The Game That Broke Me in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

This is the game that broke me in World of ! Playing my 61 free to !



  1. joel anthony Gutierrez

    The worst kind are those who block or impede light tanks in the start of the battle just because they are bigger. Light tanks should be given the way because in most maps, the success of a light tank to spot can be the factor to winning or losing.

  2. Upgraded tracks gives you better dispersion

  3. I was about to say something about him probably being an utter noob, like me. Then I read something about 10k battles and since I’ve barely scratched the 1000 mark, I guess it’s still ok for one to learn? I’m still confused about the tanks and their abilities, roles, positions, minimap, getting places (people seem to know where they want to go?) …
    But some of your and german_intelligence videos have helped a TON to understand some basics.

    Please remember: As a noob you can have anything up to tier 10. No problem at all. But applying the knowledge to actual ingame action takes A LOT of practice. And I mean A LOT. It’s a steep learning curve (the game itself is pretty damn bad at telling you stuff) and a very very very long one. Imho.

    • That strv player has 25000 battles with a 45% wr. Sadly I actually don’t think that was a bot, just a really bad player. As a new player I’d recommend that you stick to lower tiers, maybe up to tier 6 until you’re comfortable with maps and how to play. Good luck

  4. im not a bad player and I’ve got a 46% win rate .does that make me stupid ??the win rate does not make the player that patriot was trolling you ..but good on ya for giving him/her the benefit of the doubt looked like a bot to me to be honest

  5. Inexperienced will do stupid things. Experienced will do stupid things. Opinions are stupid things.

    Your team won.

  6. “Oh no the Patriot player on fire”

    *proceeds to water the plants, make a drink, wash a tank, swim, have a pool party *

  7. It always boggles my mind how many zeroes you end up seeing in the results of these games. Four players did zero damage and more than likely if we could watch the replay from each of their perspectives were near completely useless or actively detrimental. QB’s team would likely have been better off down three players going 12 vs 15 rather than including them.

    Why are these people even bothering to play? It can’t be fun to just die constantly and achieve nothing. I can understand people botting and their poor performance as being acceptable to them because they’re impatient to actually play. It’s not right but the logic makes sense. Why play at all though with a 44% win rate? You are demonstrably making your team worse by playing…

  8. Or baby could learn how to drive…..

  9. I saw some one doing that in a vk100.01 before and bitch slapped him with a death star

  10. James Sunny Crockett

    While everyone is blaming the patriot ppl in the strv 103 0 made me quit the game.

  11. The strv did camp the base but he was covering a flank that almost the entire team ignored and was obvious to fall. Sure he may not have thought this, but even a blind squirrel catches a nut every once in a while.

  12. Error404_RNG_Not_Found

    QB: Interrupting Teammates can make you have below Avg winrates.
    Me: Having 34% winrate on my Tier 10 Yoh Tank with 2500 Avg Dmg xd

    Plot Twist. Im not a Redline Boi

  13. bendegúz szabó

    Average camo net enjoyer winning games

  14. Is 50% win ratio good?

  15. social3ngin33rin

    Nah, 45% $hitters just throw games on purpose. They look at you because they’re salty and just gave up, like most of their matches.
    WOW!!!!! Cancer ally Strv!!!!

  16. How QB has on every repplai on his “freetoplay” account premium running? Was thinking that his idea was to be more close with the community…. Think that to do it, there is no room for premium accounts! Just saying…

  17. Enjoy watching your videos but gotta say it looks like you passed him on the left then cut him off….

  18. Turn in front of mine sometime, and see what happens . Dufus.

  19. Patriots have proven themselves the most dip shit culture of tribal people we’ve kept from the dark ages. I’ll set them on fire too.

