The FOCH 50 B – First Impressions

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Source: SirCircon


  1. I think it’s underpowered. I think it needs an 8 shot 170 mm autoloader with a 2 second shell delay. That might make it a bit more balanced.

  2. This thing is a turretless WTE100 with actual armor.
    I swear if it makes it into the live server…

  3. Would increasing the intra clip load make it less op, I would increase both clip and intra clip to balance it more. Is the low pen just a “use prem shell” device ?

  4. Just what the game needed another gold spamming autoloader !

  5. It’s not another WT. The WT didn’t have shitty pen, had much higher alpha and clip potential and had a freaking turret to begin with. This is another strong autoloader, perhaps too strong but nothing like a WT.

  6. The French WT E-100, Give a Foch at tier 10 a 6 round 400 damage per shot clip sounds totally balanced to wargaming 😀

  7. I know what WG is doing.  Making another op tier X so that people will blow money on free xp.  Nerf or remove later, rinse and repeat.

  8. I think its more like the waffle was his mother and the elc was his father

  9. I enjoy watching Circon vids more than actually playing and I only play about an hour a week because there are so many baddies in WOT now that sit around waiting to die like zombies, this game isn’t nearly as fun as a few years ago. As we can see by the way the Rus heavies play, It really is sad the amount of brain dead toddlers who have worked their way into top tier tanks. *World Of Toddlers, RIP, it was good game while it lasted.*

  10. Mihnea Andrei Mehedințu

    WT Auf E 100 PTSD Flashback creeping in … * Vietnam sounds * , bitten keyboards … LCD Monitors made collars in disgust and repulsion, etc

  11. The thing is that so far the t57 heavy wouldve been better in every situation

  12. -2 shells up the pen to 275?

  13. They should give it 5 shells, but faster reloading the clip

  14. Affirmative!

  15. I completely agree this is not a good idea, but I’m curious. What do you think should have been done instead?

  16. Circon what is going to happen is that they will release this and ppl will pull out their wallet and after 2 patches they will nerf the crap out of it…. just like they did with all the others.

  17. i always love that argument of begging to use gold ammo. who the fuck fires that ammo using gold?

  18. Anyone notice that as soon as circon told everyone to use the foch 155 correctly and load full HE they replace it? suspicious wargamming just suspicious.

  19. So let’s see… a new tank that is really OP but lacks penetration. Hmm, it’s almost as if this is the new WG style. If it wasn’t tier 10 they’d have made it a fucking premium tank and sold it only in $100 bundles or higher

  20. Please do HE only again hit like if agree

  21. Waffenträger auf 50 B

  22. General Saufenberg

    totaly balanced….. i want the waffenträger auf e100 back…..

  23. Did they put it in the game because people stopped going up the French line? I know I stopped. This won’t bring me back tho.

  24. I wonder what WG will do to the Foch 155 as a premium. Or maybe they’ll just exchange it for that trash in the game files with bad dpm and armor.

  25. Circons famous words, Any tank without a turret is Retarded

  26. Its an autoloader, This is there strength be ng able to clip but it has some really big weaknesses. its pen is low so bouncing is possible, its low health, no turret and its armour is still bad. Yea it can clip Down a tank but dont sit out in front of it

  27. Without premium spam, this tank would be balanced, but with the way premium rounds currently work, this tank is too powerful.

  28. The people defending this tank must be arty players.

  29. Foch B: Can clip all tier 8s, can clip all tier 9s, can clip 75% of all tier 10s.

    Viewers of Quickybaby: “It’s balanced because no turret”.

  30. just enjoy it while its OP because we know WG is horrible with balancing a tank. they will generate money with it then nerf it into the dirt to the point ppl stop playing it tell its buffed again 3 years down the road. lol

  31. You all cried about foch 155 being useless, they heard you and did something about it. What’s the problem you red apes ? It’s gonna be fixed after some time like all the broken T10s

  32. they wanted to nerf the bat because it could clip other medium tanks, and at the same time they were going to introduce this tank, just let that sink it.

