The Gold Spam Situation of WoT

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Source: LemmingRush

My T-54 has an accuracy of 0.36.


  1. why should a medium be able to pen a heavy frontally?

    • because that “Medium” would be a good example of a modern day MBT since its basically one as is most top tier meds. Most of the heavies you see are not tanks that made it and were used up to Vietnam (T54/55 is still in use today by some countries) unlike most of the other Medium tanks. The Maus, top of a german heavy line, was a vehicle that came from the second world war and its expected to fight a tank that came out almost 10 years later and be better than it?
      Realism in an arcade tank game aside most mediums can penetrate heavies from the front without premium ammo at lower tiers its spike though happens in the 8+ battles where the armor scales up to insane levels for some reason as opposed to most others where the gradual increase is there but not crippling.

  2. Another possible solution is to increase the max accuracy of a fully aimed shot and at the same time increasing the aim time. So in essence, the aiming circle keeps getting smaller but takes a longer time to get there (up to a certain point of course). This mechanic also does not deviate from realism.
    The problem is that certain point is completely inadequate for fighting at 400m at this point.

  3. Problem is that last time they improved shot distribution, people cried about Russian guns hitting stuff.

  4. Should meds be able to snipe weakspots from distance? I dont think meds should be able to reliably do dmg from distance, that`s TD role (and russian heavys….)

  5. Lemming you’re the worlds worst shot. How come you’re a unicorn, did you pay someone?

  6. This is reason why i stopped playing wot.

  7. haha i shot u with a gold round this morning with my su100Y.

  8. I am not a War thunder fanboy…but this is where i think that war thunder holds an advantage over WoT….u don’t have any aiming circles…the targeting is quite realistic…throw in the range finding and stuff and it makes it a hell whole lot more fun…u actually feel like ur in control of a gun.

    • Алексей Сафронов

      A kid from Africa BECAUSE as you said in WT you need to calculate gun elevation and shell drop, but in WoT all this is done by your virtual gunner. Aiming circle shows the work of your gunner.

    • Алексей Сафронов it’s not done by a “virtual gunner” or if you say so that “virtual gunner” is none other than think that aiming is done by a “virtual gunner” or a gunner at all is simply wrong.

      In war thunder *You* are the gunner….unlike in WoT…..the aiming is not based on RNG(i hope u know what RNG means). Basically,aiming in WT is not automated and that’s what makes it better

    • Алексей Сафронов

      A kid from Africa it’s exactly what I bloody mean. And yeah, if you noticed, your aiming time and accuracy in WoT directly corresponds with your gunner skill. Compare 50% and 100% gunner. And yeah, it’s all RNG, of course, but you know, I’m kinda buying that.

    • Алексей Сафронов there’s no such thing as “gunner skills” in WT though.because *YOU* are the gunner WoT even if you fully aim your circle chances are that they won’t even hit your target,if you aim at your target with the correct calculations in war thunder your shell will always hit no matter what,the game has no influence on your shots.
      And that just brings me to the conclusion that WoT is a game that’s heavily dependant on luck,ur always at the mercy of the system whereas WT is more of a skill dependant game…the system has no influence whatsoever over your actions.

    • But then again….I am comparing an arcade game with a game based on realism.

  9. They should make the accuracy system not a joke, change it’s RNG to 10% instead of 25% and do the same for penetration RNG

  10. Hi Lemming can you do the same test again with full gold loadout?

  11. Sadly thats why I quit the game 🙁

  12. And when u face Maus and Type5… u need gold or u need to gtfo..
    Also i spam gold in my SuperConq cuz i dont give a shit and i want to improve my marks.. i dong want retarded rng bounces so my gold spam intensifies.. and u simply CANT be like “gold ammo is stupid. Let me prove a point by never shooting gold” cuz u are playing to your own disadvantage and to your team’s.. t54 is perfect example

  13. yeah, the gold is part of it, but in WG’s defense (though I hate them) I think in part the nerf to accuracy was to reduce the effectiveness of aimbots.

  14. The only problem i have with gold is when someone is shooting it at tanks that the ap of their tank can easily pen it like one game im in my fv4202 and i run into a mutant hes spamming he at me and the moment one he shell bounces he switches to apcr there was no need for him to fire it ap wouldve been the better choice

  15. That is indeed one of the reasons. I’ll list yours and the three other biggest reasons:

    – Accuracy
    – Penetration falloff
    – Normalization (applies to premium HEAT)
    – RNG dispersion values

    HEAT having no falloff on penetration and the 25% deviation on penetration are topics that are often discussed, so I’ll skip the details about them.

    I recently learned that there’s more to the 0% bonus normalization to HE for HEAT. I discovered HEAT has 85% normalization as a base. That means it’ll only auto-bounce at angles of 86% or more. You can defeat loads of curved armor with HEAT. That may need to be reworked too, although it could make curved vehicles like the Soviet mediums even more problematic.

