The Games You Don’t See in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks. Today I’m playing without the hindsight of picking the 1% of my best games! Let’s see the other 99%!


is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, vents and a toolbox.


  1. 50,000 GAMES. OMFG! I hope your getting well paid.

  2. QB I like you. I am a sub for years. But I have to tell you one thing. Players who use HEAT in their T10 tanks to shoot a T8 are just not worth unicum stats. I have those unicum stats as well and I may have fired around 100 APCR or HEAT shells in my 30k games. It’s totally possible without. Please, just use these for Like E3’s and stuff but not for freaking heavies that are two tiers lower …. please ….

  3. Has QB upgraded his PC since the 2015 6700k/980 ti build?

  4. His matchmaking is blessed

  5. Good to see live games

  6. Mr Samurai Plays

    You need to make more like this QB

  7. Dean the Gamer 0228

    I like these videos

  8. QB, i watch you on twitch and youtube but i still LOVE this new video style. Its a nice hybrid between youtube and twitch, please do more!

  9. I really enjoyed this video. So great to learn more about what kind og strategy you are using and why. Would love to see more.

  10. You always camp like a bot, i do not say that you have to iolo always, but in a game where you are top tier wuith that patton you have to be the first line! The problem is that all your followers are doing the same shit, camp like hell!

  11. More of these please QB! thanks

  12. Congrats you’ve played 5x as many games as I have in the same time period ???

  13. I got 99 battles, but a win aint one

  14. Well done QB.

  15. Good video, the “live” commentary was very useful for seeing what you’re thinking at the moment. World of Tanks is just such a wonderfully tactical game.

  16. Liked the live play QB. More please. 🙂

  17. qb stop pretending youre just above average player 😉

  18. I really appreciate as I suck at wot. It’s the decision making that I like to see when playing live. This is the most crucial part of the game. Defend hide attack or scout. Where to go and the like. Keep it up QB

  19. Would like to see your thought process on the positioning of your tank.

  20. You should do this more often

  21. All the tier 10s, eh? Where is the Obj. 907 QB? 🙂

  22. Well done, QB! Still one of the best streamers out there! 🙂
    And yes, make more vlogs 😀

  23. Matthew Dunstone

    Quickybaby, I MUCH prefer a running commentary or a post game commentary that walks me through your thought process during play. A role call of Tank stats rolls my eyes into the back of my head. Thanks for all your content.

  24. I think it is super helpful with your live commentary, you are saying what goes through your head. Altough you do it on stream aswell, it has more of an entertainment character.

  25. Well done I liked the games you made some good choices and I think you were right to push on that live oaks match.

  26. Nicholas Margery

    More of this please, this is great to see, thank you 🙂

  27. Berk Osman ŞATIROĞLU

    Hi from Turkey captain, i hope see you at second season of ranked battle.

  28. Love your vids

  29. Why not videos explaining us the game mechanics such as spot, camo or armor overmatch ?

  30. More please

  31. More replay like this please. Very helpful to hear how you think throughout the game.

  32. I was banned from the WOT chat room for using CAPITAL letters hahahahahahah

  33. yeh i like the commentary on this one

  34. Please make more of this type of content i really like it.

  35. Some of the best and most useful videos i’v seen from QB awesome stuff thanks

  36. More of this pls

  37. About the Strea last Night:
    First of all, I was super entertained, especially after it got late.
    However, at some point, the entertainment came from us, the community, you where just to sleepy, to be able to, which I guess is why the Community got so silly.
    I expected your stream to be an informative one, comparing all the different Tanks to each other, explaining how to play them, which is what a showcase usually is like.
    But it was just too much to do. There was no way for you to do so, or for us to be able to follow the stream till the end. I mean it got like 1 Am CEST which means 2 Am in the UK?
    It was great fun, but Id hope for you to „redo“ the Showcase T10 part of the stream, as I am really interested in that.
    Also, it would be nice if you could make a Map showcase Video. Positions worth being in and strategies to apply when losing a specific flank, not having scouts etc. I know most people do that automatically, but for me, especially after the map changes I feel like Im 100% useless in my positions. 🙂

  38. Heck, I loved it!

  39. riot hire this guy!

  40. Pls do more of this on youtube!

  41. Linas Nasiscionis

    would be nice to see move videos like this 😉

  42. love it

  43. Mr. Quickybaby nice content in this video. If you continue making these kind of videos, I will watch them all. NIce stuff Congrats

  44. BillyDoc DrSithScrub

    an awesome tank!

  45. Are Italians coming to console cuz I have been waiting for quite some fucking time

  46. This is a tiny amount of games compared to EvilJoe.

  47. Devi Guru Prasad Narkedamilli

    yes please continue like this. also please start map strategies again.

  48. Please play more Kv2

  49. Rickardo Pandiangan

    what the hell 4 skill in full bar and 5th in progress. my best shot AMX12T with 2 skill full and grind concealment because gift with 3 women, and M6 HT tier 6 2 full bar skill since it grind from bottom.

  50. 1:55 is pay to win*

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