The Full Auto Sherman Tank

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Source: Spookston

The French M4A1 FL10 is one my favorite tanks in War Thunder. It’s just a cast hull Sherman with an AMX-13 turret, but its fast reload and hard-hitting rounds make a lot fun to use. The lack of a stabilizer isn’t great, but it’s easy to work around. It’s one of the better premiums Gaijin has added.

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Songs used (in order from first to last):
Command and Conquer: Generals – Makin’ A Sweep, Fight for Peace, Comanche Down
Halo 3: ODST – Rain (Deference for Darkness)

Sound mods:
Epic Thunder (Pre-release)
Gunner HEAT PC Crew Voices Mod (Personal, go play the game: )

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The Full Auto


  1. By the way, just because a tank blew up with full ammo does not mean they actually brought full ammo. As I figured out with my Churchill croc, even when completely out of ammunition you may still have full racks because Gaijin.

  2. you gotta do the some SM 273mm pen with a 4 second reload with a bust hull armour and ok turret armour with a lot of speed

  3. Hey spookston could you consider playing the xm1? Bought it on the sale and I gotta say it’s a pretty good tank. It’s like a light tank with anti heat capabilities

  4. Could you play the t-44-100 or t-44? ( Preferably t-44 because it is absolute hell and I want you to suffer 🤓)

  5. 6:00 most accurate description. I had forgot the name but as soon as you said hydraulic i knew where you were going.

  6. AP shot generates a lot of Spalling. I can easily one shot many vehicles without the need for APHE.

  7. All Time you play french army you Plays with fking noob players lol

  8. After the Strv 74 comment, you’ve got to play it.

  9. I like the FL-10, it’s gun is great but I really wish I had aphe rounds

  10. It doesn’t matter if you bring all your ammo in the Tiger or not. You’re dead either way.

  11. I don’t know how you can drive around and have every enemy not look at you consistently Whenever I play against Germany I just get instead killed

  12. Can you do a video on the T-44-122 please?

  13. Petition to do a video on the Khalid and how bad it is at 9.0 with no dart

  14. Is germany bad? Are the tanks genuinely bad?

  15. The Waffle House Has foud a New Host

    It would be cool if you played the leopard 1

  16. Where Is My Bread?

    nothing will ever change just how cursed that is

  17. Now Ik no one really likes the m48 but could you make a video

  18. At 7:52 the KV-85 only has 60mm of armor on the sides that’s why it went through. On top of that there’s a section of the 60mm cut out to fit a round 40mm plate on both sides to fit the larger turret on the KV chassis. Yes, Wirbelwinds can and will kill you if they hit here.

  19. whats the sound mod name?

  20. So, what’s with the hate for bushes?
    I am an F2P player, and they are the only thing that gives me some advantage against prem and op vehicles. Why shouldn’t I use them to make my grind less sufferable?

  21. Could you try playing the VBC (PT2) for Italy?

    It’s like a Dardo, but with the size of a Centauro and no missiles at 8.7.

  22. Can you do the 105mm Sherman?

  23. Quantus Mechanicus

    Can you do a vid on the Panzer III N?

  24. Are you from new jersey

  25. Somua SM tank is good no? But i dont see lot of people play it

  26. The Dead of Dunharrow

    Hey spooks, could you maybe talk about some more vehicles that could be added to war thunder? More specifically the Italian tree, at this point I wouldn’t even mind if they got other nations vehicles as long as they got something that would fix the massive battleship sized holes in the tech tree

  27. Grand Emperor Maximilian ll

    yo spook give pbil m/40 a try

  28. Eytan23's Adventures

    can you make a video on the amx-90 pls?

  29. Su 57 halftrack

  30. Good afternoon have a nice day wonderfull uploading

  31. Oneleaving again…. man I love your info and stuff but You’re giving a really poor example here by clearly showing you’re just playing one tank. At least hide it a bit or use backups…

  32. Battle is the worst game mode. I miss the one where you had to progressively cap points

  33. Could you make a video about the Otomatic and give some tips for use? 😮

  34. I swear a plane crashed every damn video

  35. is this tank on israel?

  36. New England Aviation Spotting

    The Strv 103 does have triple driver control unless you were just referring to the Sherman.

  37. I like your content keep it up 😉

  38. My thing about ammo count in this game is that you die in 1 shot most of the time anyways, regardless of the tank you play. If angling is what you rely on (Tigers), that will work whether you have a lot of ammo or very little.

    I personally don’t bring in full ammo, but I don’t shy away from taking a lot on maps I know I’ll survive on. I’m more useful that way, as I don’t have to Leroy Jenkins my way into a cap.

  39. Next time I will come back in a plane lmao 5:12

  40. you should look at the sav 20.12.48.

  41. So you helped me remember the French existed and could be fun so I rapidly got to 5.0-5.3 France and got this tank and a line up and got really fun stuff. And also remembered I wanted to ban more than one map since I despise Finland and also the 38th Parallel. Because I get Finland like every other match despite disliking it. I’m bored to death and frustrated fron Finland at this point. But unrelated! I now have something that lets me slap tigers and KV tanks!

  42. Day 3 of asking for the m3 GMC pretty much the Pershing’s gun at 5.3

  43. how do you know if tou are up or down tier

  44. Can you play the M47?

  45. 0:48 “Soviet” Bias

  46. 7:37
    war thunder with tilt controls?? 🤔🤔🤔

  47. Why dose your War Thunder sound different

  48. When he said somthing about his loud engine I thought don’t worry Germany players are blind and deaf

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