The Future of World of Tanks in 2019!

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of Tanks. Wargaming just announced their plans for 2019! Including premium ammo and MM. Here’s what I think about it.


of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, vents and a toolbox.


  1. Reminder that Wargaming said “we will fix the matchmaker in half a year lmao” at the start of the year and still havent done anything. At all. What so ever.

    The matchmaking is still diarrhea, they obviously lied about the time it would take, or they lied in the first place they were even doing anything. They’re dishonest cunts.

  2. I am very happy that premium rounds are going to sacrifice damage for pen… it also makes armour relevant again…. I am against the idea of turning off team damage, This is because it puts a safety net in the way we play and I always felt that the PC version of he game was the ‘Adult’ version of the game where consoles has a watered down version of the game with no team damage…

  3. ive been killed in test server while playing as arty like 1/3 games by russians

  4. I totally disagree with you on one point QB, “Superheavy tanks will not be penetrable from the front”… well, yes, that is the point, they are not supposed to be. What is the point of a t95 with its 12km/h top speed when a medium or even better, light can still pen you from the front and has top speed of 60. It feels super retarded when you slug along in your slow TD or superheavy, you reach your location 6min into the battle and when you get there some obj140 with 3-5k dmg done already just pens you with every shot because he can pen your huge turret cheeks with every shot and you can pen him with every 5th shot (if you are lucky) when you manage to hit that perfect spot on his turret where gold goes true, or you hit his small cupola. For a long time mediums in t10 are dominating random queues, you can spot, you have the speed, insane dpm and you can pen almost anything with you apcr and when you are stupid enough to go into an alley in front of a maus, you just switch to heat, hide your hull behind some ruble and still own. Slow tank with inaccurate gun, with low dpm, 3.6sec aim time and no cammo to speak of that literally has one good thing about it and that is durability (hp + armor) should be dominating in small alleyways and corridors. Hell, not even a maus with its quite sizable gun should not be able to pen another maus from the front, thats what TDs are for.

  5. Anirban Chakrabarti

    Dont blacklist maps WG, as much as I hate prokhorovka, without the variety, the game will become just unplayable

  6. I’d still like to see what I’ve suggested for years since I started playing this in, what, 2012? Obviously any change to how they work will need massive re-balancing, so while I agree with your concern, I disagree that it’s a unique issue with what they suggested. It’s basically a choice between massive re-balance, or not fixing premium rounds.

    But for what I want it’s fairly simple: different rounds have different benefits and detriments, giving each a different focus…
    APCR: Yeah, I think just higher penetration, lower damage – maybe 75% damage would work fairly well (and keeping the velocity/falloff too), but also give it a negative modifier against module damage, say, 50% (so AP rounds does 200 damage, APCR does 150 damage, but only 75 to modules, but is more reliable to penetrate). Use these when reliable HP damage is of utmost importance.
    HEAT: Trades HP damage for penetration and good module damage, keeping the spaced armor drawback (for example: AP round does 200 damage, HEAT only does 100, but 300 to modules with a high penetration).
    HESH: Disregard hitpoints, acquire modules – Functions like HE rounds, but deals maybe half to a third the HP damage and double or triple module damage.

    This is of course mostly spitballing on the numbers, but the point is that each round type should serve some particular function – they should have advantages _and drawbacks,_ unlike the current system where for the most part, APCR is strictly better and HEAT is strictly better unless you hit spaced armor. Put more of a focus on the actual interesting damage model the game has, showcase damage to modules more, and make knocking them out count for assistance XP. Also make the individual modules and crew health more visible instead of just kind of arbitrary – maybe even flash damage numbers on the screen when you hit someone to show the module damage (imagine landing a big derpy HESH round and seeing 6 temp health bars pop up and drop like, 50% – it would be _so satisfying!_ ). This could also help encourage players to take up more supporting roles rather than going as “lone wolves” all the time.

