The Forgotten Premium Tank – World of Tanks

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. still waiting for the day you will pronounce Löwe right

  2. Watches Lemming shoot the t28 prot twice in the cupola without taking any return damage. “No skill prem spammer, you only win cuz prem ammo”

  3. What forgotten? This is my work horse for credits.

  4. It is a good thing this was not a tier 9 game. Thank you for this video.

  5. Forgotten? Its impenetrable with lower tiers unless you can hit few pixels on top or have clear shot on lower plate

  6. Forgotten? Pretty sure there’s at least one in every match I play usually the more popular freedom reskin. Tank is so hard to hit at range with its spaced armour and rather small week spots I find it better than a lot of heavys I have.

  7. Heinrich von Hahnrei

    The E in Löwe is not silent and the ö is pronounced like oe.

  8. Ninja Plays Games

    You used to use stratsketch. What happened?

  9. Not to be mean, but could you pronounce Lowe correctly? Its Louve on Low

  10. Kristoffer Johansson

    Lemmingrush: T26E4 is forgotten. M26korea: hold my beer…

  11. you need to be on a open area and have those wheeled little a-hole’s beat you up. not fun

  12. i didnt know you did mentoring ! How much do you charge ?!?

  13. Really good educational commentary, as always!

  14. T26E4: Im forgotten
    59-patton: hold my beer…

  15. Lemming looks like a much younger Claus Kellerman, and obviously more intellect and informational.

  16. I’m still tripped out by this. You talk EXACTLY like my friend Nick, so I’ve always just imagined you were Korean.

  17. “The ISU sucks” sigh, no the ISU got the usual RNG that regular players get. It doesnt matter if the pen indicator is green, it matters if Wargaming allows you to pen.

  18. Super Pershing is definitely not forgotten on the NA server.

  19. 1:09 – If I run into low? You meant Löwe? Lö-we, not “low”

  20. if i had money i’ll pay this man 4000dollars/month just to make videos daily !

  21. SPershing is one of my faves as well.. over 1k battles raking in the credits with it.. was my first T8 Prem.. love it.

  22. after 9.18 patch i stopped playing that shit

  23. I would not say forgotten as such considering how many changes it’s seen over the years. I personally like and play mine still. It’s kinda on pair with the Lowe for me in terms of the old premiums. And you can’t complain about the 202 pen. Tho tbh why he got more pen then any tier 8 US med that sees +2? Idk. But I’ll take it.

  24. There is some nerd in the corner of the video

  25. You are better at hitting fully aimed shots, but you still got a few low rolls, get back to work lemming

  26. my favorite tank…over 2.5k battles in it…

  27. Héctor Álvarez Fernández

    One of my favorite tanks, preferential MM so doesn’t see tier 10, more than enough penetration, could have more DPM but not necessary, and the armor is much better than M103 *trollface*. No really, this tank is awesome.

    BTW I was watching the WG ~wheelchair~ armored car stream with prizes… overall it was a waste of time, at least you put some effort to play so I enjoyed that. What struck me is that you’re not a contributor, why hasn’t WG contacted you yet for a partnership? I mean, you make the best videos IMO, not bullshit bias, show the tank live and see how it really performs, other streamers make even an AMX 65 t look overpowered.

    Keep the good work!

  28. Stewart Flannagan

    Lowe translated to english is Lion.

  29. Good… the sooner prefMM tanks get forgotten the sooner they can get actual buffs and lose thier handicap prefMM.

  30. Thanks I have a super P this was helpful ?

  31. The real forgotten tier8 prem is the t25 pilot 1…
    Pure trash…
    Worse than the pershing which is already meh……

  32. I think its funny when you have gold ammo loaded and complain that the o-ho allways does damage. It would be some bad shooting to not pen him with gold at that range so whats the difference? JPN hvy are made for the f2p and noobs wich makes them some of the fairest in the game i think.

  33. My first comment on your channel.. Good stuff LemmingRush! I really appreciate the commentary of the thought processes in your videos.. It has helped improve my game play. I salute you!

  34. Hi LR great video, just love these tutorial type video’s. It was good to see you on the WG event the other day. Joined just in time to see your last game. I just had to laugh at that guy next to you (WG CEO or whoever) trying to tell you how to play. He wasn’t in the same league as you.

  35. i love this tank

  36. Its pretty easy to deal with the super pershing frontally only if ur a good shot even if your a t6. But I wont say where to shoot because i own 1

  37. I like watching your vids . Thanks p.s. I only play once or twice a month for the last year

  38. First time seeing your face. You look exactly as I imagined. Soothing yet strong?

  39. Nice beard 😀 Getting all grown up!

  40. Thanks for this. My only gripes with the SP is the low engine power, before the buff i would get outrun by O-Nis uphill :-), and a rather low alpha. The good parts is that it can play as a heavy and i feel more confident in it than in a lot of other tanks regardless of opposition.

  41. The armor is still fucking OP. Once I played against it on KV-85 no chance to pen.

  42. Everytime LR uploads, an angel is born..

  43. The Tokyo Craftsman

    I just love these videos, they are so informative, I always learn something.
    Thank you.
    Cheers from Tokyo!

  44. Nice game super helpful because the super perishing is the only tier 8 prem. I have lol

  45. Is the superpershing a good tank for frontline? Im a noob (3k matches) and I want an extra tank to spawn in at frontline


  47. I love playing that tank but I never use it. I have 80 tanks in my garage.

  48. This tank is shit.
    I bought this as my first tier 8 premium and god i regret this sooo much

  49. Valentin Kovachev

    Holy shit you talk a lot 😀

  50. Wow i forgot too play this in Frontline thanks 🙂

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