The German Challenge Tank – War Thunder Tanks Gameplay

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Source: BaronVonGamez

New American Tanks and Planes in Patch 1.49 Dev Server:
M2a2, 75mm M3 GMC, M1 Hellcat, M10 Wolverine, M36 Jackson, T-28 Super Heavy Tank, T-95 “Doom Turtle”, AD-2 Skyraider, P-51D-10, P-51A 20mm
New Tanks and Planes in Patch 1.49 Dev Server:
4M GAZ-AAA, Su-57, Su-122-54, Т-34-85E, Т-34E STZ, IS-2 Avenger, SU-76М of 5th Guards Cossack Cavalry Corps, Yak-9M, 1943, Yak-9T and Yak-9K (new models), IL-2 (new Cockpit), IL-2M AM-3 1943
New British Planes:
FireFly F.Mk.I, FireFly F.Mk.V, Seafire Mk.XVII, Seafire FR.47, Sea Fury FB.11, Attacker FB.1, Canberra (cockpit), Sea Gladiator Mk1, Sea Hurricane Mk.Ib, Sea Hurricane Mk.Ic, Plagis’s Spitfire LF. Mk.IX, Prendergast’s Spitfire FR.MK.XIVe
New German Plans and Tanks:
Ar.234 C3, Hs.129 (cockpit), Bf-109B, StuH 42G
New Japanese Planes: J2M2, Ki-21

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  1. Ze German Challenge Tank! What tank should I play next?

    • +BaronVonGamez ze jag-panther, schnell tank

    • +BaronVonGamez well i’d like to see a M1 Abrams against any of the
      factions. But I would like to see a Kv 1 L11 in tier 3 battles. Also enjoy
      your videos, they have made War Thunder easier to play. Also, unrelated,
      your voice reminds me of another youtuber named Minnesota Burns. Changed
      his name to Minnesota Pranks recently. It was interesting, i almost thought
      you two were the same.

    • Zanoschi. Timotei

      +BaronVonGamez M6A1 !!

    • Porter Carroll (potomastr)

      +BaronVonGamez Pz.38(t)F with the mighty 50mm of armor and the 37mm derp
      APBC rounds in realistic battles

    • +BaronVonGamez Quem é o Zé Germano?

  2. Giacomo Pastorella

    First :D

  3. *when you are the third to like & comment on Baron’s video* <3

  4. Christopher Fox

    Love it, hail Hitler

  5. Huh, I’m pretty early again

  6. dat HEAT doe

  7. Baron pls play Is-4m or m103 for motherland!!! Pls!!!!!!

  8. Play the rusted wheelbarrow next.

  9. I hope they add Rudy to the ground forces you know from Poland 

  10. Play the maus please 

  11. And Szarik

  12. Btw saying ze and putting on a accent and says tits all the time isn’t
    funny it makes you sound autistic 

  13. PurplePandas1011

    I love the Panzer 3s all of em.

  14. The Doge Channel


  15. Pz 3 N also has better HEAT rounds (100mm pierce vs 80mm), but, AFAIK, only
    Pz 4 C and StuG 3 A don’t have it.

  16. T 34 57 

  17. Play the E8 aka 8ball

  18. anyone wanna do a war thunder squad? im bored of playing alone for rp
    war thunder username: killerlowrider feel free to msg me

  19. IS-7 plez

  20. IS-3 plez for russia

  21. ze panza DICK 3


    panther A nexts please

  22. Panther F! It’s so horribly bad at that tier you must play it!

  23. Panzer VI Tiger I H

    this tank is awesome it has a higher br because the armor is thicker than
    that panzer iv , and it’s faster than the panzer iv
    my prove :

  24. Hi follow me u followers out there

  25. +BaronVonGamez Will you ever go back to The Forest? Or make a video again
    on it? And do you have a Twitch? 🙂 And great video! :)

  26. you should have a fan take along trip. a day in the life of Baron!

