THE FREE T-80 IS OVERPOWERED – T-80UM2 in War Thunder

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Source: OddBawZ

The T-80UM2 in War Thunder is the free event tank for Operation Winter. Top Tier in War Thunder can be frustrating but when it comes a T-80 it's easily of the best tanks at its respective rating.

The T-80UM2 might lack thermals but it gains much more.

Simply one of the best tanks in War Thunder.


  1. Why didnt you drop the nuke before the rocket got you??? it would kill them even from that far

  2. just another OP wrecked irons of URRS… side skirt OP. ERA made for HE , HEATFS, ATGM, RPG … stop darts. ..

  3. If its so good how come its getting its ass kicked in Ukraine?

  4. aps hardkill does not seam to work for me tough. looking straight at it.

  5. The russian MBTs in the game are total bullsh!t. 100% BIAS and russian propaganda AND YOU FUCKING KNOW IT.

  6. And its suppose to have thermals but gaijin remove them

  7. Can you make a settings video?

  8. If I start playing now in ps4, do I get this tank? how?

  9. 1 of the reason that the Russian mbts take such a beating is that people who play factions like america, germany and sweden just suck.

  10. no is not, this thing is not op in 10.7, T80UM2 is even worst then M41D in 11.0, if PT16/14 can get br9.7 that low br not 11.7, this thing should get br8.7 even 8.0, not 10.7

  11. Andreu Rodriguez Infantes

    Op without thermal? Mmm 10.7..

  12. The only existing prototype of T-80UM2 was destroyed in Ukraine and is left in a ditch. Of course it is OP in the game. 😉

  13. Nice to come back oddbwz i missed u so much
    Now I can enjoy your videos

  14. good thing is… most people are to stupid to use it cause they are new to top tier… so its easy kills

  15. Am I the only one sad because he did not Say thx to his teamate who helped him ?

  16. This tank want served FULLY SPADED, try from 0 this very good tank 😉

  17. DAAA IS CALLED RUSSAIN BIAS. So glad that we all know the real truth about russian tanks in real life. that the war has shown us. they suck and can blow up buy a hand grenade from a drone. but yet. my American or brit or german tank cant pin the russian tanks in the game.

  18. idk why you overreacting it’s just a regular t80u in fact a little worse it jas no thermals what’s so op about it ?!?!

  19. wish I didn’t miss the t72
    Could of had a decent lineup without grinding Russia

  20. What a double standard, this tank is nothing compared to M1A2, PBLSS, Leo 2A5 and 2A6

    • And those (except the 2a6) are nothing compared to the BVM, its a stupid argument and well T-80s can easily go toe-to-toe with all of them (also no reason to mention the regular 2a5 when the plss is the best version of it)

  21. no thermals means its weak af

  22. Yeah nuke in your first game. You mdan with no parts, FPE or dart?

  23. lol @ the wiesel part @ 8:00. love the vid Odd! edit – Russian mbts have STUPID levels of survivability. Honestly its one of the reasons I don’t play much top tier…

  24. 12:52 should have taken the ka50 with vikhrs here , u could have shat on both the helis. nothing beats vikhrs.(in a heli vs heli situation)

  25. i wont consider it free i would say u pay with your life and u get the t80um2 haaha

  26. Dereinzigwahrenico !

    i dont know why you like this tank

    its slow
    no revers
    no depression
    verry slow turet rotation
    and i get one shoot nearly every time
    i wasnt shoot by an atgm one time so the protektion system hasnt payed it self now

    for me it was an absolute waste off time

    • Slow? Excuse me? The T-80s are some of thr fastest mbts and will actually hit there top speed and almost any terrain, they reverse quicker than any other Russian mbt and my alot, the turret traverse is good enough, yeah the lack of depression sucks but is mad up for by the Russian mbts generally being the best, no thermal is a bummer but they’re really only good on big maps or night battles and the APS is just a niche bonus, if you’ve never played top tier or Russian mbts yeah this thing will suck, but with some practice it’s an extremely good tank

  27. T-80um2 is stronger then T-80 ?

  28. Great vid, was fun to watch. 🙂

  29. I clipped where I survived a bomb on top of my turret with this bad boi and almost got a nuke 8 sp short

  30. Did he not press T to thank? lool

  31. yes, so overpowered that russian nation is on 60% increase in defeats because of it…

  32. “It sometimes doesntget off” so the rest of the tanks that dont go boom when you hit ammo and the dmg shell just dissapears also got russian bias….k got it.

  33. hey OddBawZ you can add an custom sight to make it easier to see ever since that zoom is so high

  34. Surely this tank has performed as well as it has in warthunder and is still operating

  35. Russia fan boy trigger alert….

    Curious that the best free tank in War Thunder (a game made in Russia) is the most over rated tank IRL. Russia over inflates the performance of their combat vehicles and it seeps into games like War Thunder. No Russia bias….no…nothing to see here folks…move along. (Please ignore the games files that were leaked proving this. Conspiracy theorists at work. Trump’s fault I’m sure.)

    The T-80 is good if fighting 1960’s/70’s era tanks. Modern MBTs (of the 1980’s-1990’s) eat this thing for breakfast IRL. Heck even infantry are chewing this thing and spitting it out in Ukraine. It’s not pure trash it is a tank after all just not god-tier like War Thunder would have you think.

    Love your videos BTW. Keep them coming.

    And for the internet trolls…yes I know it’s just a game and I am relaxed.

  36. idk what it is with russian mbt’s he says xD mate the devs are russian biased look in ukrain how many of these old ass russian tanks get swatted daily xD YOU KNOW EXCACTLY WHAT IT IS !!

  37. what Sights,you use ?!

  38. Russian bias in this game, real life they are dogshit tanks but in the game they are made of stalinium. Ridiculous.

  39. You have an intresting accent which part of the uk are you from? I cant tell where most accents are from I a kiwi (new zealander) thought another kiwi was an american because they were from a different part of nz and spoke slightly differently. It was rather embarassing when he said he was a kiwi, thankfully he thought i was an australian so we both had a laugh about that.

  40. Also on sale in the marketplace for ~26-30usd

  41. It’s not made up it existed, got blown up I Ukraine tho

  42. odd if you think the ka50 is disgusting 21:50, play the mi28nm lol, search mti, aa radar, ag radar, 3rd gen thermals, vikhrs and khrizantemas, almost fully traversable 30mm with apds, better manueverability, rwr with lwr and maw. and with the customizable loadouts you can load vikhrs for air to air and air to ground and khrizantemas for an almost guaranteed 1 shot against ground. play it

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