The Future of World of Tanks in 2020? | New Tanks, Crew 2.0, Equipment, Balance, Commanders

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Source: DezGamez

2020 – What is ? of Tanks DezGamez Commander, Stream Wars, New Tanks, Crew , New Equipment and more! World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2019.

I will always be providing free entertainment and content for you, but it really helps the channel out!

After I do not even know how many themed episodes, I decided to take a little break from it, for one episode at least. Let's talk about the World of Tanks in 2020.

What they have planned for us, new events, new vehicles, balance , new features and NEW COMMANDERS including DezGamez Commander! 😛

Yes, your eyes are not lying to you… Let's take a look!

What do you think about it?


  1. Skipped yesterday and almost skipped today as well, got some kind of a stomach virus, not good guys.
    But you, stay strong! 🙂
    PS! 30 Premium days winner, I contacted with you, just to make sure it is the right person!
    Good Luck in the next giveaways, Beasts!

    • Imagine this. A *Christmas miracle!* … a Wot news article which is *purely positive* !!

    • Thank you for the 2500 golds! I did’nt even realised I won, That’s amazing! Love your content keep up like that!

    • I hope You get better soon Dez.
      Love your Content.

    • I would love to see the Italian Heavies, not so with the double trouble tanks but hey wot do you do…and basically pretty happy with the other developments if I understand them correctly but we will have to see what actually happens.
      IGN: RetroFit
      NA Server

  2. Username: titanictwist
    Server: Na
    Scared for the big balance patch. They are trying to balance way too many tanks and variables at once.

  3. Server:eu
    Ansver: i will dislike crew change at first,but after while probably will get use to it

  4. IGN: Mkroets
    Server: NA
    I hope they meet the rest of the 2019 promises in 2020.

  5. Username: poopsnozzle
    Server: Asia

  6. For 2020, I hope they buff T-34-1, T-34-2, PantherII, TVP VTU, WZ-120 before anything else…

    User: JDerrida
    Server: EU

  7. Username: VolksPanzerSchreck
    Server: NA
    Answer: I’m looking forward to the PvE event. I actually enjoyed Homefront when placed on a team with competent players, It’s a nice change from regular battles.

  8. Username: RaajEleven
    Server: EU
    Q.A. change on premium rounds

  9. Username: vodnar00
    Server: EU
    Pearl River map 🙂

  10. Username: VonBenyo
    Server: EU
    2020: Hope they will finally buff E100

  11. Username: SkipJack_NL
    Server: EU
    2020: I hope
    they will buff the IS-4

  12. I like the direction WG is headind. I am really happy to see that. There is still some room for improvement, but all in all I would say, this are really good news.

    Nickname: GoldNoobMaster_
    Server: EU

  13. Stream Wars : ideea of Circon , he didnt get announced that they are making it and ne wasnt invited . but put some random streamers in it …meeh

  14. User: AltaitServer: EUI hope they will finally rebalance all the “old” tanks like E100, E5 and so on that they will get part of the Meta again.

  15. Username: Scopias
    Server: EU
    I hate the HE rework… makes durpy tanks useless.

  16. Username: ReptilEspantoso_2015
    Server: EU
    Next year? Map fixes, premium ammo, MM+1 (not +2) is very much needed. Also tier 10 is borked, the maps are mostly too small and not suited at all, for that tier. So, I would like to see some changes there. I hope the time and energy invested in my many crews is not wasted. On the positive side I”m looking forward to the new french autoloading medium tanks.

  17. Username: Krismas06
    Server: EU
    For 2020: crew and equipment rework 🙂 I like the idea that one crew should not be able to be good at EVERYTHING. Now most of the tanks have same crew skills and equipment..

