The Forgotten Leopard | Outclassed By One Thing (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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The Forgotten Leopard | Outclassed By One Thing ()

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  1. Poot more triggerd sins in your vids

  2. I mean, Russian Bias is sadly s thing in War Thunder

  3. bought 150 eagles using your link and I didn’t get the emblem

  4. well ive bounce a heat shell from leopard with a pt 76 b ,so not a surprise for russian bias

  5. it’s a rock!

  6. Gaijined once again with the soviet grand-slam

  7. Leo is still king in my heart 🙁

  8. 8.0 all go 9.0 hell….

  9. Looks like a patton and a leo had a little fun and made this… I’m not kidding

    And maybe a little hint of Russia… oh woah what do we have here

  10. Phly: Take out the T-44-122! We need to see more of that big soviet gun! Attempt #4

  11. I’ve got a Leopard that’s almost stock and I’d have to say its pretty awful and I’d really rather play my fully upgraded Maus, which is more accurate, usually one shots the enemy and doesn’t die to a fucking AA.

  12. Phly, take out the British Sherman II. I’ve had multiple double ace games in it. It’s got a good solid shot which compliments its otherwise crappy 75mm M3 cannon. Attempt #7


  14. Phly, the leo gets downtiered because it is 7.7, so all that is higher gets uptiered to 9.0 since so many people are playing that tier…. its why 6.7 was always downtiered when max was 8.0….

  15. How the fuk did that kugelblitz even survive? Must’ve been an airburst nuke or something like that, goddamn!

  16. Comrade phly remember when you did the happiest tank in game video, well its fake the happiest tank in is the BM-13N katyusha

  17. most of your videos show you in good ambush positions where your foes don’t even see you, yet you still shoot like a blind person, take your time and aim properly if you are not spotted. Don’t just go on impulse and shoot them in the tracks by mistake

  18. Honestly! I still love my Leopards. Both! But and here is a big O’l but… they are outclassed be everything else. Everything and yeah I mean bloody everything have a massive advantage over Leopards! In armor (T55A), in ammunition (Type74 and AMX30B have APDSFS), suspension system (STB1 and Type74), stabilezer (STB1 Vs Leopard 1) and secondary armament (AMX30 fantastic 20 mm). Leopards are the weakest top BR medium tanks right now. So do I play them les often? Nope! 🙂 I still love them! 🙂

  19. maria vasques piña

    I always watch your vidios

  20. Hey Phly. I was going through my recommended and found one of your 3 year old “Top Epic Plays” vids and I enjoyed watching those and I think you should bring them back! Also keep doing what you do!

  21. where is the ultimate battle simulator?

    and if you play again plsssssssssss pick my idea
    1.1 chuck vs 1 sailor moon
    2.300 chuck vs 300 sparta

  22. Ans World le warships ?

  23. MN Gaming & Tutorials

    Loving the unloved 8.8 cm flak sfl.

  24. Can u play simulater again?

  25. Do you think that in Tier 5/6 instead of artilerie you can call in like an A10 or something

  26. The MM seems way better since the last update

  27. MN Gaming & Tutorials

    15:12 look at the x-ray NOTHING PENETRATED XD

  28. MN Gaming & Tutorials

    Play any rank 1 tank like t50 or something its more intresting than other ranks

  29. Its still christmas in war thunder lol.

  30. Remember when Leo 1’s arch-nemesis was the ZSU-57-2 and both can kill everything on the battlefield? The age of glass cannon is no more.

  31. hey phly u should do Daimler ac mk2 for British 1.3 derp plsss like if u agree

  32. Its “special ability” isnt a stab or good MM its without a doubt how good it looks

  33. Germans are downgraded as fuck in this game…

  34. Phlydaily please do a video on the American t95e1 you haven’t got any videos on that tank yet

  35. eheheh you have all those tanks and complain 🙂 nice kid. if i will have leopard in future i will be happy 🙂 plus there isnt a best tank because they are balanced and they are not real, gaijin balance the tanks for kids that pay and want fun so or stop balancing and use real stats or stop bla bla bla about “best” tank.

  36. Blackwood Security

    Did this the other day, take out the 1.7 Stuka R-2 with the 1000kg bomb and kill two planes with the bomb.
    I’d use a 1.5 second fuze, maybe a 1 second fuze. GL

  37. what is gaijin add phisic on cannon? like you touch the wall with cannon and kill it? 😀 like reality? sorry you want arcade XD

  38. The forgotten German Sherman next

  39. You should do a new series called lineup request series where we request lineups and you play them 😉

  40. T34-85 You didnt play it ever on this chanell.

  41. I dont know war thunder but actually when he went to the garage I thought it’s world of tanks?

  42. prashantmakemerich

    super pershing !!!!

  43. Phly please do the Jpz 4-5 for loving the unloved series!

  44. Loving the unloved:A6M3 mod 22 (ko)
    For the emperor!

  45. sadly you normal or rather poor players who have the leopards cant shoot 3 times with HEAT-FS on a light tank like a Obj.. since we’re into a straight negative if the first shot doesnt kill

  46. The melee challenge.

    Take any tank of any tier, you can only shoot if your hull is touching the enemy.

    Sneeki Breeki and smoke is allowed.

    Attempt 2

  47. Dat bomb drop wtf ?

  48. play the 75mm motor gun carriage: love the unloved.

  49. Here’s a request Phly: in 1 video play at least one game without sniper mode and one game ONLY in sniper mode with the same tank (tank of your choice)!

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