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  2. Too waste to attack one airplane or one heli. gepard ammo not enough than zsu-23-4.

  3. in germany is it ilegle to have an HARKEN KREUTZ flag

  4. *Looks at the flag on my war display. Looks at my Germany play time.*
    “Oh dear.”

  5. To 1st question because German engineering is the or one of the best in the world
    To 2nd question not any German is a Nazi -____-*

  6. Day 4: play the F-86 Sabre. It’s been 3 years

  7. Deutsche FlAk ist halt von sehr guter Qualität und einfach nur wunderbar zu spielen.

  8. Stefan-Marian Archeri

    Bruh the gepard is the best ifv in the game….even without ap shells… top tier in a flanking position with it, u can get like 3 + kills

  9. I have a challenge for Phly: Rocket kill enemy airplanes.But not with modern jets, with the russian I-16´s I-153, I-15 bis. Is that a challenge?

  10. Day 2: phly play the Churchill mk vii in arcade you don’t fight a entire team of uerabus but t34’s Sherman’s and panzer’s

  11. Just finished watching an amazing Phly video from 2013 lol. Love you Phly ☺

  12. Unpopular opinion… falcon is britans best TD at its br… u shd do a vid on it

  13. I hate the Gepard, that it all I have to say.

  14. Bartosz Baranowski

    “why germans so efficient,…. why they can clean ” – well they have substantial experience.

  15. why in hell would you have Nazi flags in your bedroom tho?

  16. In my case (i play most nations) when i play germany at 8.0 and above, i just get tired of the helicopter spam and then i start spawning first the gepard to clear those pesky beginning of a match heli players

  17. AT THIS POINT I KNOW PHLY DOESNT READ COMMENTS. I add one attempt per video. This is attempt ( # 165 ). You can physically check the comment sections on ur past videos, I’ve tried for this long. We need a type 87 video! You go and u make a gapard video? This is so stupid. Dollar gets more comments on his videos and he has absolutely no problem responding to EVERY SINGLE COMMENT on every video. He doesn’t care if it’s 1 or 1000, he will reply to all. At least skim over the people actually trying to get ur attention. I’ve almost done this for a full year now to almost every single video, it takes 30m of ur life to actually make my year. For the love of God help me out

  18. Me: Warthunder sucks im not playing anymore,
    5 minutes later, Watches Phly video: that looks fiun im gonna try that,

  19. I ask myself the question all the tiem. How the hell you hear all those tanks and the direction they coming from ;O

  20. play the tuguska aa it is 2 gepards in the one tank

  21. Germany just gets a very competent, almost borderline OP, SPAA lineup all the way though the tiers so many people have them researched and are used to anti-air vs. CAS. Other trees.. not so lucky.
    That combined with the basically guaranteed heli rush at the start of a match means there’s always at least 1 Gepard around. Also, death to helicopters.

  22. I find it weird that matches are full of gepards but i almost never see marksmen or Type 87’s.
    Chieftain trades mobility to hull armor and not being able to be hullbrokne.
    Type 87 has about the same mobility but a better suspension, what gives?

  23. it would be nice to see the replays of the shots that killed you more instead of always skipping over them.

  24. I am from Germnay and im produkt of this german Tank

  25. You can drive like a Roland, fight like a Leopard, but you never be better than Flakpanzer Gepard!

  26. I’ve never played War Thunder, never watched any content about it, but you are god damn hilarious and you’re making me want to play it so bad I can’t even describe it haha, amazing stuff <3

  27. Gepard = cancer canceler.
    It kills helicopters and cas ded.

    And it’s decent at killing light tanks as a bonus

  28. Phly: *Everyone sits in gepards*
    Me: *Innocently sitting in shilka, zsu-37-2 and tunguska at start of game*

  29. why do i spawn in a gepard instead of spawning a leopard 2a5?

    because I cannot afford 12K repair cost
    (i know it is changed now)

  30. The roof guns on German tanks are super weak, also only 1 IFV and not many people seem to play it. Hence, Gepard.

  31. Phly- ever stood beside a Gepard? Than you would know 😀

  32. It’s my favorite Tank and a really good anti air in the german tec tree. I find it sad that the Gepard is out of Service in the Army :,C. Need a Gepard-Cheetah skin in Warthunder^^

  33. War thunder: *adds current gen planes, tanks, warships too…and even helicopters*

    Me: “OK, just another 80 games and I will finally research my Rank 2 aeroplane”

    Also me: “ok tier 4 and I am not going to unlock another tank..unless I spend £40”

    *Half a year later, tank researched*

    WT: “sorry..u must purchase 5 more vehicles from the previous tier”


    Gaijin: “ok so now we have made a new tier. Enjoy.. when you’re 463 years old…if your PlayStation lasts that long…or…if you’re Shaykh Mansur and own an oilfield so you can microtransaction your way through”

  34. 1:37 the guns look sick…………thats it

  35. Frederick Sullivan

    Phly Just made the most controversial conversation about chick-fil-lay and I don’t know how to feel about the personal attack on the chicken sandwich.

  36. phly daily i wan the panzer iv and tiger 2 and ju 87 g2 and bf109 g6 .

  37. hey phly whats your biggest kill match?

  38. It’s Germany’s version of the r3

  39. So I did a bit of research and it turns out that those bizarre muzzle brakes on the Gepard’s guns are velocity sensors? Like, why does it have those though? Don’t they know the muzzle velocity of their guns already?

  40. HI Phly
    Yesterday I shot down a helicopter from smoke ammunition 🙂

  41. Is the German Tree good for Jets?

  42. simple dude , good pen and allies always get helis from start

  43. Why so many gepards
    1: obviously dakka
    2: deletes anything that challenges its might by flying in a NO FLY ZONE
    3: brain dead ez to play
    4: 127mm pen round


  45. Go pokemon crazy in the m2 it looks like a picachu with them ear gun thingys

  46. i think canes > chik-fil-a, but its just chickenbreast meat, so its hard to be truely different, which is why i patronize the local/small chain instead

  47. Are you trying to tell us you have a ph in tanks/planes and ships no need to show off

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