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  1. Those tiger 2s are so stupid that my grandma plays better than them.


  3. Day 15 asking for the American spitfire. I’ve had multiple 6 kill games in ground rb. German players don’t realize what’s happening until it’s too late! It’s a monster!


  5. Imagine if lorraine 40t / Amx 50’s / Amx M4 / Amx 13 / Ebr have Aphe xD

  6. ??? Amx13 had APHE since the launch of French tech tree.

  7. Maybe soon they will remember that they forgot to add a Ballistic Computer to the Etendard

  8. the amx 13 fl11 has he filler

  9. *gets a sideshot on a tank with an APHE round with a ton of filler* wow, a one shot

  10. I’ve started grinding the French tech tree, and all I have to say is that whoever says “Germany suffers” needs to grind low tier France to know suffering

    • @Bruski I know your pain I was there earlier this Week but now I am working on my 3.7 Lineup which is awesome. Same with the 2.7 Lineup

    • And again, actual 1.3 lineup is totally Ok now.

      When you played French low tier at the release, when gun reload was 9s and not 3 or 4 like now… This was the suffering.

      Idk why they dont give French Apds at low tier, France was in the lead for developping this new ammo.

    • @Arutero You mean when you’re driving tanks that aren’t actually French 🤣

    • @Hyrikul I have played 1.3 France literally earlier this week and it still suffers like it did at release though. Armor doesn’t hold up and Stuff like the Pz 38 and if you get uptiered to fight Pz IIIs you just straight up cant pen them at more than 100m

    • @Arutero Well that’s the problem when gaijin put pre-ww2/start ww2 tank facing ammo from late ww2

  11. 0 Chance you see this but the ammo count stored in your ready rack is displayed on the bottom right hud area.

    Also don’t worry, after failing to drop 23 nukes due to tickets the pain is lessened a little bit 🙂

  12. day 1 of asking phly to play the T29 again 🙂

  13. Phly is the reason why the French tree gets “Balans” every update. If you let peoples like Phlydaddy here play them you end up with unstoppable machines of destruction wrecking the enemy team. Meanwhile, the average French main has to keep up with those warlords or else they go bankrupt.

  14. point of note… you don’t pronounce the “E” in canberra xD

  15. Honestly Phy, I recently just lost a Guinea Pig. We barely had him. But we got him as a rescue. He was sick. He seemed to have started to do better. Then on October 11th he got really limp and sadly passed away after we tried to comfort him and heat him up. He looked pretty small and was probably very young. It’s still tough for me. Not great at dealing with loss. But I have been watching a lot of your videos since then and they do manage to cheer me up. Just the excitment you can get for sometimes the weirdest reasons. Thanks.

  16. Stopping at 0:46 to get a fresh coffee for this

  17. baguettes are getting powerrrr

  18. fucking click bite…. no nukes!

  19. No more “HELLO!!” ?? ;c

  20. Make T25 work phly, now after its been nerfed. i dare you!

  21. Agreed. Spawning with a nuke should pause the ticket bleed. The only way for the other team to resume the bleed would be to shoot the bomber down.

  22. Depressing. War Thunder is so depressing. Thank you ever so much Gaijin…

  23. i love the fact that phly stil uses the old way to keep track off first stage stowage

  24. Day 45:
    Hey Phly! Please play the Tiger1 p (Pz Bef Wg VI (P)) again 🙂
    You can also combo it with the Fw 190 F-8 with a 1000 kg bomb!

  25. Not gonna lie, that black ops 2 music took me on a massive nostalgia trip

  26. One of the best video’s Phly made lately–edge of my seat!


  28. sebastian tramontana

    Cool vid, thanks dude, need to ask a question, just started war thunder, what faction would you start with

  29. such an expensive tank to repair, for such a poor money making vehicle :/

  30. Real 122mm: breaks Panther’s upper front plate
    Gaijin’s 122mm: lightly damages light tank’s crew and parts

  31. TheRealSpinster4000

    Right as finally unlock this vehicle Phly uploads a video, thank you!

  32. the close i got was 2456 sp and i dont wanna say more

  33. Does Phly use a controller? I can always hear the controller clicking and buttons and the movement is a controller like. Definitely not KB/Mouse for aim/movement. Only used for UI.

  34. Wow, did not expect an edging video on THIS website.

  35. Sad nuclear noises

  36. Honestly they really need to change that

  37. Dude how come he easily killed enemy so much tho 🤔 im played at br 4.0 just got 2 killed only ……

  38. 18:55 The ad exploded in my face. I thought you were dead lol

  39. Haven’t played warthunder in a while now just keep struggling with repair and unlock cost and I don’t want to pump Any money Into the game and you can’t use any codes for golden eagle on console like that app that has sponsored a few of your videos is a bummer because it runs silky smooth war thunder on next gen consoles I play it on a Xbox serie X

  40. Saddest ending ever, with the b29*

  41. Came for the nuke, stayed for the tankplay

  42. AMX13 fl11 does have APHE

  43. J’adore tes vidéos / i love your vidéo

  44. #8 Loving the Unloved: Play the lovechild of a Spitfire and a Mustang. The MB5 that even you hate.

  45. Hi Phly, it’s nothing! look at the first German tiger P turn the turette backwards and reverse at full speed! indestructible mercava syndrome

  46. If gaijin would let the b29/Tu4 spawn above the airfield you wouldve had it

  47. Yo Phly do a vid about the J35A Drakan

  48. The info box: “90mm Canon de 90mm cannon”

  49. 8:51 a light tank should not be able to do that so easily XD I mean in this game the postwar light tanks are just too good… thats why everyone take them.

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