The French SUPER SHERMAN (War Thunder Tanks)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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The French SUPER SHERMAN (War Thunder Tanks)


  1. *Hey Phellas I’m back! Thanks for the support while i was gone!*

    • PhlyDaily Hey phly you should do a colab with botime

    • Good to have you back man I was getting bord on the ship me and the boys watch your vids when we are off duty. Really enjoy them godbless and stay safe phly we’ll keep you covered and let that flag fly.

    • Phly test a new Russian tank it will make my communist side happy

    • LOVE your videos !! Appreciate your comments and truthfulness of the observations on the game aspects; REALLY REALLY like your break down and comparisons of the vehicles before the game play. ?

      I love the game but not enough time in the week to make a big push to get past Rank 2 but your vids are SO helpful ? and sometimes so F* hilarious ???? I literally fell out of my chair on the Bukkai ship vid ???

    • Will you play World of tanks?

  2. Finally at long last! Stalin’s dream has come true!

  3. Phly, i have a good challenge for you!!
    Attempt #284!!!!!

    Play the M48 in stock configuration. But i am generous, besides the APCR shell (that rarely to do damage at all) you can use the APHE in one battle (170 pen on 7.7 Br but can at least do something), but make sure to play one game with APCR only.
    No camping behind allowed (and not sure it would help)
    Good luck, you will need it.
    If you have fun during it i can guarantee you are not doing it right
    . The challenge is to not lose your mind or uninstall right after.

    Requesting it before the sh!tst0rm of the stock syndrome

  4. Phly is such a positive and nice guy even to people who kill him its so wholesome

  5. We r so close to 1M sub

  6. It’s official, Phly caught the bug from the stripper.

  7. Heh… caught a bug at a bachelor party… so if Phly caught the Herpes do we call it Phlerpes?

  8. Damn the shrapnel on that round is brutal when it pens.. especially for a Sherman!

  9. Loving the unloved Attempt #2 Play the Fv4002

  10. PD..
    it would be interesting
    to take a look around and find the Artillery pieces…goto a map and See if they can really work…Long range.. need a spotter, and a team that understands how this works..

  11. Phly, take the 8.8cm phlakbus and make a train with your phriends using the tow cables!

  12. Lucas Pereira Lima

    this tank makes the Firefly look so ridiculous… this has 10 gun depression (vs 5 on the firefly) and 15mm more pen….

  13. I see Phly is using Low render distance…..

  14. Da Franc stuffed alot of baggets in da chermen


    First frech song?

  16. They should give france the Sherman m50 and the m51 isherman. Since both were some what French… I think…. ok so the guns were french

  17. Phly most people dont know jow to kill jaggy boo’s

  18. French tanks had one forward gear and 6 reverse

  19. The sherman 76s dont have apcr but the hellcat has it and it can oen up to 221mm

  20. Phly has aids!

  21. Im i the only one who got a world of tank ad video? smh the disrespect

  22. Can we all give the Sherman firefly some love?

  23. Hurricane Gaming

    Do the Ostwind tank destroyer video except in Battlefield 5. Good luck.

  24. Can you do the m-47 and the f-84G? Use tracers on the f84G

  25. 13:01 88cm?

  26. Try the hurricane mkIV it has two 40mm

  27. phly pls play Arma 3

  28. Love them 4.7’s.

    Then you hit the Lor 40t, Char 25t, and AMX-50, realise the repair costs, then give up on the French tree FOREVER (after trying them out in free repair).

  29. Damn Phly – Just LOVE your vids. Been watching you for years. Glad your channel is so successful. : D

  30. Phly, play tank RB without using a tank and get an ace.

  31. Usa tech tree shitty Sherman’s

    Allied nation’s Sherman gud

  32. Phly phlease try the M41a1 or xm1gm

    Attempt #1

  33. Play the best aaa in the game – gaz with maxims. But on 5.7

  34. Could you play the chieftain mk 3 next?

  35. Stalinium fuel tanks

  36. Multi-level irony. Best Shermans in-game are in the French tree. One’s Israeli, the other is Egyptian

  37. If your a child or alcoholic this guys awesome

  38. This thing should really be 5.7, but allied bias says no. KV-1 is really hit and miss, either you get one shorted by OP allied Sherman’s or bounce 120 rounds consecutively.

    Speaking of, Play the German KV-II or the KV-2 1940 with it’s nerf after nerf results:

    APHE top pen of 84mm, HE is nothing like it used to be and still gets 42 second stock reload.

  39. Picked up “a bug” at the batchelor party? Phly your gonna need a penicillin shot for that.

  40. Hey phly how about you play the spaghetti m47 with the 105mm gun

  41. The French Sherman tanks have better survivability, even on the hull. I’ve bounced off too often on spots where I usually pen a US/UK Sherman with the same gun.

  42. good video … can you do video about Japan Naval Chicugo ? … is it so bad or it is only my opinion ? 😀

  43. 14:57 the guy just turned the philippine flag upside down

  44. Phly, do yourself a phavour.
    Play the gun that is literally “to die phor”.
    Play the Panzer 4 PH2 and have a good time. 🙂
    (Challenge: Get 15 Kills in one game)

    Attempt #5

  45. I love this francaise efects 😀

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