The Future of War Thunder

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Source: TheDevildogGamer

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  1. Add mobile artillery like in WOT.

  2. i dont understand why you think the abrams is the best 10.0 tank
    the russians with HE wreck it,aswell as having better armor

  3. I want them to add all the content they want to add and then balance the shit out of the BRs. I also really wish they didn’t add the helicopters into the game to be honest.

  4. DAMN You Tube unclicked the bell again !

  5. How do you get that custom crosshairs

  6. You should atleast skim through wikipedia for a rough idea of what a vehicle is before making a retard out of yourself.

    The T-80UD is not an uprade it is just a Kharkov made T-80U with a diesel engine and has no Advantages over the Omskmash produced T-80U other than fuel consumption.

    And the Tunguskas missiles are radar guided and can hit targets out to a range of 24 km.

  7. Grind takes A LOT of time but when there is something like (as an Argentinian) a TAM you can really makes tons of progress in little time. When the TAM was just announced i had reached tier II in Germany GF by the time It was ingame i had reached Tier IV (got the Panther A and G) and now I am about to get the Panther F.
    With USA I am already in Tier IV and i expect the A-4 Skyhawk to be added after the Fj-4b so i am researching all that line and I just got the A-26B 50 (I am using the F82).
    So well I will keep on grinding, there are 2 massive problems , SL and Internet connection, shittiest internet out of all games but seriously this is the only game where my average ping is 450 absolubtly insane.

  8. They added new tanks

  9. Devil I love you bro, been here a while… But if you think for a sec i’m gonna focus the 2 spare hours I have each day to spend grinding in war thunder… HELL NAW

  10. just found out that A-10 has only top speed of 710 km/h :C

  11. Law Abiding Citizen

    God I love the F8

  12. F-8, A-4, A-6, F-4…why not have all of them?

  13. Thank you for adressing the grinding issue that come up in so many comment….yes, the top tier is not easy to get up to, but it wasn’t easy aswell for the thousands of people who got to it….even harder for them befor all the cost reductions that happenned over the years.
    If you don’t enjoy simply playing at lower tier, just stop playing this game, don’t play it just to play at tier 6, it is not what this game is about!

  14. End Game Idea:

    3 Eras: WW1-2, Cold War, Modern Era

    Gives Gaijin an excuse to add more vehicles and allows people to enjoy different eras of vehicles.

  15. The Mature people 4real

    And we still will have 3 Capture points.

  16. Tbh Britain could get the Vickers Mk 7/2 with the leopard hull for now but yes we do need the challenger 2 in game and l26 needs to come also.

  17. xm g1 needs to be at a 9.0 br leopard a1a1 L44 needs a br of 8.2 or somethimg

  18. helicopters should only join another game with people who have aa

  19. What a fucking low graph noob, you have have like 50 percent of bushes and trees

  20. eh we don’t need the 2A7 for a long time. That tank is on par with the M1A2 sep v2 or the Armata.

  21. I think what they should do when a player reaches top teir 5 they should be allowed to research and buy other countries teir 5. The grind is such a pain. I made a mistake of grinding all the countries when I started war thunder and now with 2000 hours I still have’t reached top teir. Of getting the F-100D or the Javelin, CL-Sabra.

  22. F-8 Crusader? I always considered the F-104 Starfighter to more of a match for the MiG-21

  23. The grind is so long?

  24. Helicopters are cancer. They need to be completely reworked or removed altogether. Don’t even talk about the Warthog or Su 25 you know it’s TANK RB not planes pressing space RB. Naval is boring and battleships would be even more boring. 2a4 needs it’s armor fixed and the tanks you mentioned can come

  25. No future for warthunder…. Warthunder is dead…. Who kill warthunder? Gaijin

  26. reach out and touch faith

  27. This game is impossible to grind without premium or premium tanks

  28. quick correction: T-80U actually comes default with Kontakt-5 which can resist sabot round, T-80UD is T-80U but with Diesel engine and remote 12.7 for export

  29. And so the American will continue to be nerfed because of how “op” they are but look at russia Jesus Christ! And yet !! America still can compete easily!!!!! Wtf gaijin

  30. I don’t think helicopters belong in this game. In a game like Battlefield, they work.

  31. Does the future of war thunder include working render distances?

  32. This game will never actually take off, not until they drastically decrease the barrier to entry for more casual players.

    And by more casual, i mean people who don’t want to play every day for a month+ and drop a couple hundred.

  33. Britain really needs to be fixed asap


    The big future of War Thunder is the same as World of Tanks today’s = huge absurd ))

  35. I recently got a Leopard 2A4. Admittedly, Germany loses a lot but it isn’t due to the Abrams. I easily kill Abrams with the Leopard 2. USA wins because it has such a strong lineup, not because the Abrams is some unbeatable tank. The problem is when an Abrams dies, a 2nd Abrams can come out, then an XM1, or a chopper, or an FJ4B. Whereas when a Leopard 2A4 dies, that’s it for 10.0 tanks. Same on T80. Germany just needs a 2nd Leopard 2A4 of a slightly different variation and USSR needs a 2nd T80 or T72B as you said, and things will even up. Saying the Abrams is so strong and a Leopard 2A5 with the arrow head turret and a L55 gun is a match for the regular M1 is just silly. Leopard 2A4 is already newer than the M1/IPM1, A5 should be matched against the M1A1, not the A6.

  36. Just add T-90 and it’s balanced!

  37. Злой Волшебник

    What future has this shit full of cheaters and bugs

  38. France needs the Mirage IVA or the Super Étendard in tier 6 because it will help France to be a more playable country in the game, hope to see AMX Leclerc too

  39. I’m American and I’ve spent thousands of U$D on this game since before ground CBT. I know Gaijin targets the big US spenders like myself. But I refuse to research USA any longer just because of the retarded M1s , AH1s and the ATGM jet have ruined the game. And no I don’t own any of these spam vehicles.

    Furthermore the RP “realistic “ 3rd person camera mouse master pilots are doing just as much damage to the game. 1.85 was a patch of bugs and unfinished vehicles. Somethings gatta change or War Thunder will quickly die out.

  40. How to exterminate capitalist tank
    Step1:Get HE
    Step2:Load HE
    Step3:Aim at capitalist tank roof
    Step4:Pull Trigger
    Step5:Watch fireworks
    Step6:Open Vodka bottle
    Step7:Drink Vodka
    Step8:Repeat list from Step2

  41. do you realize how fucking boring subs would be after the first 10 games?

  42. LOL 2A4 is lacking??? okayyyyy..

  43. warthunders future is gay plebs make more content to sell to paying losers who cant play but wanna shine

  44. Tovarishch Simonov

    They should have infantry too in the future. War thunder would be a complete war game.

  45. @Devildog Great video. Just interested in why you mentioned that the F8 Crusader would have an advantage over the Mig 21? Probably the armament right? From what I know the Mig 21 has higher sea level and high altitude speeds when compared to the Crusader.
    ( F8 Crusader Sea level max speed = 917 km/h. At altitude = 1975 km/h.
    Mig 21 Sea level max speed = 1300 km/h. At altitude = 2175 km/h.)

  46. It would be absolutely great if that would fix their hitreg

    It would also be cool if they added the A-10 and the M109 paladin.

  47. The Otomatic can reach out and touch Helo’s

  48. The Leo2A4 would be good if they didn’t slap the B series turret onto the C series hull. C series turret would be really good

  49. I thought the devs made it super clear they were never going to pass like Korea/Vietnam era.
    Well, I guess RIP all the WW2 tanks. Unless modern stuff is separated from WW2 stuff, I guess you’re just screwed and there is nothing you can do about it.

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