The Games You Don’t See! *Renegade Edition*

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World of Tanks. Today I’m playing the Renegade *LIVE* without the luxury of picking my best games for youtube!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 0% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Its gone be ,,GNOME”

  2. Do you have a Yard where you can build a Dog House to sleep ??

  3. That nice teamwork with KV-4 QB

  4. what time will the stream be in the New England part of the U.S?

  5. whoops NVM

  6. Congratz for the 600k subs ?

  7. I’d rather pay the $100 AU if i wanted the renegade . Its not worth $100 nor is it worth my time .

  8. Hes playing for fun mate

  9. Dear god what I would do to get MM like this…

  10. I like these kinds of videos. Shows the raw experience of the tank, instead of just the best of the best kind of games which skews the perspective of the tanks

  11. 32:30 it probably has preferential mm

  12. What was that pause at the end?

  13. *Plays new tank, which means the first few games will be guaranteed top tier*

    QB: wow i got really good matchmaking

  14. 50 year old QuickyBaby – MingleswithQuicky

  15. I LOVE THESE LIVE VIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Absolutely love this tank

  17. Help asia server 🙁

  18. QB: “You can’t be working 12 hours a day.”
    Proof QB has never had a real job.

  19. QB I was looking back through your channel and I don’t think you have featured any E75 gameplay since 3 years ago. Could you feature some E75 gameplay possibly? Thanks

  20. You should definitely do more videos like these, they’re awesome to watch!!
    Good luck on the Renegade!

  21. Watching Qb is like watching a gourmet chef… they make everything look so effortless. But when I try to do replicate the ‘dish’ …ummm…results may vary. Great watching you Qb – I’ll try to join in on the TOG event (I’d tell you a good TOG joke, but it’s too long). 8^)

  22. day one hit teir 5

  23. Hahah, i agree, the challenge is gonna suck, but im grinding it as well. Good luck man ??

  24. Qb Should do more like this. Love gameplays shown like that.

  25. I’ve been watching your xvm lately. How do you always get so many reds in game? Is it the server you are on? I run into purple and blue all the time.

  26. Maybe its just me but he looked fukn depressed in this video. I really hope I’m wrong but i got a weird vibe from this.

  27. If I have a new tier 8 premium I get the first match in tier 8 game. 2st game tier 10 If i am lucky tier 9. You fucking piece of shit bias game fu WG all the time. I can’t believe I spend 2k euro on this game when i could have a giantic library on steam full with games. Stupid, stupid and stupid.

  28. This thing needs more armor, gets lol penned by everything at its tier. The commanders hatch needs some more armor too. The only really great thing about it is the DPM and gun handling

  29. You ready for divorce?


  31. cant wait for tomorrow. in the future please be more specific ahead of time with events like this time-wise (region specific, am/pm) . Miss when you and Jingles would play together, you can do it bud. might be interesting to see you do a stream with Honest Gaming.

  32. Fack all go get it friend u got WoT skills so it’ll take u only 40hrs.

  33. I’ll come back if WoT makes more tiers.

  34. Just when you dont play this game anymore for 3 years but still watch every video from QB


  36. 4:30 yay, indirectly featured in a video lol

  37. Congratulation QB. I dont understand every word u say cause i am german but i learned 2 play better since I subscribed to you. Thx and I wish you and Pepper happy holidays.

  38. HaHa ! 50 hours ! of terrible content….wait….ok….good luck?

  39. This tank has 360 alpha damage with a relaod of 8 sec. The Löwe got 320 alpha damage and a relaod of 10sec.
    Can someone tell why?

  40. Terrible idea this grind but love it good luck man

  41. First game, you should have rammed the T34…you probably would have killed it and survived!

  42. Денис Канов

    Quickybaby: buys another premium tank

  43. Love your videos lots of idea and game play nice

  44. Do the challenge!
    Good luck, baby.

  45. PLZ STOP saying free and pay! Its NEW and OLD, I have 70.000 games 150 tanks (100 of them tier 8-9-10) and I play for FREE for 7 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Youre Welcome Quickybaby. You’re one of my favorite youtubers and your channel is where i go when i feel sad. Congrats on the 600k btw

  47. Wanted: Renegade, dead or alive!
    How fitting.
    I’ll be dead by the time I get it so I’ll just play the game like I always do and simply not care about the challenge.

  48. “Lowe, save ME!!!” ~QB, 2019

  49. QB:I have a ?. On my account I can’t sell tanks it’s says either -make sure it is not in a tactical unit or try again later. Plz I need help if you have any information plz reply thank you for you time and love the vids and the daily vids bets you tuber ever.

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