  7. 4:22 THAT SHIT was the reason why i quit WoT for almost 2 years, because it was so damn frequent. I had done a larger scale counting (for me larger scale about 250 ish battles) of the different Matchtypes i got thrown in. 56% bottom Tier of which 44% as one of 3(or less) bottom Tier tanks (scouts included). 24% middle tier of which 12% percent were when more than half the team was Top-tier. The last 20 % i was Toptier, but again about half of it was with a lot other Toptier tank 11ish % because i didn’t start counting that immidiatly.
    New Matchmaker (still at counting, grinding new lines while doing it) has me about third the time Toptier, third midtier and a third in bottom tier. And if i get bottom Tier i don’t care anymore as much, because i have targets i can shoot at and penetrate.

  8. I think that 10% reduction of dmg of premium ammo would be beneficial. But +25%??? That is brutal. It will just mess up the balance further more. For example, apparently OP T-54. This tanks problem isnt that it has too much alfa. It just have ridiculous penetration difference between AP (200 mm) and HEAT (340 mm). It has better HEAT penetration than some tier X heavies. The problem is that it’s HEAT penetration is just too good compared to AP. There is really no point to use AP. The tank could be still playable with HEAT penetration nerfed by 70-80 mm. But the reduction of the damage from 320 to 240… damn, that is going to be brutal, thats less then the stock T-54 has now 250 alpha. That’s like throwing the tank to the garbage bin.

  9. Fu Wg. Doing it wrong again

  10. Best thing for 2019 would be for Wargaming to be taken over by a proper game developer who can take the franchise forward without blatant unfairness and Russian bias.

  11. The Austrian Avenger

    Doesn’t have WoT Blitz reduced damage on the prem shells long time ago?

    Maybe nicknames and stats will only be hidden for artillery?

  12. I don’t get it. Why would tier IX and tier X matchmaking would be worse if there would be no tier VIIIs in random matchmaker? I thought that fighting against enemies of your own level is actually better than sealclubbing tanks two tiers lower. But maybe your concept od “fun” differs from mine.

  13. Maybe it is an unpopular opinion but I think the super heavies don’t need frontal weakspots. The Type5 for example is meant to be a fortress which can’t maneuver out of fire and would be totally useless if it gets a frontal weakspot. Since WoT is a tactical game you need to think about how to fight vs. other tanks and that means that u shouldn’t fight a type5 frontally. I know it’s difficult on certain maps but you always have a choice. The Type5 has so many other disadvantages that a frontal weakspot would make it unplayable.

  14. Just on the premium Ammo changes, in the blitz version of the game, this system works very well. You’re standard rounds have less pen but do the business damage wise. Where the prammo works is that if a tank with a low pen gun comes up against a heavily armoured tank, they can at least do some damage instead of bouncing all the time. You’re dpm does drop of course but the effective dpm is good. But what do I know, I’m just a blitz player.
    I would play pc but I can never find a game on the Asia server.

  15. Copying claus Kellermen yer again

  16. You cannot justify gold ammo based on the fact that there are 2 or 3 tanks that are imbalanced. The ammo changes are great as long as they also sort out the issues with the missing weak spots.

  17. Wargaming!When are the Polish getting their own server, where they can lemming and yolo alone without being bashed by players with brains???

  18. #ConstantlyPenetrated

  19. Sorry QB but in League of Legends you can’t see your opponents rank going i to a game. That facility was removed to lower toxicity. Thats why they stopped you seeing other players ping too…

  20. Matilda these days isn’t the Queen of the battlefield she once was. There are plenty of T4 tanks that can penetrate her skin, and from a personal point of view, I spend most battles as bottom tier in a tier 6 game.

    The map blacklist might work if it blacklists by account and not tank. So if you blacklisted himmelsdorf because you play arty, it would be blacklisted for your IS4 as well (Personally I love arty on himmelsdorf / ensk because my bishop catches people out hiding in tight spots and the bishop is as far as I’m going in arty)

  21. Why don’t they consider idea of adding a feature with which you could only load 25% of your ammo capacity with premium ammo instead of nerfing it’s damage?

