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Source: PhlyDaily


  1. I need someone to help me through my pornography addiction 😢😢😢😢😢😢

  2. Arnie Rebusquillo

    7:18 Tactical Nuke incoming 🤣

  3. The Achilles is alot like the M10

  4. What about playing the arl-44 tank destroyer

  5. 7:19 God I love when they just *Pop*

  6. I feel that they should add LAV variants in a way like choosing aircraft loadouts, that would be sick

  7. In your opinion, what would you say is the best OP’d vehicle in each country, in each tier? You have the time?? 😁

  8. You did shoot your teammate the A36 Come on @PhlyDaily you know this better than anyone, you are fighting teammates and the enemy team so one against 31 players …..

  9. “Where else did they touch you Mathilda”.
    Bro I’m 💀 😂

    Edit~ I love the Achilles I rode with that beast through BRs till it can’t pen no more. 🍻

  10. That M3 Lee in the 2nd match was ripping the enemy a new @hole oh man that thing was fun to play back in the day, gotta see that in a video again someday😁

  11. I love your New Videos ❤

  12. Day 1 of asking Phly to play and suffer with 2s3m

  13. how do you get up there in the first battle

  14. I bought the premium one for like 25 bucks idk why 😔


  16. GoodRacer(Racist2138)

    another day of asking can you play xm-1 ch

  17. bro tryna sound sneaky and serious but he actually sound like he abt to do smth sexually to the tank 💀

  18. 9:21 There is no “Almost” about it… You “DID” shoot toyr team mate “Cheez88 in the A-36.”
    In the second game I bet he was hoping you didn’t repeat what you did the first one… Ya he was in both the first and second game in this video.

  19. Team X-ray feels very let down. 🙁

  20. Stanisław Badura

    Love the 17 punder but still, US 76 rules my hearth!

  21. I actually don’t play anything above tier 5, ground and air, it’s pretty boring in my opinion…

  22. For 3.3 I always take the firefly for CAS. 2x 1000 lb bombs or 8 rp-3 rockets is a great loadout. Not a good dogfighter but can outurn some American fighters.

  23. 7:17 crusader brought only HE rounds

  24. I love that gun.

  25. Phly: There’s really no one over here mid map

    Yeah… that’s cuz they’re behind you, pushing your spawn

  26. This thing punishes heavy tanks like there is no tomorrow and I love it lmao. Lost count how many time did a German KV-1B get too cocky in a push and got punched by a 190mm pen shell straight to the face and die.

  27. bob_21_98 cullen

    I was wondering phly, is there any chance of another collab with Circonflexes again? for either war thunder or wot?

  28. did you get a new editior?

  29. The achilles the cromwell with rocket and the concept 3 is a wonderful trio !!!

  30. Phly, try out the BTR 80A it is phun. Attempt #3

  31. damn gettin massive old PZ IV F2 vibes here

  32. Day 1 of asking Phly to play the new Swedish Sherman 3/4

  33. At like 15:53 I feel like déjà vu, I swear you died in like the same spot in the same way in another video

  34. Atlas Milita Unit

    And Britian replaced this lovely thing with the strangeness that is the Archer in real life.

  35. I can’t get past the dial tone… Phly broke my Internet by speaking in Internet code.

  36. Its been a long time since you posted some leo 1 content (Day1)

  37. D Δ R K N X S S

    remember, in GRB, planes’ vision is based on movement. The dot of a tank can look like a bush if it is still. If you hear a plane, stand as still as possible unless enemies are nearby. If you stand still, you will just look like a tree or a bush to them.

  38. Idk if its me but the new thumbnail design is clean ngl

  39. That Na-To is the reason i ALWAYS take a small stock of HE no matter what tank im playing. Theres nothing more satisfying than slapping a M18 who’s poking his butt or nose around a corner trying to use “noarmorbestarmor”. Puts a smile on my face every time

  40. Wtf are you talking about??? Your parents food was replaced a 17 pounder gun?? That makes zero sense.

  41. Hey can you play churchill mk7 please!!

  42. This thing being 3.3 is criminal. wasn’t it 4.0 before? It was fine there. lol

  43. For low BR I can never pass up My 6 round SAV

  44. I can’t get over how hillarious the editing is these days phly!!

  45. Is steel guru or munitions editing your vids now? 😀


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