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Source: QuickyBaby

World of just laid out a roadmap for the future of World of Tanks here’s my full take!



  1. Leave the maps alone please

  2. How does one use twitch, the site looks so messy every time I go there a cluttered mess

  3. Just for that Italian comment I’m putting you in the Mars.

  4. 100% agree with QuickyBaby about the buff & nerfs in the game..279e and Chieftain need to be nerfed! period, end of story!

  5. for f2p and casual palyers is awful, at least i will use the time with other things

  6. Nice video Voldemort

  7. So the thing most people are crying out for…. new maps is not an issue???

  8. well kind of bs keep making nations with bad ass tanks that where shit during the war and got beat

  9. Its pretty much going to slowly die. Heres the issue:

    1. How it mechanics work to balance things like heat spamming is hard to do because unlike War Thunder where each shell does different type of damage to your crew (which you need at least 2 to operate). WOT only base it on damage so you can just spam heat. Some pro players aka top unicorns have like millions of credits to afford heat spamming.
    2. Imbalance crews. It doesnt matter if the MM matches you with another tank with bad crews or not. A unicorn that has really good crews basically can just get 13 kills easily.
    3. Matching with streamers. Not hating streamers streaming WOT but they basically play WOT for living and they passively earn everything they need anyway that is said above.
    4. Whats the point if you facing obj 263 or vk 45.02b as a type 5 chi ri? If your team heavies loss the fight then the match is basically concluded. Not even chi ri gold rounds would do much anyway
    5. With all above said why should I grind the stock gun of charioteer when even its gold rounds is trash? They just want you to spend money to get over that. Bad business model.
    6. With arty nerfed, you barely do damage with stun rounds and no point to stun tanks when majority have good crews anyway. You probably miss with low splash HE and AP. No checks on unicorns now. Boring asf

  10. All I want is gold ammo spam gone. . . That it all 🤣😂😅

  11. I forgot one VERY important change – they are completely destroying Intuition. This perk is of course more or less mandatory today – who doesn’t like a ONE SECOND switch between ammo types. Well, enjoy it while it lasts – in the new system it only give a 60% reduction (when fully trained) – this means that if a gun usually reloads in 10 seconds then switching to a different ammo type when fully loaded will take FOUR SECONDS. Most guns (especially at high tiers) take much longer to reload and will therefore be nerfed even more (proportionally).

    On the other hand it appears that even partially trained Brothers in Arms will offer benefits, if half your crew has it trained to 100% and the rest not at all you will get 50% of the benefit – same if all your crew has it trained to 50%. This is no different from camo and repairs (and these three are in the same “Group” category).

  12. I so agree with what you said QB. I am playing WOT for 11years. But I really play it as you said(every now and than, as I have life, kids, wife, job, friends….) and I am getting less and less competitive. I enjoy the random que. That is what made me play to begin with. Playing agains other people. But now, they are just creating something that is for the”non stop playing” people so they don’t get bored. But as you mentioned many times, that player base is a minority.
    My suggestion is that the ultra good players should have that option to grind more and get more out of their crew or tanks or whatever. BUT only able to play agains other ultra players.
    The other “common” people should play with “common” people and have fun doing that.

    Also, a good suggestion, for “common” people would be, that you have one or two or three sets of crew, that gets automatically assigned to the tank you want to play. So this way a bit of reward is still encouraged to play, and get that feeling of progression. But still fun.

    Basically, I play less as it is less and less fun for me.(can’t pen, forget the perfect spot,…)

  13. Yea as a shipping container you can shoot through with an air rifle will make great cover against anti tank shells 🤣😅😂

  14. New wheeled T, now that’s the death of the game

  15. 06Wallast says hello

  16. I would make steel hunter fun by making it so you only upgrade by bolting parts like armour or guns of the tanks you have destroyed onto your vehicle, you could end up with some great mad max style juggernauts 🤣

  17. QB, please stop complaining about WG showing Heavy Tanks some love by giving them a way to advance. They’re not fast enough to avoid shots, and complainer snowflake players like you forced Armor to be not as effective as it used to be, which is the whole point of the Heavy Tank.
    Let the Heavy Tanks BE heavy tanks.. stop complaining and just use your head to defeat it.