  22. This is why I said “cautiously” optimistic about these changes. I’m definitely on-board with the “special ammo” nerf, as one of my biggest problems with gold rounds has always been that, while yes, heavy tanks will benefit, the fact is that they kinda needed it. Gold rounds literally nullify any attempt at effectively using your armour in a heavy vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you took that good hull down position, the enemy just dabbed the 2 key and instantly gets their full alpha by going thru some of the thickest armour on your vehicle. I also agree with your assessment that heavies need weak points re-added, but knowing the snails pace WG moves on these kinds of changes, I get the feeling that’ll be a long time coming, unfortunately.

  23. iirc, back when i still playing WoT console, the six sense is already permanent, if you acquire the skill, the light bulb will still light up when you aim in the area where the enemy tank who is spotting you.
    they should put this in WoT PC so we can make the match more thrilling, and prevent too much camping

  24. Quicky baby is just as bad as war gaming a total cunt who isn’t got a clue what other players want or sick to death of quicky you are a twat that thinks he knows it all can’t wait to watch your channel crash and burn and you have to get a real job lmao

  25. the nerf to super heavy armour is an indirect buff to tanks with super high standard pen *laughs in strv 103b*

  26. Blacklisting maps can be very good. Just get a cooldown of 2 days on it. That way people cannot exclude maps for the maus or type but just uncheck maps they hate

    Kuch: Paris

  27. I think there is one thing for the session stats that may reduce the frustration of players: give them the probability to have this bad/good session win ratio. In terms of “once in x days you should have such a good/bad run”.

    I used to get angry on bad runs, thinking the MM is biased (as most players think). But then I’ve done the statistics and found that it is normal and nothing is _probably_ biased. Simply, if you were to toss a coin enough times, sometimes you would see it landing on the same side many times in a row. Like once in 100 days, which is frequent enough for regular players.

  28. damage system to allies should be like in world of warships…. where you damage yourself if you do too much damage to allies…

  29. Im glad QB has the same skeptisism about this news as I do. if he could design his own tank game with what he feels is balanced, I dont doubt that Id switch to it instantly, even if I didnt agree with everything.

  30. Gold rounds just need to be capped at a specific amount… Like 20% ish percent of total ammo… Fucking hell

  31. 03:57 – Good lord, QB, 3-5-7 is fine. Players just need to get good. The problem is the community, not the matchmaker. I hope it keeps running more 3-5-7 And tries to push that template first. Keep the no skill shitlords crying.

  32. Well war tunder is still 10000 time better then WOT

  33. The problem about stats in WoT, is the players criying because they’re in a noob team, and they don’t even try to play correctly because of that. If I had won a penny every a game was spoiled, I could have bought every single premium tank in the game.

  34. Got distracted – QB, is that a huge rip inn your Chair? Visible behind your left Armpit! New Chair for Christmas?

  35. In my opinion the most significant way to adress the so called “gold spam” is to reduce the number of gold rounds a player can take with him on the battlefield. I think the number should be no higher than a quarter of the vehicle total ammo loadout, thus removing the “all gold loadouts” and encouraging the players to be mindful of their gold reserves and choose only specific targets who really require that extra penetration.

  36. Just another proof that this game is fucking RIGGED!!! So, fuck you Wargaming, and die finally. Sell this game to professional gaming company and go to hell !!!!!!!!!

  37. GG on video but pls stop promoting XVM (dont be so depending on it…). Hiding stats shoud be a personal choice. I dont wnat to know against who I am playing cuz thats one of advantages of the game. Im not shooting “people” but tanks.

  38. remove arty and its all good. I cannot believe it is still in the game when 80% of the playerbase hate it. I bet you a million bucks a majority of the players who have quit did so because of arty. Anyone who defends it is blind and deaf

  39. Not not good enough wargaming

  40. Just as a thought how about making rounds overall do less damage. No one likes to die from being shot only once. There are difficult tanks like the M-3 Lee that have a higher learning curve and being single shot by a tier 5 or 6 sucks. If one plans to follow both medium and heavy U.S. lines the Lee is your home for 28,110 points of experience. Make the game fun for all by letting everyone possibly return fire. How about a max limit of special ammo that’s available per tank such as 5 rounds.

