too many hits to immobilise…. its broken like shit introduced into WG as counter to arty…. well it broke frontline completely and it broke several maps where LT are now just second hand tanks. Its back to medium. Fact is , they will never change the stats of the EBR 75 so it will go into the record as yet another epic fail like E25.

  38. I HATE THEM!!…All of these hightier frech motherxxxxxx

  39. George Jason Goumas

    Sorry guys, what format is this, Xbox, ps4 or pc?

  40. Wheeled light tanks: the worst addition to wot ever.

  41. These WVs are the worst thing WG have ever done. They have changed the meta for the worse by encouraging camping and have made most other light tanks redundant. They are absurdly fast and unrealistic and should be dropped from the game (or an option to play without the offered).

  42. Its not even a tank

  43. Stanislav Coros

    This tank is so hard to drive, it cant stop properly, becouse of retarded physics in this game. Unrealistic turns, unrealistic autobalancing in flight, unrealistic suspensions, unrealistic high jumps. So far world of tanks looks to me like nice very-real like game, but from this wheeled shit, it is arcade crap, like need for speed vs project cars 2

  44. Sometimes you can have an amazing game in these French wheeled vehicles it’s great fun lighting up the Heavy’s before they can get into position then letting everyone spread out a bit and rushing in and blasting artillery after they have only clicked of a few rounds (it really pisses them off lol) and sometimes your dead in 30 seconds I really enjoy playing mine still working my way up to the tier 10. I’m grinding the tier 9 currently and I haven’t sold my tier 8 because when I do have a 30 second game I got something to fall back on

  45. This wheeled junk and artillery destroyed WOT. That’s why I’m playing WOT Blitz on steam now exclusively. No arty, no wheelers, no bullshit. Just pure fun

  46. these things are cancer and completely ruin the game.

  47. Good video …but i have stopoed playing since these entered the game

  48. Quicky this is bullshit. This has wrecked the game as well as all the nerfs except for Russian Tanks. WG can go get F’d

  49. You’r problem is with the tank that you keep playing EBR 105 like a normal light tank.
    Its wheeled light tank , you don’t play it like a normal light.

  50. Why not load HE shell intead HEAT since IS7 has 12 heatlh

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