The Games You Don’t See: MOST POPULAR TANKS

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I'm playing the most popular tanks of 2019, live, without the benefit of cherry picking games!


World of Tanks is a 2 online game published by and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Dammmm Too goodddddddd

  2. If anyone saw QB’s video on opening 200+ lootboxes, how come EU servers get 2x daily xp while in the russian servers they get 5x xp; russian bias?

  3. yes eye traker

  4. Merry Crimbo all

  5. Scorpion game is the definition of rng in this game. Ridiculous.

  6. I can tell that’s your favorite chair by how well worn it is @QuickyBaby . 🙂 I can relate.

  7. Ensk, Paris and Himmeldorf are great maps wtf

  8. I’d rather see live unscripted game play, the decisions, reactions etc. IMHO showcases your skills, map knowledge and adds sooo much realism…. seeing you miss all those shots with the scorpion, just made it real….

  9. Skorp G used to be my fav tank, till i got the KanonenJP 105. Despite less alpha, the 105’s better pen, camo, and speed work so nicely for making creds.

  10. you funny, Quicky!

  11. i once hit an EBR 105 with a 183mm HESH shell from my Death Star
    the result?
    732 damage and a wonky wheel
    those veeled wehicles are bullshit

    peace (from the UK)

  12. Why is the VL of the progetto 46 is different from the other VL on the Italian Line?

  13. Lol the m44 is very toxic, and thanks to you the most popular.

  14. Do a tier 1 tanks rating please

  15. Isnt it ironic that WOT also stands for Waste Of Time?

  16. Boxing Day here. 🙂 Classic Newsreader style – presentable waist up. PJs waist down.

  17. Looks like ur shot hit the center of the wheel.

  18. I have some good stats (for a meh player) in the M44. Glad I played it.

  19. I feel like this always happens when I play my Skorpion G lately
    Missing stupid shots due to RNG
    I swear I can snipe better with my Russian heavies
    Just don’t get it
    Russia, I guess

  20. You too can *pay2win* 😛

  21. Been watching QuickyBaby for 7 years and I miss the old videos like the Teamwork videos.
    Like if you been watching Quickybaby for over 5 years

  22. and that is why M44 is the most played ‘tank’ in the american line, great for doing those SPG missions.

  23. your skorp shot went straight to his hull but the wheel absorbed it all, as per usual.

  24. 29:53 Slowed down to 0.25 playback speed shows that shot was pretty much in the center of mass of the ebr, very unlucky

  25. Your aim with the skorp was on point for most of the shots yet RNG said nope, it almost seemed like a latency issue

  26. yoinoraka aryakrisna

    Ooh what’s that, a HEAR round, ooh what’s that… Those are tanks with guns (also I want u to play blitz)

  27. Hey QB, you should get the Battle Hits mod to see where you’re penetrating/not penetrating shots.

  28. I’m going to stop watching your replays. TO DAMN MANY COMMERCIAL!!!

  29. “this game is close I might have to do something, oh no!” – all arty players

  30. I want more arty games! ?

  31. Jonathan Eduardo Muñoz Rodríguez

    I have your modpack, but the hit mod is in Russian… And this happened to me with all your modpack versions. IDK why yours is in English.

  32. EBR 75 Fl10 2:30
    Progetto 12:26
    IS-3 21:35
    Skorpion G. 23:23
    M44. 35:00

  33. Your first shot with the IS3 missed not because you aimed, but because you led when he stopped. Basically you aimed at the dirt in front of him. I couldnt believe you shot when you did.

  34. If you go back and watch it on quarter speed on that no pen EBR, you see the shell hit dead center.

  35. considering that you correctly identified that the threat was from the lights swarming, why were you shooting at the TD instead of the lights?

  36. that skorp aim xD

  37. Crime against cromwels 🙁

  38. Aubreydrow Sithlord

    Sorry QB, but that first shot didn’t mean the difference…it was all the other missed shots. ; )

  39. Wargaming Super Noob

    shame on you for NOT getting a mark of excellence on the M44 by now… Even I have one on it…

  40. You have been pushing XVM for years. Did you really think nobody was using the cheats?

  41. Now you see why we all hate this fuckin wheeled tanks QB. Its realy time to nerv this shit to death!!

  42. For the free to play players, credits are hard to come by. So your report that the M44 made the most $$ made me play it even more. I already thought was, but you confirmed it.

  43. MINS + ENSK. Would like to ban more, but those two are the worst.

  44. i think the HWK wanted to stop the SU130PM

  45. Quickybaby needs a nerf

  46. Yea, sometimes German tanks just miss everything, that what i noticed.

    I once play the Jagdtiger, 3 skills crews and my Jagdtiger just missed like 5 close up shots (50-75m) when the enemy tank just sit still and in the open….. that drove me fricking nuts!

  47. In your pyjamas lol

  48. Black Raison d'être

    what that percentage beside names?
    where i can get it?

  49. Man, look at your credits! ?

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