    In any case, it’s understandable why the current accuracy values doesn’t work. Look how much of that circle covers the lower plate of the E5 when you’re fully aimed. That’s like about 20% of the aiming circle. This is why sniping at the front of well-armored tanks at long distances, even at higher tiers, is worthless. Standing-still and fully-aimed shots need to be reworked.

    … Not to the days where it made powerful tanks even more monstrous though. I’m glad those days are long over.

  16. For a long time it is not a game “”pay to win””
    it is
    “”pay to play”” 🙁

  17. It’s about 2 years ago when they made the shots separate more from the middle of the aiming circle… that’s the main thing that pretty much killed the fun out of WoT from me

  18. I almost never shoot gold which is making it pretty hard to get better stats , if i see a tank i cant pen i either try shooting to a tank next to it or if it was alone i try to shoot for weakspots and if it doesnt have any or weakspots are too strong i switch to HE . I only shoot gold when im at end game and i have to carry and i only load about 3-5 rounds

    But its getting really hard to do well in the game

  19. I wish they made nerfed the damage gold rounds do,and leave the normal ammo the same,but they nerf the rng factor on normal ammo from 25% to 15%,that would be great

  20. Money grab. Blatant money grab. WG knows it. I will never fire up Tanks again, simply because of this designed and baked-in , programmed and willful imbalance. It’s intentional, predatory and down right greedy.

  21. I shoot gold all the time. Do i spam it? No but sometimes its necessary. AP in a Hetzer wont go through a KV1 reliably. Gold is best you use on autoloading tanks if possible so you dont waste a shell in the clips to get max potential damage. It’s all situational really we all fire gold once or twice some more than others it’s just part of the game no big deal. I used to love far and golden artillery with ap and heat shells but whatever it’s different now

  22. I fully agree with your point about “gold mitigates RNG”.

    However, removing RNG would not be a good idea. Real life tanks have “RNG” and it is a key differentiator between tanks (and guns more specifically). I don’t think people would be really happy if KV-2 would have 0 dispersion, which is what you are suggesting.

    Also, RNG works both ways. You will dodge shots that were supposed to hit you. This means that the game just becomes a bit longer and the better player who is able to reduce the effect of RNG (flanking, taking more shots, shooting gold, etc) will win in the long run.

    Third point is that this actually keeps the game interesting for beginners. If unicums would hit everything, they would be so OP that noobs would just quit right away. Now the beginners get a bit more time try to counter as not every shot hits.
    The same phenomenon can be seen in poker where you can get really unlucky and lose a hand even if you played it better. In the long run though, you will come up top. Those unlucky deviations are the ones that keep the worse players in the game as they feel that they have a chance.

    Love your vids (esp the one with Anfield), keep em coming!

  23. So basically this is a complaint that a medium can’t pen a heavy from the front with standard ap rounds at 400m? Well then it would just be a medium and light game. Heavies would be pointless to play. Your supposed to support your team and move. If we had the ability to do want you asked then every one would camp and the game would be awful. This seems like no skill moaning

    • Pretty sure I’m not lacking in the skill department. I have no problem affording 50 heat shells in my T54 either, part of being a good player means i make credits faster and more efficiently.

      I was making a comment on behalf of the other players who don’t have the luxury of strongholds with 50% credit bonuses. Seems like youre in favor of heavies being able to do absolutely nothing and have their armor work.

    • LemmingRush well your firing an long range. Ap ammo drops off its penetrations at 100m. Also that gun isn’t accurate. Why not try the Centurion 7/1 with the 105 mm. That might suit what you want to do. This example is picked to back up you claim. So your basically making the results match your point of view. And as such this is just you complaining you want the t-54 turret on a sniper. Which is asking for an over powered tank. Everyone knows the T-54 is a brawler not a sniper

  24. Working as intended, because it’s intended to swell WG’s bank account.

  25. It makes them a lot of money in the short run until some of the players have had enough bs. It just sucks having games where you did half of the damage you were supposed to do even with decent rng.That kind of games shouldn’t be experienced by anyone but sadly it gets worse.

  26. I gave up on accuracy. My shots love to drop into the dirt no matter which gun I use.

  27. What should happen is your aiming reticle should always get smaller.   So if you aim in for a long time, you get laser accuracy.  But it should take a long time as the balance to laser aiming.

  28. You know there’s making money then there’s hosing the customer.

  29. Even with the more accurate gun for the t54 I get into some situations at less than 400 meters where I aim in for weak spots and and the shot goes into a different zip code

  30. you know you can just go play war-thunder and have your shots land where you want all the time.

