The Future of World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

2016 has been great for World of Tanks but what about the future? I let you know everything I found out at WGFEST that we have to look forward to soon!

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  1. Finally I can have better armor in the oi exp and the heavytank number six

  2. They need a to buff the light tanks . Because with most light tanks it’s
    just the medium with less damage less armour and normally same speed

  3. Just take more good ideas from WoT Blitz, incorporate them into WoT, like
    delete the arties completely. Job done.

  4. “they will also increase the dispersion in world of tanks, they want to
    make vehicles less accurate to again increase the impact of armor ” *RNG
    here, i fixed it for you

  5. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Nice, now a shit like Grille 15, totally underpowered that has even a shit
    accuracy not reliable is more useless. Fucked the penetration and the
    accuracy will be fantastic for Grille 15. Well done, Wargaming. You could
    be ridiculous pushing this shit over us, now you just wanna turn it more
    shit than it was. So nice in a shit that has just not everything,
    increasing dispersion and reducing penetration would be fantastic.Specially
    in a vehicle that just anyone ground. Oh… how I’m happy with this news.
    Really, in a 14s reload gun and a vehicle with absolut no armor and weak
    penetration on all ammos and not a fantastic alpha this news are
    encouraging me.

    I have a suggetion to wargaming: Why don’t you raise radically Grille 15
    all dispersions? Perhaps something like 2 times worse dispersion. Would be
    fantastic. I’m waiting a lot this new settings. And please do not forget to
    reduce its nominal penetration, module damage and its alpha too. And, it is
    too importante too do not forget to reduce its chassis and gun traverse and
    its speed too. But, not only speed, reduce power/weight ratio too. this
    changes are so necessary for Grille 15.

    I can let to tell you: “Be courageous, don’t be shy in the nerfs of Grille

  6. He blew over the global accuracy nerf pretty quickly. I’m afraid that might
    be the end of wot for me… Missing a target that you spend 2-3 seconds
    properly aiming at sound like this game will be even more of a waste of my
    time. That sound like they are making the game easier for the donkeys and
    harder for the skilled player.. BOOO

  7. increase dispersion? sound like fun….

  8. the e75 does not need a buff whatsoever

  9. Seems like World of Tanks becomes more like World of Warships 🙂
    Good changes

  10. please dont nerf my ru251…. please dont nerf my ru 251…

  11. Time to get a new screen to keep up ;)

  12. They should remove arty

  13. if they actually fix matchmaking i might just go play it again

  14. Марио Петров

    sooo … question out of the blue not related to the video …

    does premium tank from the same nation as your main line worth is for crew
    training if you already have good crew ( 100 % with 3 perks )

  15. hope vk 4502a gets a buff

  16. The Spz. 57 looks pretty cool, but it also seems to have no gun depression

  17. in my opinion everybody thought AW was going to kill WOT but Wg actualy
    started changing there ideas and began working on the small things, WOT
    still remains my fave and I hardly play AW but they upping Wot. I say yeah
    go for it, cant wait to see what will be next, maybe like a small campain
    against bots for the guys that would like to play some of the big guns that
    will take along time to get to without the credit loss like in training

  18. oh my god, we will get realistic destruction!

  19. will the better graphics see the return of some old maps?

  20. Tier 10 lights are good, but I wish they’d make scouting significant again
    at high tiers. (It’s still a thing in the middle.) High tier meds need
    their view ranges nerfed.

  21. you must gonna be kidding me WG T^T


  23. Always love to watch love videos.

  24. BEgamingTV - Games4you

    i actually dont really like the upcoming changes, the ingame changes make
    the game less fun, arty doesn’t need any nerfs, believe me, its already
    balanced enough
    The graphics seem to make the game harder.
    The reason why the mausschen isn’t already in the game is because people
    hated it
    I dont like the changes.

  25. 9:08 awww now I have go change my pants

  26. im not sure but gonna wg go to pre alpha again

  27. Ivar Raynold Øverleir (WoTgt_overleir)

    Hey QB! can’t find the link to the full presetation from WG. Have you not
    put It in?

  28. I just hate those idiots that say my computer can’t run the graphics, well
    u know my computer sucks balls too, and I am gonna change it to a new which
    will run all the modern games. Either you change to more potent one or just
    don’t whine and put he graphics on low quality, or because 70% of people
    have shitty computers, the other 30% with good ones won’t have the graphics
    they want?

  29. when is all this gona be released

  30. on world of tanks

  31. Now, let me put this way. Why WG is balancing all tanks? At the end they
    will look a like, there will be no difference among each other, so what is
    the point???? It doesn’t matter if you play French, USA or Japan tech tree,
    they will be the same. And they did it because of new players bitching how
    hard it is. Its stupid and they will lose old players. But they don’t give
    a fuck, only money matters. I don’t know how QuickyBaby doesn’t see that,
    or he is to appreciative to WG.

  32. 9:35 i got a boner from watching that

  33. We’ve been waiting for years for WG to address the arty problem and this is
    the best they can do – morons

  34. I hope that this new German TD-Line with Dicker Max and E25 won’t make it
    into the game

  35. how fast will my t95 go? 14? 15? 16??

  36. Looks great! LT up to tier 10!! yeah.

  37. Those graphics… wow! I hope my GTX 1060 6GB will be able to handle that
    at a reaasonable fps…

  38. New graphics… if i have 30 fps now after this will be 10 fps?

  39. E25 on tier VII ?? you skipped this with out any comments :(

  40. 8:45 it shouldnt – only cheaters with modelskins profit from aiming at ammo
    who needs new graphics but kids who like eye candy instead of substance….
    Still, nice to see, they try to add more stuff for wot.
    Include scope at x2 / auto crew-return + extended crew + autoequip and i
    dont need modpacks anymore.

  41. Is someone watching the background it shows e25 as part of the tech tree!!!

  42. Maushen? What is that? I’m from germany and it could be “Mäuschen” or even
    “Mauschen” but Maushen is not a german word.

  43. Well the repair kit recharge timer was already implemented in other
    platfrom ie blitz and console will be implemented soon in nxt patch

  44. I like world of tanks and everytng they done to it so far is ok, i hoped
    they would say more about the tiers 11 and above i am curious about that
    ..i feel that the arty has to be in the game to counter the heavies
    otherwise a hull down is7 would have to much fun 🙂 i feel that if you
    take the arty from the game will unbalance the game too much

  45. lol?? German terch tree says: do dickar max -> E25(??) -> Ferdinand


  46. Yay!! Cant wait for the new uppdate!!! And if you cant play WoT with the
    graphics that you have now, get a better computer!!

  47. It’s funny when they make this video about HD maps but they haven’t all HD
    tanks…. Typical Wg… Where are HD models of obj. 140? Bc. 155 58? T 92?
    Bc. 25 t? So let’s do HD tanks and don’t look to the future…

  48. wow, unique camo? 72.01 owners will be so happy…/s

  49. yeah even more arty that can get on my nerves and destroy good games….
    and stun???? wtf are you doing WG why stunning? its already so frustrating
    to get hit by clickers !! WHY???

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