THE FINAL STAND – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of often puts you in what feels like a lose lose situation, today I’m making my last stand in the Progetto 46!


World of is a published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. when is frontline coming back

  2. It’s not op in my hands!

  3. Wow, actual teamwork in WoT, I’ve had a few games recently that were like that on the NA server.

  4. 1:50 you accualy dont kill him 😀

  5. That new Liam Nesson look suits you killa..

  6. I can’t stand the ping in the 50s. We get spikes into the 900s and your tank drives itself.

  7. good vid

  8. vert stabs plus rotation device is the way to go, literally no aim time.

  9. I play with 400 ping 🙁

  10. jesus, I’m in California and I have higher ping

  11. My ping is 40-55ms on a good day and 80-110ms on others with packet losses and this is in our designated server.

  12. Ashley Brand-Benee

    Quack gaby, I’m about to achieve the free token to give me a free researchable tier 6 tank. Which tank would you recommend as the best for F2P?
    Thanks & love the vid, finding them super helpful!!

  13. Funny thing, Quacky. That’s only barely worse ping than I usually get on the NA server.

    I live in Tennessee. I wonder if it’s less the distance and more than the NA server isn’t as good.

  14. Well FV 4202 did finish that tank at the start of the game, even with that lucky rolls;p

  15. That title reminds me of a game in my Maus where me and an E100 were fighting literally back to back on the beach on Overlord. We lost, but boy did we go down fighting.

  16. Hehe I am always baffled when people say Progetto 46 is soo OP, because I think while I do love to play it so much and it is strong for sure, I never felt OP in it… Then I remember I don’t have a single premium ammo loaded in it, and that changes everything I guess.

  17. Here’s a tissue QB. 90-100 ping is fine. No issues with that. Same as I have on NA and I live here in NA.

  18. My ping always at 100+ finally i move to another location my ping down to 50 and for some reason i start getting mastery class 2 and class 1 more Often than before

  19. Nice save! GG

  20. Poor Lowe, he bounced off of QB twice earlier in the game and failed to deal the kill-shot to the udes once… He really should have won that but was crushed by bad rng.

  21. Fantastic game and video.

  22. The compression on your videos has gotten really bad lately 🙁

  23. GodsOwnPrototype77

    3 minutes in and your team has lost 7 tanks. Just NA things

  24. This is perfect example as to why you never give up in the game even when the odds are against you. And that communication between players goes a very long way. Great job guys.

  25. How the f are there no arties again? Most of the time there are 3 arties on each side, and 1 in 100 battles there are none for me.

  26. What if enemy team had arty?

  27. This is a nice tank

  28. im playing wot with my feet btw

  29. 1:43 well you didn’t and he did. A bit of a Jingles moment there QB xD

  30. The poor UDES just wanted a Brothers in Arms and man just stole his kill like “nope, not today”. 😆

  31. Funny how this tank has i think more dpm than the tier 9 but only 7 (or something like that) less dpm than the tier 10. also how fair is it that the only difference *before buff* of this and the standard tier 8 Italian medium was that the progetto had less interclip reload but the panterra had more accuracy? *Now* it has more dpm , more accuracy and some better soft stats on mooving and gun

  32. Why do you NEVER tell us when your playing on NA. Come on QB.

  33. michał gołąbek

    that was soo long ago come on QB

  34. Marinus Kleingeld

    i play on 200 constant lmao

  35. löwe your vids keep it up


  37. Hey QB, what good would you say the Progetto 46 is doing to the game and random battles? I’m happy to hear you say that this tank is flat out OP, but you play it nonetheless. Don’t you think that by playing and showing off such premium tanks you contribute in making them popular and thus encourage WG in making more of these?

  38. Can you please make an announcement before you come on NA server would love to meet you in the battlefield.

  39. Can I get your opinions on Progetto 46 vs Bourassque. Only if you played them both for many games. Thanks a lot!

  40. 02:02 yeah especially when u are in a pickle and just by turning the turret and hull at the same time can make it jump from like 50 to 300 and force the game to do a reverse time stop. So… is internet cable physical connection more stable than wireless?

  41. Kristoffer Johansson

    90ms? I remember playing with modem and all servers was in the US. 300ms was a good day…

  42. That kill on the final Skorpion was such a bold and beautiful play. I hope that one day I’ll be this good

  43. Remember when high burst damage was balanced by low dpm? Pepperidge farm remembers…

  44. 😎

  45. An important reason as to why there is pay to win in WoT is people paying to win. If people didn’t take out their credit cards every time they see armour, Wargaming would be forced to put their act together.

  46. The Amazing Goldfish

    Mister Quicky baby,…why do you want my thumbs,….😅😂🤣

  47. I know everyone always says to only ever fire one shot at a time with the spaghetto and the pantera to keep the dpm up, but there is almost never an opportunity to use the full dpm. The way you do two shots and reload, keeping one for emergencies seems to be the best way to play.

  48. We need another best moments video!! Lol

  49. I would play the Spaghetto, but I absolutely hate that cow skull. Then, oh joy, they brought out a new 3D skin. With another bloody cow skull!! They just moved the nasty thing. Sold the tank.

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