  31. Well, works like intended. You already got the point. It’s all about money…sad, but true

  32. Well of course WG did this on purpose, they discovered this as an easy moneygrab.
    I saw this coming arond two years ago (forgot exactly when it was) when WG introduced the accuracy nerf.
    First the nerfed the accuracy and the camo values, then they introduced tanks with much higher armor then before AND
    finally they screwed up to matchmaking (especially Tier VIII) so now a lot of players – including myself – always carry a lot of gold shells.
    Its either that, or no fun at all – most of the games.
    This ploy by WG is so obvious…..

  33. I can not believe how many dumb people watched this video and completely missed the point. It is not about using gold, it is about the accuracy at 400 meters. did anyone see the placenments of the shots? The gold just helps prove the point. My leo was about this distance from something, i was aimed in , didnt move for 3 secs and when i shot the round went so far up and right that it was outside the reticle. What we all forget is all the crew modifiers for the die roll. for and against. noone counts them but the game engine does.

  34. I think main problem with gold is that it needs to exist cuz of those fucking mice (maus) PZ VIIs e3s and so on + in those full X games tanks like 50b are just so fucking useless that full Xes is just bullshit everyone is camping and being afraid to peek and when i peek i got just rekt, i think i ll move to tier X its just lovely (momentaly most balanced and fun tier in the game) lolsoez (EU)

  35. Thats why war thunder is better :p

  36. finally somebody who points out probably the largest problem this game has.
    High amounts of RNG remove skill from the game and if you get killed / can’t kill an enemy because the game doesnt ALLOW you to do so although you did everything right it is bloody frustrating.

    I mean it’s not like you got a 5% chance of hitting a headshot in cs:go when aiming properly and controlling your movement etc.
    In WoT, you have…

  37. “No no we WG will not use smoothbore guns too difficult no balance

    We use rifled barrel guns, they accurate and easy balance, da!”

    You know, the rifled cannons, that were more accurate than smoothbore cannons..
    Basically we have smoothbore guns in WoT

  38. Why do you care about this subject this much? Who even cares enough of this subject to give a shit, ofc people are going to shoot 330 heat on tier 10 heavies with t9 medium rather than shooting Ap with 215 pen with significantly less chance of penning
    Fucking whining tomatos and yellow lowbobs in the comment section

  39. Great proof, but for why? Bottom line is people feel the frustration and play less often.

    toxic a-hole players,
    cheat mods,
    pay to win,
    rofl-stomp match making,
    aim lags,
    old maps,
    newbies in high tiers,
    padders in low tiers,
    and maybe a dozen other issues?

    I planned to play tonight but watched TV. I WANT to enjoy the game, but it gets tiresome.

  40. maybe you can make a vid where you do the same thing again with gold?

  41. I completely agree. As soon as I know that i got 50% chance or less to pen I press 2. I want to carry the game and can’t afford to spend 3 minutes killing à tank. Good démo lemmingrush.

  42. I think we all knew that Wargaming is full of shit, and this clearly just shows it. I’m tired of the bullshit rng, arty and these liars that run the company.

  43. There will be still idiots in this game calling you goldspam noob as brain of this people will not understand a simple thing.For them is using map in this game a cheating and using game interface with not pressed “V” is illegal mod. WG will not change RNG concept as this is what make this game tic for weaker players and for the good one they are trying to overcome this with better skill and learning all the nuances of this game

  44. They need to take out the rng in penetration values, that is the only solution. The game would be more enjoyable for both the player wondering why he didn’t pen à shot that should have gone in and for the player who got penned while perfectly angled. The situation is very dumb atm.

  45. Lets dont even talk about the 250mm “weakspots” on the type 5…

  46. You make a valid point.

  47. would like to see the difference with gold

  48. 201 pen vs the lowerplate of the e5 which is not even under 200 and with a dispersion of 0.36 at a distance of 400m, and saying it’s rng’s fault when you can’t hit and pen that, is retarded. You have choosed the brawler gun on the t-54, which got a accuracy nerf, would not suprise me If u didn’t know this because u can just press 2. The other gun has much better accuracy and pen, and would fit this situation much, much better. And you want everyone to be able to hit that shot all the time, why brawl then?Why have armour if it has weakspots? Why be at the frontline and recive dmg, when u can just sit in the base, snipe and still hit all your shots and pen them. That would make everyone camp. If wg made the gold rounds have 25% less dmg everything would be perfect, your armour makes you live for longer, and it would become a such more skilled based game, you need to know if u can pen him with normal rounds or if u have to switch to gold but do 25% less dmg, it would also remove alot of the toxcicity in the game. Having 20K+ subs and making statements like this is just unbeliveble.

  49. When i started playin wot becouse of this i wanted to stop playin, realy anoying thing but then i found solution grind only medium tanks and go to head to head combat no need for snipin

  50. +/- 25% penetration value RNG is bullshit also.
    Ok I understand that not every shell has the same momentum but hell it can not be that different from each other. Like 200 base pen shell can go 250 pen and the next shot can go 150..

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