The Future of Armored Warfare

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Source: CMDR_Strayn

Well it was announced today that will be taking over the future development of warfare.
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  1. RIP AW 8th October 2015 – 11th February 2017

  2. “Select few”.

    Do you have statistics to back that up? Because most people posting on the forums ATM about the PTS have negative feedback to give, especially about the trollish direct-fire arty, the overall sluggishness of Tiers 1-5 and the abominable power creep and broken vehicles found at T6-7.

    And, yes, RIP AW. I do NOT expect to do a good job, especially seeing how thoroughly bungled-up their event management has been, even to this day.

  3. People are always waiting to get angry at something. Bigger the company the more they will mess things up is no different to this. Maybe they’ll do something stupid maybe thye don’t. If you don’t trust the devs of a game don’t give them money, simple as that. I’t free to play and what I’ve gathered from PTS its loking good so I’ll keep playing until they fuck things up not before it.

  4. may god help us all

  5. This as with all tank games it has its largest player base in Russia. And the game will be modified to support the majority. Its noting personal, its just business.

  6. I think that has been running the show since Felix was brought in. Balance 2.0 was probably pushed for by as the game has been faltering for several months now. I am optimistic moving forward, but admittedly nervous that the game may be abandoned. The extreme whinging on the forums does not jibe with the reality of the game- the game is not broken and has not been broken for a long time. It is entirely playable at all tiers if you have invested the time to build your skills. The PTS has bugs which need squashing, but I am already adapting to the new environment and hoping for the best. By FAR the biggest market for this game is Russia (as it is with WOT), and we should not be surprised to see them take it over. Fingers crossed…

  7. IDK what the future holds and I really don’t trust not to make very serious blunders. Only time will tell if they listen to us players or go the WGing route and ignore anyone not praising them.

  8. so…. oe deved two of my favorite games of all time falloutNV and KOTOR2…. i cant speak for everyone but they were most of the reason i got so hyped about aw in the first place. them leaving concerns me greatly.

  9. Now we know why the game has become another crap WOT “slow/nerfing”…. because Russians had been directing the recent development as they were getting ready to take it over. OE wouldn’t have made this kind of crap quality I bet, since it’s certainly not how they started. has WOT developers on their team…. people who still have WOT’s crap backward thinking that “nerfing” is the only way to balance things. It NEVER worked with WOT, they just made a worse game, haven’t learned.

  10. My com has maybe done a lot of weird things. But maybe it because it have been some bad the communication between My and OB. Hop this mabe make it easyer for them to make the game ready for release !

  11. I said months ago that Aw Obsidian would be taken over, I’m just surprised Wot hasn’t made an outright bid.
    But mark my will happen in the not to distant future, and it’s something I won’t relish.

  12. if this game turns into a WW2 tank game with modern tank skins slapped on to make it look like modern tank gameplay i out of here with a uninstall right away

  13. “select few”? If you would look at the forums a large majority of the community feels 0.19/2.0 will be the death of the game.

  14. Can we at least be honest and admit that the content that OE brought us was sub par? Bugs that went untouched for months, heck at this point, even a year. This can go either way. Either wil lfail in a very spectacular manner, or they’ll actually make a decent product.

  15. The not so Mighty FL_3

    This news really gutted me hard when I heard it.  MyCom have got big shoes to fill. Are they up to the job? I’m not sure, they can’t even run an event correctly.

  16. Russia always seems to run the games I like. I’m confused…. I truly love this game. wot went in the crapper a long time ago. all pay to play and nerf the heck out of anything I buy.

  17. Changing dev team before getting 0.19 out is quite disturbing, honestly I wouldn’t be suprised if this game would turn to shit 😐 Sigh, can’t we just get a good tank game?

  18. I will always remain AW but I’m sure that plenty will give up because of stupid bias but meh I always take a wait & see (less the ARTY changes I hate that concept of the Super TD)

  19. the OE support/developer’s money will dry up & all we players investments will be like pising in the wind. Hope i’m wrong, cause if it goes down the tubes, this will be the last online, developing game i will support again. Y? cause i got about $1500 US in this game, maybe more. I’ll not be sucked in again.

  20. Considering that it was OE that got the game to bad point it is at now, I think things can only get now that OE has left.

  21. Make AW great again!!

  22. The majority of AW players have given up on this game already, now all you have left are the diehard fanboys and people who haven’t been up-to-date with the news.

  23. From a user called Gatortribe on reddit. “As a select few of you may already know, I’ve been a design consultant for Obsidian Entertainment/ since the beginning of Early Access (was around for the alpha tests too).”

    “I’ve read a lot of misinformation that I couldn’t respond to over who was to blame for the game dying. The reality is everyone: MailRU,, and Obsidian, some (MRG) more than others.
    Obsidian (OEI): Obsidian failed to grab MailRU by the balls early on and say something along the lines of “We’re the developers, we’ve been in this industry longer than you could ever hope to be.” Now, I’m not saying that that’s what they should have done. MailRU pays good, Obsidian needed money badly. Standing up to them could have meant their contract was pulled early on. With Felix (Nakoomba) joining Obsidian, he was actually able to do that. It was, however, too late. (My): Despite what people think, had very little to do with the failure of the game because they really didn’t have any control over the game. In fact, all you can really blame them for is shitty events and server crashes. I suppose they could have advertised a broken game and gotten us nowhere.
    MailRU Group (MRG): Ah, here it is. The big one. How did I not see this coming, I played ArcheAge– I knew what they were capable of, and Obey reminded me numerous times of it. The rest of this post will be about how they ran this game into the ground because they simply lack the vision to see past the Russian market. They thrive on incomplete features and shitty knock off mechanics.”

  24. Chibi xXxScrublordsxXx

    and so the Russian bias begins. Uninstall. Back to Planetside 2 for me.

  25. I will just wait and see where this is going. so far so good. I only hope AW will not turn into a WOT clone or some weird tank game.

  26. I’m a guy who pops into armored warfare every now and then but After reading the comments… Well fuck

  27. Cris Racing and Gaming

    I really hope they reconsider and take Nakoomba to the new dev team…….
    We can just wait and see…

  28. AW2.0= Armored Wot!

  29. I heard that retrofits now will cost from 500k- 3million credits at all tiers. They are making credit walls like in WoT.

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