  27. Captain “deadman” dead

    Pls jagdpanzer 5 

  28. Now try the Panzer III M. That thing is very versatile in battle.

  29. Play the Panther G

  30. What Tank would it take to kill a king tiger, when its hit head on 

  31. AD 2 sky raider plz

  32. Baron heres some tips if you’re looking to step your game up; 1:drop bombs
    at higher altitudes because bombs are on timers that are based on when they
    are dropped. its like 5-10 seconds but after the time is up they explode on
    impact so higher altitude=less time the bombs belly flop on the ground 2:
    heat shells have more fragments the more they struggle to get in a tank. So
    for example if you hit a panzer in the flat spot with a heat shell 1-2
    fragments go in but if the impact area is angled the fragment gets
    increased 3: PICK YOUR SHOTS CAREFULLY. you could of killed that t-50 you
    were shooting if you simple changed from heat to the regular
    shells…..hope this helped if anyone else has any questions ill be glad to

    • +Mauricio Ramos Isn’t the bomb timer adjustable?

    • +kui blader yes in plane battles but during tank arcade you cant adjust any
      settings so it’s the same for everyone. Thats why when you hear the bomb
      whistle for a while its explode on impact vs no whistle and you see the
      bomb flop around

    • +Mauricio Ramos I’ve never thought about that, now i’ll know until next
      time, thanks!

    • +kui blader anytime i guess it was a quick fix to the bomber ruining games
      because either way it gives people time to run but i like using assault
      planes better since you cant dodge rockets ;D

    • +Mauricio Ramos yeah rockets are awesome, although one plane (i think it
      was german) only has two rockets and my horrible aim doesn’t help 😛

  33. Ze German Challenge Tank! What tank should I play next?

  34. Baron!!!! The M6A1, misunderstood tank requires your attention!! Because
    you can kill it if you see it first, but if he does….. You are toasted!!
    That 76mm gun is a beauty. Do it baron, for freedom. 

    • +Bullet Bill388 As much as I like the M6 for its looks, it is terrible if
      all you want is a 76mm gun platform. You might as well use the Sherman 76
      or the M10 or M18 tank destroyers, same firepower in a far more
      maneuverable chassis.

    • +Bullet Bill388 that tank is a joke for a heavy. the far left and far right
      of the front armor is 40mm and the ammo is right behind them (not to
      mention the 40mm sides that are like tin foil) and if im not mistaken the
      front upper glacis is like only 100mm which is about the same in the Tiger
      (which several people already complain has a lot of problems). the only
      good thing going for it armor wise is the turret so its gotta be hull down
      and that tank has decently large profile so its not getting much help
      there. It is also pretty slow. I personally enjoy the tank but its
      definitely not something you can get in a slugfest. so its a heavy tank
      without the benefits of being a heavy tank.

  35. T-28 next?? Or the maus

  36. Bibibibibib Blubb

    Baron, play simulator, please.

  37. Bibibibibib Blubb

    I like to poop in peoples mouths.

  38. Hey Baron can you play the M103 again?

  39. Jawhol ! das ist goot ja ja. kill ze soviet scum jawhol

  40. panzer I

  41. I play the P3-N all the time. It is a great tank, but it isn’t a range
    shooter. Fantastic reload, quick, and high pen HEAT for the tier = knife

  42. does: ‘U Wot M8’ mean: ‘U World Of Tanks M8’?

  43. Baron please play the Leopard 1 kappa

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    Sorry, dropped my bag of illuminati!

  45. Play Ferdinand !!!

  46. Take out the freedom M6A1 in the name of the constitution 

  47. Could you play an american half track? Please

  48. Historically, the Pz. III became more of a infantry support tank, in which
    having large HE rounds was more beneficial.

  49. GrilledchickenVS

    I don’t care what tank you choose tomorrow, I enjoy all your videos

    …BUT JUST DON’T MAKE UR TANK A LOADED TNT KEG, lol. Lower the ammo you
    take out each time, the game takes into account empty ammo racks.

  50. Luis Armando Gomez Feliz



  52. Play ze Jagdtiger

  53. Play the jagdpanzer IV with side skirts er the last one you can get not the
    premium tho

  54. Did you buy all of those gold eagles 

  55. PLEASE play panther F

  56. Realist Eye (Blown finger)

    What tier do you think has the most fun Baron?

