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  2. Lucky. I can’t afford to get glasses, trying to pay off debt.

  3. PLUNGING into Bravo

  4. Phlydaily after eye serge 1440p 80 fps

  5. Learning that phly has been severely outplaying me all along with blurry vision is kinda painful

  6. bruh mans became uncanny noo!!

  7. I think ( in Sweden ) the shells that game decided to only be the H&T out of HEAT… 馃ぃ

  8. UwU comrade

  9. 2015 vision? It鈥檚 2022 Phly

  10. Guess u’ve got 2022 vision now?

  11. Day 278: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  12. After getting laser eye surgery myself a few months ago, I can attest that it is just amazing! Worth the discomfort for a day to literally see life in a new light

  13. Rabbit路路Habits

    I have no confidence … now I have full confidence! (lol)
    This gameplay looked fun! I like the circle around the tanks duel.

    Of course everyone likes the one shots – plus you get that award.
    Still taking a risk, and making that push, can have very exciting results.
    Thanks for sharing, and take care of them new eyes, don’t stain them for a few months anyways — I sound like a father (lol).
    I had lasik 15 yrs ago — one of the best investments I every did.

  14. On the topic of eye laser surgery, this is the kind of experience I would only describe to people that DON’T want to get it. It was…. 10 very uncomfortable minutes, but I would totally do it again because it’s so much worth it.

  15. Wow phly kinda going in with the trend

  16. I have 1300 battles in german 7.3, i can say that the leopard 1 is a bit better than the DF105, just because if you use the apds at CQC, it does alot of damage and its most likely a one shot at center mass since 105MM round, it’s mobility is a bit worse, but it can do almost as much as the DF105, only downsides to mobility is acceleration, besides that, it’s faster than the DF105 and it has a bit more protection and can’t die to .50 cal’s, the DF105 still is one of my favorites and it’s fun to play

  17. In term of AMX13 turrets, just for France, as large tanks variants :
    Amx 13 105
    Amx 12t
    Amx fl12
    Also an other EBR

  18. LS swap everything… that is your answer.

  19. You should make a video about the Chinese WZ305

  20. Now you can see the lamb sauce

  21. Fiat is too powerful!

  22. Day 5 asking for su22m3

  23. We want a video for Panzer iv/H 馃様馃様馃様

  24. can u do the m91a
    5.0 spaa

  25. Thank you Phly! First, for providing us years of entertainment. Second, for taking care of yourself when you need to. We really don鈥檛 deserve such a wholesome YouTuber like yourself. Congratulations on your dad hood and your son will give you great amounts of joy forever. Us Phlyers are very proud of you! Keep up the awesome work! (Yes I made Phlyers up, I hope it sticks 馃)

  26. as a finn, it hurt me physically when you called Sweden, the swedish map literally named Sweden, Finland.

  27. The voice crack at 6:42 lol

  28. Gaijin needs to stop adding unbalanced light vehicles to WT

  29. The M51 HEAT does so much better than the DF105 HEAT. Maybe the DF105 has a smaller HEAT round compared to the M51 Super Sherman. Smaller round for smaller blast radius. The smaller the blast radius the less spalling gets made. (CORRECTION) Apparently they both use the same HEAT shell so maybe the DF105 is just bad.

  30. Hi Phly! Can you make a series like how to play better or something like this?

  31. Still mad the french didnt get this in the techtree

  32. 0:41 M4444444mmmmaaaammmmiaa

  33. love your video

  34. france/german monster: imma shoot this fiat
    bounces fiat
    fiat: finally a worthy opponent

  35. I love this tank!

  36. nerd wher glasses

  37. 6:42 that voice crack 馃ぃ

  38. When I realised you were using glasses with wrong prescription, I also realised I have been watching a guy with blurry sight scout out enemies 3km away better than me who is young and healthy with perfect eyesight

  39. All i can say is no armor is the best armor.

  40. Phly: *constant shit talking about this tank*
    Also Phly: “Yea I’d take this over the leopard any day”

  41. Map: Sweden
    Phly: welcome to Finland.

    That鈥檚 one way to trigger your Swedish audience 馃槀

  42. Poor doom turtle, got ghost shelled

  43. I got my first nuke in this vehicle. Use it in a squad as a support tank, it’s so powerful it’s obscene. Keep that rack loaded and everything takes care of itself.

  44. Hi Phly! Just wanna say that your clips make my day, everyday. I would like to be such a good WT player. Have a nice weekend and stay safe!

  45. The French and that turret are like Dodge and the Hemi

  46. How are you so good at the Game i died every Time

  47. Have fun with banks / day 6 please try the b18 with the 2000 pd bomb at 1.3

  48. AgainstTheSystem .ATS

    Where the hell did gaijin find this vehicle?!And its german too?!?!World of tanks policy with different physics … right here.

  49. It’s obvious. Gaijin nerfed the effectiveness of the ammo to compensate for the rate of fire. You fell for it too. Hahahahaha.

  50. Phly got that 4K vision now

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