  41. The amount of premium ammo should be 5;
    Weak spots on every tank: copola, small machine gun on front and every LOWER plate weak;
    Remove the stun from arty;
    Max arty per team should be 2;
    Premium tanks should be the same as tier 8 normal tanks: pen, armor, mobility, a bit more or a bit less;
    Remove type 4/5 derp gun, its stupid;
    The mm should find a balance in teams by win ratio, maybe this prevent 2 min games 2-15;
    And this will bring old and new players for sure.
    I dont know if u agree but wg will not do this…

  42. World of Tanks Blitz has had the premium ammo “rebalancing” for a long time now, if wargaming haven’t gotten an idea of how it works because of tanks like the IS4, WZ-120 FT, VK 100.01 P, Mauschen, and Maus, then their not going to get it whatsoever, it destroyed a lot of the Dpm of some tanks that pretty much ran on gold because the regular can’t pen anything at its tier, or the upper tier we constantly see, as well as making it hell trying to look for weak points and wasting time because you can’t fire off the gold shell due to it not doing the same damage, not just that but its ruined a lot of games when someone, once again, with bad pen, either un-skilled or unmaxed, can’t do anything because the damage can’t compete, this was made worse when they “reworked” the tech threes and removed a lot of “unpopular” and “unbalanced” tanks altogether, people who kept the tanks were allowed to have them as “collector tanks” and could be sold for gold, pretty much in their stock or unusable state, so the tanks sit in the garage like trophies because their unplayable, pretty much enticing the player to say “fuck it I can’t play it anyway” and selling the tank for gold.
    So low tiers are gone, players aren’t learning anything usable, and high tiers have been broken for guns with poor pen because they can’t compete.
    Yet PC is doing the exact same thing with the Premium Ammo, let’s see how this turns out

  43. One comment QB : If they will remove 25-30% on DMG for Type5 Premium ammo, it will be exactly the same as normal HE ammo :))) 75 pen – 1100 Dmg :)))

  44. I have been playing this game for a long time. I remember the start and the slow increase of the gold round usage. first 2 years i had no prem account and no money in the game. I was always being hit by gold rounds from tier 8 and above medium tanks. some of these people have went on to be in the top list of players. What happens if you dont use gold? You end up at 50% or lower. Run into an obj 140 t62a in a patton, and immmediately you are eating gold. i learned where to shoot them, but 3 out of 4 would still bounce, while every gold round penned me. People talk about 2 heavies being super armored. well really, maybe cause they are? I have maus and i dont drive it. I hear how its over powered armor? Really? every round that hits me is gold. S Quonc every one i meet fires nothing but gold. i have been doing the polish and italian tech trees lately, since i missed them, and i was surprised to see that every tank in tier 4 and 5 were shooting gold at me! I have 5 rounds in my tanks. mm sucks butt but gold usage is worse then all.

  45. It will be good if they reduce the damage of those rounds and reduce the cost as well about ×2 more expensive is ok

  46. Just to add my 2c, some of those changes, namely hide statistics, no friendly fire and “six sense” (even though its a weaker version, but still an indicator that you are been targeted is a huge help) available for all players ARE already in game for long time for World of Tank Console version.

    Ofcourse we can still find our statistics through webpage and other means, it just not visible in game

  47. I would prefer a matchmaking with only 1 tier per game.

  48. World of Warships does team damage well. If you do too much you turn pink(blue in wot) which means any team mate can kill you without punishment. If you keep damaging team mates the damage is then reflected back onto you and you end up killing yourself.

  49. no stats must be hiden becauses its cheating for and do not compare “LEAGUE its poop” in league u have elo with are skill base u have 1600elo enemy have 1610 its almost same not like in tanks u are purple unicorn im green aple your skill vs my skill u win me u will know how to fight me.. but if u not se my stats u will play with caution

  50. E100 is garbage,u can’t show ur face at all

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