The “Forgotten” Abrams Gets a MASSIVE BUFF – M1A1 – War Thunder

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Source: JustinPlays

M1A1 has finally received its “proper” Dart, but is it enough to move it back into the meta?

Camouflage Shown –

00:00 – Quick Overview
02:24 – “Penetrable” Turret Face
05:51 – Helicopters Hate me
11:25 – Sniper no Snipe?
14:47 – Less Talkin, More Shootin
18:10 – Wait, YOU'RE WATCHING THIS?!

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  1. justin idk if u ever use the drones in top teir after the update or even after the servers were under attack but ive been having an issue with locking the drone atgms and im trying to figure out if its a known bug they are working on or if its somehow bad inputs on my end like my keyboard is wonky or something. i switched keybinds and was only using the “sight stabilization” keybind to lock, adjust the lock, and unlock ground targets and ever since the servers went under attack my atgms on the attack drones wont lock any units ground or air. it will lock single no moving points of the ground of the battlefield, and i can get it stabilized to guide it in by hand to what i want to hit, but the hands off locking mechanism just stopped working and even after changing keybinds its not working

  2. 11:15 Lmaooo

  3. So I finally unlocked Britain black night for few months, is there any other tech tree worth to unlock ?. I don’t really play low tier since I bought top tier premium.

  4. Do you use a sound mod? If so which one?

  5. Foamy Flightmaster

    So, leaving after one death is not just for creators trying to get footage, it also happens for me when I realise the imbalance is so bad, due to poor matching, that to stay serves no point other than to get seal clubbed and flush my hard earned SL down the toilet.

  6. that ZLT driver got too much social credits xD

  7. Tbh id still rather play the ipm1. Slightly less post pen damage because 105mm but id take the slightly extra mobility and 5 sec reload

  8. Now this is basically a light tank with an awesome round the turret armor won’t stop anything at that br unless someone is stock

  9. I have the same between the Leopard 2A5 and 2A4, the 2A4 feels like an absolute go-kart while the 2A5 feels a little slower

  10. Javier Fernández

    Just like the IPM1, an uptier no-one asked for. M829A1 is great and all, but the turret armour is criminally bad at 10.7. Okay, the Ariete is even worse and the Type 90 isn’t much better, but both of those have their own redeeming qualities to compensate. But both of the 10.7 Abrams were more reasonable as 10.3 without their new APFSDS, leaving the A1HC, A2 and A1 AIM for top tier. If Gaijin wanted to expand the US top tier lineup, they should’ve added an A2 SEP instead.

    • Ariete redeeming qualities? Its a walking ammo explosion tank with no armor. I’d take this new M1A1 over it. Yes they should decompress BRs

    • Javier Fernández

      @Chris For age I mean, at least the normal Ariete has better APFSDS and thermals than the Abrams with comparable mobility and reload. Both should always be at the same BR imo

  11. flamingos are dumb

    Also the m22 got a SAP shell it’s amazing

  12. I fully agree with this change don’t get me wrong, but I wish M1A1, AIM and HC are not at the same BR. AIM and HC should be higher BR than the base model A1 IMO, in the same way that T72B3 should be higher BR than the T90A. So I think top tier decompression should push the tank ceiling to at least 11.3, better still 11.7.

  13. How cool! This will be so exciting for the ~15 people playing top tier tanks at any one time!

  14. is ti maintenence

  15. really isnt a buff when you go up to a BR where your tank is outclassed by a bunch of tanks.

  16. 11:13
    justin, the destroyer of Genshin

  17. Leopard 2a4 dm33 please !

  18. why did u bring genshin impact into the game that was a character.

  19. You need to do the merk at 9.3. Wanna see what you think about it. Also anyone notice at 9:36 his turret traverse goes red without taking a hit?

    • That was fire damage. Even if he started extinguishing the flame before the turret went red, theres like a 2 second delay before the flame goes out.

  20. Bullshit that no one asked for

  21. why when i play this it says fatal error

  22. Sirawith Supamashiran

    m1a1 return to rank VII again

  23. How about they fix the “no spall damage” bug of russian toptier tanks?

  24. yes justin, we are watching the last part

  25. It’s not spawn camping if your whole team is there and the enemy team is that far gone that they can’t really do anything about it anymore. Spawn camping is when you are the only one near the enemy spawn like when a Rooikat drives at the very beginning of the match directly into a position where it can take out freshly spawned tanks after the matter of a few seconds, that’s spawn camping. But you don’t do such stuff, or do you?

  26. Bruh 4:45 you killed another youtuber, he is called Venatorn 🙂

  27. what is the crosshair you used

  28. Imagine this M1A1 is faster, has better armor, better round, the same (or arguably better) reload compared with Italian C1 Ariete, while they have the same battle rating 10.7. Not to mention almost same round but much better reload IPM1, and much better armor M1A1HC as backup…I guess it is totally balanced.

  29. I am mildly guilty of abusing turmst in this thing… and if I didn’t, I had a yah64 with 16 hellfires 🙂 3000 kills in this thing due to the amount of downtiers at 10.3, and 1500 kills with yah64(what russian spaa below 10.3 can hit u at 4km?). I had too much fun, and gayjoob removed that fun 🙁

  30. Do you use a computer?

  31. Maybe a bit less swearing.

  32. What was that can someone explain ? 11:18

  33. YES!!! Im awesome

  34. Ty for the post of the video love it 🙂

  35. its a hard nerf. Its the worst 10.7 now compare to being an okay 10.3 (with the original round)

  36. I really wish they would make the bradley viable in 10.0-11.0 with the use of Tow-2B and APS

  37. “forgotten” lol. Its my favorite Abrams because it fits into my Gulf War lineup

  38. It was not a buff, its a nerf, cos the round is not worth of br increase for m1a1. Its armor is joke at 10.7

  39. The fucking tank has zero armor now, is no where the ipm1’s speed. would sooner see this “buff” get thrown out and the tank goes back to 10.3. thing is actually useless now unless your going against brainlettes.

    • Not to mention hoping your team isnt a bunch of slack jaws, dipping after one death. actually unreal lmfao….. but the aft can stay where it is…. “balanced”

  40. It is a pity that the game is so unrealistic. For my taste, it is very arcade.

  41. what sight mod is it?

  42. honestly they shouldve left it alone and dropped it to 10.0 where it belonged. its just a US 2A4.

  43. 1-Death Leavers could be mitigated a bit if gaijin would let people with a small lineup have the same system the Israeli M-51 has, where you can take it out multiple times LIKE you have backups. This would allow people who are using premiums only to play what BR they want and not be as much of a detriment to their team by only having 1 life, and also let people who are stock grinding, grind a bit easier. This wont solve it ALL because there will still be people who just dont wanna keep playing a shit map, but it will help and all Gaijin has to do is do it. It should only work on tanks though.

  44. Killing a lineup and being the 4th and worst 10.7 US mbt is not a buff. Especially because 10.3 is forced into being a lineup with the A10 and xm975 moving up.

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