The Games You Don’t See! *Free Edition*

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks. Today IÙm playing LIVE without the hindsight of picking the 1% of my best games on my Free-to-Play account!


a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.

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  1. This free to play line much better than the oher. It is so close to everyone normally see or feel. THX

  2. No code for NA?

  3. not numbfruitcake01

    I love the free to play content though i do feel filthy with a year of premium from black Friday

  4. If you complete the AMX 50 B line you already have most engines researched for the FOCH line.

  5. Jonathan Lachapelle

    Nice to see you grinding tanks once more! Will you make some kind of contest to guess what will be your first tier 10?

  6. But QB whats that code santasomething I’m a free to play player and I need as much off those codes XD

  7. I am trying to level up my swedish tanks to prepare for the medium tech tree…

  8. “So what did I do wrong? I got hit by artillery.”

  9. This was an awesome idea!! Do more of these videos very entertaining 🙂

  10. These videos just prove how much you can pay to win in this game. Even with “low/mid tier games” QB is at a 56% win rate. At least he is going through the struggle the majority of us have gone through.

  11. play f2p from now on >:D

  12. Get 300gold for change pass

  13. The games we don’t see are the ones of average players doing 4k damage and 7 kills, the best games of their lives

  14. i dont get the code:D

  15. There are some codes for rental tier 8 premiums. Use one of them and get a premium that you like to make some crew and money.

  16. Thank you for finally uploading another free to play video

  17. wait, what? , You can get 500 gold just by completing Boot Camp now, dammit, such a waste… Back in the day, it only gave Credits and more.

  18. where can i find bonus codes and do they work in Asian severs ?

  19. T-150 game, how about not go on the outside where you have been hit by arty 😛 Any arty would keep aiming at the same place, specially when a target keeps being spotted.
    That P26/40 was good, but also lucky as he got the engine of your tank and the marder. And he should have just chilled in a bush waiting, I mean he even had camo on the tank. 😛

  20. Jesus. And wargaming wonders why their player count is decreasing. I forgot how shit the low tiers are with shitty crews. I think its time wargaming removes 50 and 75% crews…

  21. Wow. I think you are the only one who actually encourages people to give you thumbs down if they didn’t like it.
    Personally I prefer to see games where mistakes are made, because it is way easier to identify with situations that go wrong and then hear the analysis on how to prevent that mistake or what to do otherwhise or if you didn’t have any chance anyway.

  22. nice experience QB… that’s how i feel when i grind a new line or something that is a low tier where i don’t have a good crew to work around… the accuracy is a b*tch at low tiers using 50% crew…

  23. Christian Okon 9b Hu

    Really like where you have gone whit your Chanel and your way of trying to change the game in a positive way much love buddy🙂

  24. The Klasman called you test server purples out..

  25. Sorry QB but aren’t you kind of seal clubbing yourself now? it’s interesting to see you go back to low tiers and have no gold but please stop complaining about seal clubbers all the time. I remem er playing for 4 years with a free account ang getting shot by gold spammers in their.. for example.. Comet 🤔

  26. Loved this, like watching the younger Quackybaby all over again

  27. Can someone gift me boxes?
    Pls i really need them but i cant get them!

  28. U were in an A-20 against the matilda and he had 5k battles in it ps thx for the terrible content

  29. Quicky Baby you could do tournaments since you can play and earn gold for free. It could also be extra content for us to snack on

  30. How did you get the t34 85m?

  31. i opened the SANTAMAUS and got a skorpion G! Horay!

  32. Even QB is afraid of the KV-2 lol

  33. Victor Samuel Baez Souffront

    this is refreshing, to see how quickybaby play worst than you :V

  34. Great one. Must admit I’m not that keen on watching games with 85% crews and sluggish tanks, but fewer 1/100 unicum games and more not-being-top-tier and low tier games would be nice.

  35. There you go. Artillery.

  36. Yeah Quicky also hates arty!

  37. QB needs to stop saying KV-1 is a good tank for noobs. IT is not. It’s good if you are an experienced player and know the meta and the use of armour. But new players slowly trundle into a wrong spot and get owned because the tank is too slow to get out of there.

  38. The absolute worst part of grinding as f2p in WoT is the American heavy tank line. The “top gun” on the tier 8 T32 has the lowest pen of all the tier 8 heavies in the game. And as often as tier 8 sees tier 10 in the current MM, you end up feeling about as useful as teats on a boar. You get into a game as bottom tier and you might as well walk away from the keyboard, unless you’re packing over half you ammo as gold. But then that’s hard to afford if you’re an average player.

  39. The Kim in the North

    My go to free to play tank is Hetzer and I recommend this tank to anyone who’s new to this game. It’s fun and quite good in its tier, and it also make some good profit.

  40. how is the matilda overpowered, you destroyed it so easily!

  41. Modpaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Yess..i want more of this kind of video from you!! Im waiting like ages before u release another one, bcz this is what i feel when grinding through the line..and please give us f2p players tips to advance through the line 😁👍

  43. I started my account with just 250 gold hahahaha it was at 120 something as of now hahaha completely free to play here hahaha spent some gold on my early games to exchange xp (bad move as usaul) hahaha now I only use gold to move my equipments to the hihger tier tanks hahaha

  44. QB where do you get these codes?

  45. Those games I see way too often…. 😉

  46. Can you poste the bonuscodes on YouTube?

  47. 19:36-19:39 THAT, that right there, is the one thing i want the most for WG to add into the game !!!
    That’s the one reason im using xvm
    xvm moving crew and Equipment between your tanks is also helpful.

  48. Does the code for the free box work on na? If so what is it

  49. I’d like to see more of these kinds of videos, where you’ve recorded yourself playing a match instead of just commentating a replay. I’d like to see more!

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