  18. Username :Tomato_Farmer_89
    Server :Eu
    I really like that Italian heavy tech tree

  19. Well… that Battle Pass system sounds promising… I just hope they don’t mess it up as usual…:)
    SuddeNStrikes, EU server

  20. Video question: i dont like shell changes and the removing of low tier tanks, i hope italian heavys will be good, and we need more maps not only 2!
    Username: Hornster98
    Server: EU

  21. Username: Cptkatz
    Server: NA
    2020: Italian heavies

  22. Username: KEITH007
    EU :server
    I hope they buff IS-4, E100 , and E5 tanks . Cos they looks like a tier IX

  23. Username: adicaeuGC
    Server: EU
    still hoping for +1-1 MM and limit premium shells (40% load capacity )

  24. Username: Rammer_MJ
    Server: EU
    Waiting for E100 buff in 2020

  25. Username: BlackBloodBandit
    Server: Eu
    I am happy the most that Steel Hunter is coming back.

  26. Username: kltk89
    Server: ASIA
    Balance, Balance, is juz a dream

  27. Username: Puternicu333
    Server: EU

    I would like from WarGaming to honor their last year promises. I still have E75 and ST-1 in the garage just because E100 and IS-4 where not buffed as they said
    What i like from those features, hmm, I like the innovation, new features, new mechanics, all of them are nice

  28. Username: Echo_Seven
    Server: Europe

    Worried they’ll stuff up the crew skills rework…

  29. yeah sound nice but please dont fuck up Derp Guns, This would make this game boring as fuck

  30. Server: aisa
    Username: Marley
    Best thing about the plan is the crew rework,
    excited to see a better crew system than what we have atm

  31. After this year’s stuff i’m more want to wait and see what or even if they bring anything out in 2020
    IGN: Ishva
    Server: NA

  32. Username: Euphemus
    Server: EU
    Answer: We do not need more tech trees nor premium tanks. The HE re-balance plan is bad. The could simply reduce the alpha damage of the current gold rounds. I am afraid that the changes with respect to the crew will make this a very different game.

    Thanks for all this work. Your info and your analyses really help. Cheers!

  33. User: lacusta
    Server: EU
    It look nice, the crew 2.0 was something i am waiting since….3-4 years ago, also the equipment reworking look nice, and the BIG BALANCE (i would call it). I cant wait for the nerfing of gold ammo. And all those new battle modes look nice, new tech tree and new maps are always a good thing for the game. Overall, looks very very nice and i am looking to the new changes.

  34. I want to see gold rounds changed to like they had in the test server.

    Username: rookie_844

    Server: NA

  35. Hey Dez, Merry Dezmas to you.
    The changes look interesting but I am worried about all this tinkering, especially with HE shells because for many tanks they are the only way to contribute againt OP premiums. I also hoping that Peral River doesn’t end up as another messy peek-a-boom map like Tundra and Mountain Pass.
    Username: Sodoff1
    Server: EU

  36. username: Klickinator
    server: EU
    2020: I am hyped about new tanks and hopefully more new maps

  37. Username: K0SKENK0RVA
    Server: EU
    The article is very interesting. I’m most excited for pearl river and I’m hoping WG would bring back more old maps. Especially dragon’s ridge.

  38. Username: thetruePetre
    Server: NA
    I’m excited about the ammo rework, event the HE nerf.

  39. Username: spacegoatmf
    Server: EU
    2020: I’m curious about the rebalancing of ammo

  40. Already calling motorcycle helmet commander.

  41. Username: REX637
    Server: EU
    I hope the second branch they wrote, will be the japanese TDs.

  42. Username: Brohammer
    Server: NA

    Updates seem alright, but they still should rebalance older tanks, especially useless ones like the Matilda IV.

  43. Usernamme: Corwyn666 on EU server.
    Looking forward for the stream wars 🙂

  44. Not sure about the ammunition nerf/buff/change/whatever. But it was about time, that something get changed there. “Spamming” premium rounds is okay, since they are part of the game and not exclusive. However, they make thick armor obsolete and only slopes and bounces survive.
    Battle-Pass… one might say, its about spending more money – additionally to a premium account… depends on the price – if there will be any. However, more stuff for tanks is always good.
    Crew2.0 is nice. But I would suggest to make sixth sense a pre-installed perk, available to all players from beginning on, since its a very important and must have skill anyway, giving such a great advantage..

    ZmokyMcPott, EU

  45. Skill rework, definitely. If I’m not mistaken they haven’t really changed since 2012.

    Waff, EU

  46. Username: TheOrsini
    Server: NA
    2020 Answer: I think it is a need rework of the game mechanics. They were getting stale and a new coat of paint can bring more people to the game.

  47. Username: Scrub_Lord
    Server: SEA
    Answer: i really hope for the “Stock Tank” feature to be removed cuz it sucks, everytime you progress to a higher tier tank, the tank is worse than the precious one.

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