The Forgotten Main Battle Tank (War Thunder XM803 Tank Gameplay)

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The Forgotten Main Tank (War Thunder XM803 Tank Gameplay)


  1. I say radar should be a object reward like if you hold c your team has radar or give it range

  2. I just started War thunder today on pc I don’t have most of the tanks you show in my research trees

  3. Balloons are creations of satan

  4. MG™-09286621606

    a natural tank trap

  5. The Moment u realize, A1A1 is the same BR like this….

  6. When the music starts, I realize, it is not phlydaily or tankdaily in front of me. it is, the DANKDAILY

  7. Radar should be a keyed on /off ability, and they should implement radar seeking missiles. Turning radar on exposes your position when on , to planes that have the ability to detect radars . I think that would balance the whole radar issue.

  8. speaking of “finding” a dog i found a puppy at my grandparents house, and low and behold that she was abandoned by her mom and left her and when me and my mom found her she was the size of a softball. now she is really big now in the span of 3 months. 😀 keep up the awesome vids Phly.

  9. All they really need to do to fix radar is add a lock on timer for the lead to appear and make it so you have to have direct line of sight to have lock. That way AAs are encouraged to leave spawn and fine a nice clear area and so CAS has to decided if they want to go high and risk getting locked on or if they want to stay low and risk their accuracy on their attacks.

  10. Make radar toggle-able and add HARMs for planes. < <

  11. whats sugondese

  12. but its not T H I C C C

  13. Dogdaily confirmed boyyyyss

  14. traindaily

  15. Attempt #5 Notice me, Senphly!

    Challenge: Gotta bounce ’em all 2.0

    Use Jagdpanzer IV/70 with no ammo, no capture points and no mg. Gain enough point to spawn in a plane and kill a tank or SPG (no AA vehicle) with a single 50 kg bomb.

    Hello from Italy!

  16. well that song brings back memories

  17. Phly you should keep that Thomas the engine tank train as a music on your intros??

  18. If phly was a tank camander in ww2 you know he would be the goat

  19. Phleh The Dank Tenk

    nice dog u found

  20. *TESTICLE* Daily

  21. TankDaily 😀

  22. Phly is sick with ligma

  23. The King of Spades

    Dogdaily??. ??

  24. PHLY i have a challenge for u, play LEO 1 using only the STOCK round…ONLY(against the is7)

  25. Thomas The Tank Engine!!Ahh… it’s making me nostalgic.

  26. Phly came to my hometown and I missed him… I have failed

  27. Ah…. thought I was early on this one.
    Also yes, I do like my own comments.
    Also also, great vid.

  28. That Radar advantage could be easily fixed if the planes could get a loadout of let`s say, a set of (H)ARM missiles (Highspeed Anti Radiation Missile).
    The planes then would have the ability, to take care of those radar guided ground defenese systems.
    To make it fair, the missiles should only work and track targets (after lock on) as long as those targets have their radar system active – if they switch it off, the rocket flys to the last known position so the AA is forced to move even after switching the radar off.
    On the other side, those air defense systems should have a manually set radar (on/off) to be able to sneak to a good position and then use a good chance to down one or two planes.

  29. Eyyyyy, physiks with Gaijoobies

  30. It’s tank RB.

  31. thomas the tank engine holy shit i havnt heard that in decades

  32. Baphomet of Sleep

    agree phly, seems like 6/10 matches i get shot down by Radar AAA. planes no fun. its insta kill once spawned. i dont use planes anymore.

  33. You have to stop to try to save every animal you see.

  34. Do a video using the Sherman Firefly!

  35. i agree with the radar thing. make it an active system instead of passive

  36. Wete tf the driver sit?

  37. Sebastian Dickschus

    hey phly please make a video with pictures of your trip PLEASE!!!! i dont have instagram or else 🙁 . love you and greetings from germany!

  38. He needs a new name, DogsDaily ;).

  39. Sure they’ll listen to you, phly. It’s not like they’ve threaten to close down your channel before when you throw them some critics. Oh wait…

  40. I disagree with that last point about giving planes more of a chance at top tier. It is annoying to get killed by a plane, but having to pay rediculous repairs while you had no chance against a plane is even worse.

  41. I nota like you exploted you battle car in the party , why?.

  42. grandmaster of nothing

    The new worst M?T.

  43. Teal Resurrection

    Phlt dare u to take out thr bt5 and IL28sh.

  44. Why earrape with that terible music

  45. Dude what is the name of the flare setting? I really need this setting.

  46. how do you get the marker to hit the plane in realistic battles? 21:55

  47. Italians had tanks I real life but their all my was such a joke gaijin didn’t even put it in

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