  33. We need a good name for this thing in the community. We had the deathwaffle and deathstar, so what is this?

  34. Circon some more careful editing would be nice.
    Thx for the streams, and vids.

  35. Hm.. this is really a step back. I think about a five shot 105mm with 360 damage per shot and a MUCH shorter reload between the Clips and something like 268 pen with regular ammunition. Idk. What do you think?

  36. You know what this is. Another way to get people to buy gold for the ammo. Make base pen shit, premium pen just enough to be useful and make a big clip out of it. Will make people want to premium spam in it and when they blow through their credits they will have to buy premium tanks or gold to keep firing these clips of death. They have been making this transition to stronger premium tanks, and crappier standard tanks with strong premium ammo over the standard ammo. The armor buffs they keep doing to old tanks are only encouraging this, in my opinion at least.

    I have just felt this decline where they seem to care more about balancing in favor of income over entertainment.

  37. So waffle tractor with armor, and lower pen?

  38. this is to make up for the years of suffering the French have endured.

  39. foch your good so the tank will shine. put a good tank in good hands it will be op put same tank in 90% of other players hands and it will turn to shit. just how you play the tank is all. piss pen, good reload ,obvious weakspots.

  40. WG makes me sad again… I get it, new tanks “must be” OP to motivate ppl to grind it. Grind = time and money so yeah, I get it, it´s just business, but still WG might consider a bit more gentle approach than this. WT proved to be wrong for the game and this s**t will be the same or even worse. How fun is it to do one bad decision in battle and get clipped from full HP to 0 in 10 seconds? Very helpful for better game experience and fun…

  41. they’ll need to balance it by reintroducing the waffle

  42. I think some people are overexaggerating the abilities of this tank. For me it’s a T57 HT without a turret and bigger clip (and I see almost no complaints about T57 while it could do exactly the same thing to Kranvagn in the video). It’s nowhere near WT E100 which had 560 alpha with better pen. Not really broken for me. The only bad thing I see that it encourages gold spamming.

  43. Wargaming are the dumbest cunts who walk the Earth

  44. Top 100 player purple unicum moans about a 6 shot auto loader TD ~ yeah right loll’s,  now lets see what joe average typical 90% tomato at T10 plays it like , yolo much?

  45. It’s in the game to make up for the emotional distress caused to the owners of the original Foch(155) before it was nerfed utterly into the ground *AND* to promote even more goldspam.

  46. Its not on the same power level as the wt auf e100 it doesnt have the pen its low lying without a turret so most engagements have to be made proactively aka yolo over a hill at them or around a corner which is never a good idea in a td without a turret. The same weakness as the foch 155, which has a 2250 avg clip potential btw, its view finder structure and machine gun port is a massive weak spot and the frontal hull armor isnt really that good compared to current standards. Both the foch 50 b and 155 unload their clips in 10 seconds after the first shot the only difference is alot more pen on the foch 155 for 150 less damage if were talking clip potential exclusively. the tank is powerful but it will require a proper commander to use it correctly and not die before the first clip is out honestly i think its a bit underpowered with 1850 hp and still quite easily sniped/overmatched turretless armor. Swedish tds great dpm, british tds one shot slams, russian tds …., american tds solid armor, why cant french tds have large clips?

  47. Make one tank OP as fuck
    Brings players back to game to play that tree they never bothered with before
    Free XP all the things, giving WG money
    Nerf it (bonus: try to earn brownie points by saying ‘we have listened to you!’)
    Rinse and repeat.

    Still waiting for them to address OP premium tanks like they said they would after the Foch debacle (the youtuber, not the tank lol)

  48. foch ptotec
    foch attac
    but most impotanlly

    foch clip

  49. what the fuck you are playing like a bitch

  50. Autoloading TDs are utterly idiotic. Too broken a concept to try and implement.

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