  20. That STRV player had the “SURPRISE MOTHA FUCKA” moment of his life… Still don’t approve his approach towards the game

  21. 1) I know you think the Pat was doing that but by watching it seems like you speed up to the right ahead of him and he ended up cliping your tire when you where scraping side by side with him and turned you onto your side and was like ‘oh come on’ type of a moment, one where you did something to cause a problem but one where you think the other guy (you) where the cause of it as you where driving beside him on a skinny road close enough that he clip you and turned you
    2) your mind broke coz of 1 guy AFK in the flag capture zone? Wow so … just the 1 was enough? i mean im not a pro or anything but i kinda tend to see like 2-3 in the back afk on adverage on each team … i was surprized how you got brain broke on 1 when my normal experiance is like 2-3 1 afk behind is like a good day for me …
    3) Yeah F2P kinda sucks like that …

  22. Bernhard Dierolf

    At the beginning you were trying to overtake the Patriot on his left but your timing was off and the rock made you drive into his path.
    And since he just had been blocked by his other teamnmate in the T10 as well, he got triggered. Why should he have to stop for all of you?
    And yes, you made him lose his cool, so he died early without contributing much. But how much of that is because of you triggering him?
    If you treated him with respect he might have had the chance to contributemore.
    Maybe rewatch your videos before you post them. It’s kind of ridiculous to blame other players for your bad driving, isn’t it?

  23. The Strv was not a bot. He was just a coward. Like alot of the Players these days.

  24. a lot of people on the HK server play like this. They just sit & wait like spiders. End game; they have all their hit points and turn you to cheese as you approach their hide.

  25. Mate, you stop in the middle of a standard path and sit there doing FA so how about you deflate that ego and stop degrading lesser players. What a frigging knuckle.

  26. This game made me broke.*

  27. sorry to say but you drived in front of him but he definately should not continue pushing, so yea dont do that, and about breaking point , fully aimed 1 out of 5 most of games hits, and some times RNG gets so crazy u dont even aim at target and you hit 5 out of 7 its just boonkers, nad bigest problem is when u aim fully at distance of about 20 m and u miss whole tank i mean WG come on , tanks arent that bad in real life its like playing with storm trooper as gunner

  28. See this often. Tank pulls in front of you before they have passed. They are turned sideways holding up both tanks. Then they whine that they are rammed or held up. How hard is it to wait til you pass before you pull in front?

  29. Wow!!!! Sometimes the window-licker has a great day.

  30. Jetson Reginald Baltan

    That’s Doctor Strange, He knew what was going to happen with 14,000,604 outcome and he stayed there until the end for you to win the game xD

  31. As frustrating as it can feel games need players like the Patriot. WoT is free to play. It needs a high volume of players to make running the servers viable. As for the TD, I would give them the benefit of the doubt. Something in real life may have happened as the battle started and they had to go AFK. Who hasn’t had a knock at the door or had to take a phone call mid game before?

  32. I have seen this game somewhere before

  33. Ive chased useless players/bots into the garage until one day I found out that the player I was abusing had a medical condition, was confined and just wanted to have as much fun as they could by getting involved. GG WP

  34. muppetry

  35. so happy I’ve deleted this game from my PC. It’s better to watch others play some selected good games that ruin your life and make it miserable

  36. jup, that’s WOT for you these days…

  37. I feel bad for the guy in the Progetto. I don’t know what his stats are but he was trying to win the entire time, only to get killed by a useless camping shitter who most likely doesn’t understand a single mechanic in the game.

  38. only shit untttermenwchen in putins game

  39. Why did you stop in front him in the first place?

  40. @14:21 Looking at his stats.. probably a player… a bot that is active since 2013 and only having 25k games… idk.. it should either be banned long ago or have more like 80k games.

  41. why is anyone still playing this rigged POS game??? and still giving this ripoff company money??? amazing…and unicums playing a stupid game for a living, then complaining about the average players, is even dumber.

  42. lol hail that camper so funny

  43. Folks, don’t play this fckg game: Wargaming is boosting RNG for accounts with premium tech! Boosting RNG for bloggers! Stupid lure to make money!

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