  57. Oskar Andreas Berg

    Since evryone is asking for the m6a1 and the Panther2F why not take out
    both of them?

  58. I’d like to see the m103 in RB FOR F-WORDS SAKE.
    Arcade just doesnt show off the tank properly

  59. Nouwensly Clara (DRCTX)

    +BaronVonGamez Do ze Panzerbefehlswagen IV (P) it would be zer gut to see
    that ya?

  60. Why bother asking which tanks for you to play if you never play the ones we
    ask for? Its been weeks of highly requested tanks and you have not played a
    single one we asked for.

  61. M6A1!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLAY IT NOW! 

  62. im a big fan of your vids baron but i have used the panzer.lll.N and there
    where a couple of cringe worthy moments and if you know how to use it you
    can easly kill the maus or the is-4m
    i know this because ive done it

  63. TigerE pls!

  64. Baron can you get he crew together and have a 2 Maus vs all Calliope.

  65. DavidTheAwesome



    Video I want to play with you was very good

  67. they nerfed the pzgr 39 damage, so most of german tanks now might as well
    use harsh language cuz that what they want us to do with german tanks, at
    this point, might as well remove the entire german tree from GF

  68. Play the derp derp su – 152

  69. good vedio

  70. God damnid, Baron, you shoud write “hey iam in Prague!” I would like to see
    you. 🙁 But i like that you like prague? Coming back any time soon? We
    have some war themed museums here;-)

  71. I have this tank it is a lot of fun.

  72. I put the Pappy decal on most of my American tanks. I lol’d when I saw the
    mammy sherman.

  73. Play D.W.2

  74. Play D.W.2

  75. if you go into realistic the pz3n is super op

  76. Christian Morales

    cool video like

  77. It’s got a higher BR because the armor is the same as the Pz III M, which
    is a lot.

  78. Elliott Grossman

    M6a1 or gulag!!

  79. You should play the M6A1. Murica!

  80. Pz III J2, please, sir.


  82. Tiger E or H1

  83. what about playing the “Doom Turtle” T95 next? If you do; you get a free
    cookie :D

  84. Panther II, Panther F, Panther G, or Panther A

  85. RemusKingOfRome5

    We need soft targets like infantry, maybe only in Sim battles.

  86. Dat reload

  87. Play the t-44 next pls

  88. NikolaiSlapabitch

    Contrary to belief this is a really good tank I never tier 2 stomp without
    it in my lineup 

  89. Baron, do the American mini maus, the M6A1. It’s so underrated

  90. Next plane mig-9 maybe ?

  91. M4A3 (76) HVSS :D

  92. +BaronVonGamez ZIS-30 !

  93. +BaronVonGamez Will you ever come to New Zealand???

  94. Using the Panzer 3 at long ranges is very ineffective. you must get closer.

  95. Szymon Patermann (Epix9000)

    Play the Jagdpanzer IV/70 (A) premium tank baroonnnn!!!

  96. German shirts were made to stop Anti-tank rifles knocking out it tracks.

  97. sarfaraz sarfaraz

    Ze German Challenge Tank! What tank should I play next?

  98. hola busquen en youtube gooku galindo suscribance y denle like

  99. david schlieber

    Wtf that was me who he killed at 3:45 >:(

  100. The Tiger E Super war German tank!!!!

  101. that gun doe…looks like the little penis that thought it could :p

  102. Day 1: Gimme dat German KV. Hitler’s Horse Coach!

  103. are there people flying in planes while you are in a tank?

  104. Panzer 3N the last of its class. Made for infanteriesupport. So its funny
    to see this tank in a tankbattle.
    I love that and how you speak german.

    Go on…
    A fan from germany

    Play Panther

  105. baron you and PhiyDaily try to flip a maus

  106. I love that tank, I have a really high reload so what I tend to do is HE
    their cannon barrel to death, then swing around and blast heat into their
    fuel tanks for a fire.

  107. The PZ3N is my go to tank. Those 38C heat rounds are actually a tier above
    anything 3.0, you just have to know how to use them. In arcade, I try
    to lob those from a 1k away and the snub nose cannon has the advantage of
    dropping those at angles that can do crazy damage on top facing armor.

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