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Editor of the vid is WEBE here is his car channel!


  1. SNAIL SUMMER SALE! 🚀GET 3% off War Thunder GE & Vehicles 🚀 – –
    Love you

  2. How many hours do you have on war thunder?

  3. please tell gayjin to bring back all the removed German vehicles, i only got war thunder because of those vehicles, sure i can get them in world of tanks but in war thunder you could mess around with them more and you don’t have to be in normal battles to drive them around because custom battles in war thunder are free

  4. Love the Tigor doll placement.

  5. pancharder der paijas

    Day 2: Do some CAS with the Yak-9Ks new AP-Belt

  6. The planes dont come because you already destroyed the whole team before they get enough sp points

  7. Tartaglia The Wig Splitter

    imagine if gaijin gave this SPAA its APCR rounds,

  8. Christian Haegler

    See Phly, this isn’t a Tank Destroyer, you are not supposed to tank tank shells.

    However, this SPAA is REALLY good at surviving strafing runs without damages.

    So yeah, it’s good.

  9. Christian Fischer

    The Maus has been available since it was removed

  10. Hey phly, please play the kugelblitz next, its great

  11. Phlydaily kinda does clickbait

  12. Yo can u plz play with the Tu-4 it is so Op

  13. Schmutz Intro

  14. The Doginator Gaming

    I was just playing war thunder and the TestFlight voice said you have a hole in your RIGHT wing. Also congratulations!

  15. 2:11 How did you not spade your Maus? You LOVE the Maus!

  16. as a german, i really like the intro

  17. M4A3E2 76W pls

  18. As a german I’m laughing my ass off with that intro XD Som random Hitler gibberish makes perfect german for you guys XDDD

  19. Ramboprince Der allerechte

    It’s weird to watch your vids when you are german and you now what “Hitler” really says XD

  20. Make a video on Flankpanzer 1

  21. Fun fact: Flakpanzer is short for Flugabwehrkanonenpanzer. Yes that’s one word

  22. Thomas, The Chaos Train

    I don’t know which one could piss me off the more… Laura’s curse or Phly’s curse.

  23. good job with your AA role when pe8 showed up..

  24. ja nie wiem stary

    day 4 of begging HighBRDaily to fly the He 112-A0 cuz it can penetrate literally everything at its br

  25. Badass Music Radio

    Ho ro prototype is noe gone from the shop, phly would you like to give it another shot?

  26. No one mentions the insane repair costs in AB?

  27. Bring lineups dude

  28. It’s AA. The pen shouldn’t fucking matter. You shouldn’t be tank hunting in a fucking AA gun, fuck gaijin

  29. Panther D – 5.3 BR
    Panther A – 5.7 BR
    Panther G – 6.0 BR
    Panther with 2x37mm instead of 75mm gun – 6.3 BR
    HOW?! xD

  30. Well.. The guns it has now could fire the same APCR as some aircraft with 142mm pen now, reported and denied years ago if I remember correctly.
    Alternatively it could be updated to have its actual prototype guns with higher velocity, pushing the current APHE pen to 83mm.

  31. I wonder why gaijin removed the flak panther? i want it lol

  32. arschficker vonhinten

    perfekt übersetzt hahahah

  33. Fun fact, Gaijin said they removed Coelian because it never existed, only to replace it with Ostwind II which not only also never existed but has even less info than Coelian.
    While Coelian is fairly well documented both in specs, drawings and photos so we can be certain how it would look and how it would perform, the only piece of information we have about Ostwind II is that it was supposed to have twin cannons, but other than that we have nothing. No specifications other than those of Ostwind, no info on how the guns would be placed in the turret, not even a drawing. From what I found, the only illustration of the cannons is the twin mount that was used on ships which was posted in the suggestion post on the forum and photos of a model kit. The twin mount shows them side by side, while the model kit above each other, so we can’t even be sure the one in the game is how it would have looked.

  34. First Name Last Name

    Hope he just plays every tank like the excelsior from now on….smoke and rampage

  35. That intro is literally the Italian r3 summarised

  36. Friend: So what was this thing like?

    “Shows intro”

  37. Sheeeeeeeeeeesh

  38. Devill Mershmello 24

    youre always, the best player and funny at war thunder

  39. I have one and I love it
    Sad its HVAP shells were removed

  40. The intro translation was very incorrect

  41. All AP rounds should be removed from SPAA

  42. I’m slightly concerned about flakpanzers anger issues.

  43. Intro reminds me of the movie Mars Attacks!

  44. ‘you can’t spell america without a’

  45. my favourite flank panzer but sadly the blastics is bugged some time dosent hit but satisfying when it does

  46. I am from japan.🇯🇵I like your video!you are a good player!!

  47. I’d say 70% of the people interested in ground have all the tanks removed. The other 30% are people who have joined us during the corona event.

  48. These tanks need to come back, everybody wants them back.

  49. put playback speed real slow at 17:06 cus are we not gonna talk abt how phly is a god and completly dodged the bomba that the second plane had dumped

  50. Senpai wuvs his_ bubs_Jasleneღ

    19:32 me when i see my mom coming and she told me not to play on my console but i am 😀

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