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  1. here have a like for making me feel nostalgic dammit

  2. Just some dude chillin

    Hey can you start talking about how you want voice chat it would be so nice dude I want voice chat plss

  3. Phly that first tab you have opened is a bit interesting I must say

  4. 0:34 I figured it out that I was I when I was 5. One morning I just woke up in my bed and it felt like someone had flipped an autopilot switch to off position and I was like WTF is this place? I walked out of my room and was like, who is that person? She feels familiar but I don’t know who she is and I don’t remember anything about her. (She was my mom.) It was super weird because I didn’t remember anything about the previous day or of our house layout or yard layout or anything. I didn’t even remember my room. It all felt familiar but I had no memories about them. It truly felt like someone had flipped the autopilot off and from that point on I had the manual control of myself. So bizarre.

  5. I had just joined the Marine Corps lol

  6. To quote Picard….. I envy YOU… taking these first steps into a new frontier.

  7. I remember when ground forces just came out on the public.

  8. you need to enable dark mode. this youtube white screen is blinding. lol

  9. that sponsor scared the sh*t out of me

  10. 2014, at that time i was 9yr old, and i probably didn’t knew what WT was..

  11. haha, I remember Piroman! Polish player, played with him for a while 😀

  12. Things that are the same:

    – same broken maps
    – outdated ground assets, same pixelated textures and low polygon objects

  13. i like your channel dude xD

  14. I wish I played back then: WW2 only, no weird prototypes. Nowadays the game is just ridiculous

  15. I remember when friendly fire was on and planes could kill you by ramming into you

  16. One thing is for sure tho. It used to be fun.

  17. Do more of these videos! First RB match? do it

  18. I remember the very first days of the tanks in this game :’)

  19. Warthunder was always going to be air, land, sea. Even in closed beta the tech trees use to have 3 taps at the top for each branch but the land and sea ones would give a come back layer message. Warthunder started development of all 3 at the start but air came first because they already had air content from another game and they were faster to make then tanks and naval. Even ww mode was in options from closed beta if anyone remembers. As for the release of thanks they started leaking images of the new content about a year or 2 before hand showing the maps and tanks and it was mindblowungnat the time.

  20. Tanks rarely had to worry about planes for about a year. If you might remember the maps were ringed by spaa and were deadly. Your tanks and planes had to destroy them to have air superiority. Rb came a bit after release but it was arcade without pen indicator mostly and the drive model but you could spawn all your tanks and planes because there weren’t spawn points

  21. Funny how I watched thos vid a few days ago and now phly mentions it

  22. Dominik Krautstengel

    They had so much exhaust up until the point it got real hot, then there was not much really unless they stopped and ramped the rmp up again. And also the bumbing, i would bring back some of that damn, that is more realistic I think, atleast for the older tanks.

  23. lets see 2014 i was 59 and still rolling like i was 40

  24. <3 A trip down memory lane. Be nice to see tank trailers over the years and added air forces.

  25. We all love u

  26. I first stummbled across your channel when the Flying Fortress was added, how time has flown.

  27. Man, this makes me feel old. I was with you well before tanks were even in the game, and here we are all these years later! Been a damn good and entertaining decade with you Phly!

  28. I was in 4th grade at the time. Shit that doesn’t feel like so long ago

  29. man, how did you get 109 550 eagles

  30. I still remember the days when there were no tanks in this game. And then when they first launch the ground battle, every tree kills my crews.

  31. Remember when you unlocked whole era of planes at once? Pepperidge Farm remembers. Also I bought beta tank access and was like “planes are better, it won’t catch up”. Now I play a lot of ground battles…

  32. The Nostalgia! I used a buddys account to play beta while i waited to be approved. LOL no MGs;) Good to see the tank modifications have developed in 10 years… cmon Gaijin, make better upgrades and advancements:)

  33. Baelon where are you?

  34. I remember my first game. Not as early as you, I was busy playing World of Tanks for several years before I started in War Thunder. Thanks for what you do.

  35. i was there but because i had a other hookie at the time called WoW i spend little time in this but it was fun while it lasted, nowadays its a toxic cesspool compared to how it used to be 🙂

  36. Day 1 of asking and kindly requesting you re do a line up of each country of the first available tank line ups.
    Re live 9 years ago please

  37. Back when war thunder was still a good game and the tanks were affected by physics and bounced around a lot!

  38. Anyone noticing the side bar on the left..?

  39. Wont ever stop supporting Gajin and War Thunder, ill only stop when the servers go down. Yes the community changed and people complain alot but screw them. The game is great and will always be!

  40. I think that lots of the toxicity would be gone if gajin made the grind easier again, if started to balance vehicles based on their performance compared to other vehicles of the same era instead of player performance and if they overhauled reward and progression systems.
    They would also attract way more players with that too, because right now the main audience are people who already have a passion for military vehicles and they will stay anyway. If they just made the game more fun and less suffering, less people would be toxic and more people who just like playing games and dont really love tanks etc already would join too.

    But it is Gajin so they will probably never do this anyways , so whats the point.

  41. The good ole days, when the war thunder economy actually allowed us to have fun and actually earn new vehicles

  42. WT is already 10+ years old.. Damn) It feels like just yesterday Gaijin finished their Birds of Prey installation for IL-2.. But actually WT is 10 years old 8)

  43. 6:30 we don’t have this nowaday event with movie setting

  44. Just got flashbanged clicking on this video

  45. It’s crazy how much your ‘video voice’ has changed.

  46. Omg a tank

  47. I was a World Of Tanks player when War Thunder tanks were released and watching the independent suspension move on them blew my mind.

  48. dear god i was 28 and now soon 38 –_–

  49. Do this more with all things

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