  18. One day they will do a video on how they improved the MM. Actually that would probably be an April fools video.

  19. The Pogetto is getting its armour nerfed as the frontal plate will autobounce Chieftains if they use auto aim 🤣

  20. One thing wg dont think about is how short battle are these days

  21. This is the end for the game. just dont mess with the classic maps. i for one are done wiht this game. Sadly they are trying to speed up the gameplay to get more matches OMFG

  22. About Progetto:
    I have heard some russian players on russian server (popular wot bloggers) complain about Progetto. So…WG still listens to russians? WTF WG ??
    Well I’m actually not surprised, WG is pro russian garbage fire.

  23. JP tds are Ho-Ri-ble!!!!

  24. sorry to say Honest Gaming has posted a rather personal vid about you bud, i don’t agree with this, please be careful QB

  25. Did any other fans of British Wheeled Vehicles instantly spot the correlation between their introduction and the Autocannon introduction ?

  26. there’s no point for having a charlie’s angels crew in my e50m then. I have all the christmass premium female crew members in one tank.

  27. more wheeled vehicles that you cant track and with magic armor, been playing since beta, goodbye world of tanks.

  28. WG : we will nerf Progetto
    Also WG : we will rework and rebalance all the crew skills (don’t worry we know what we are doing)

  29. this dosn’t sound fun at all!

  30. WoT is a toxic garbage fire with a developer that is not listening to players.

  31. Frontline could be the best game mode on WOT. More Maps and have it always in the game.

  32. I love front line, but anything else seems so stupid to me, especially steel hunter.

  33. they nerfed the prog 65 cuz it’s my only tier 10

  34. Some of the Japanese TD’s are in wot blitz it is not 100% accurate to what is going to be in this wot but it will give you an idea

  35. Marco vd Westhuizen

    Content is content

  36. Hilarious that YouTube front ends your video with an advert for boosting

  37. That people on the balance team are biased towards overbuffing heavies isn’t something new. With the pushable objects change they are removing the last remaining weakness of high tier heavy tanks.

    Heavy tanks used to be slow with bad view range. Now even tier 6 heavies are playing with 445 m view range, and at high tiers they are just as fast as mediums. Now they won’t be vulnerable when crossing either xd

  38. I’ve been asking for night time battles for years….back then they had night vision….hope they do this it will be fun…

  39. World of TD’s

  40. ive blown up one of the jp tank desteroyers, toucht to myself whut is that.

  41. Glad to see buffs coming to my English medium line :)))

  42. WG please listen to QB and will all have a better game after all.

  43. New crew system will be another machanic to suck money out of players pockets and force them to follow stupid events.

  44. Drama popcorn is waiting to be delivered. How will QB respond?

  45. The JI-RO looks like a bread box

  46. In WOT blitz, the tier X is the Ho-Ri 1, it has 560 alpha there, meaning around 700 damage in this version. In blitz it has a very great reload of 10 seconds, and 310 mm of standard penetration, and 380 with it’s premium penetration. It’s a very strong TD. The strongest tank in the line without doubt tier for tier is the Chi-To SPG though. Most of the tanks in the line have a top speed of 45, say for the tier 9, which has 38.

  47. Must say…I have never played onslaught…..and i have played like 80 k games

  48. no buffing 279e etc is only going to benfit the unicoms

  49. you aare right about the crew skills, it will be dreadful. i am a casual player. i just want to log in play a few games/missions. i dont want to have to spend a day reassiging skills for crews. honestly, who asked for this? and why do wargaming keep pushing it? i can see me playing less and less now

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