The Gold Standard – Type 59 G – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes


  1. I loaded 5% regular ammo, to make fun of WG’s statement that only 5% of the ammo fired in WoT is ”gold”.
    I switched to a more regular load out later, just having some fun 🙂

    • You still gave them money for a dirty move though. Who’s laughing in the end?

    • +Luca Avesani Seeying as i bought this for in game gold, that i got from the xmas lootboxes WG gave us, i think im laughing last 😀

    • Reiner mit ei, bidde!

      i love how you have to justify that. only in the wot community…

    • Balc0ra's Gaming

      To be fair, it was 5% across all tiers, inc tanks tank has 0% as they can’t use gold ammo at all dragging the average down. Tier 8 had like 20% average, tier X was at 32% Type 5 and 183 had 50% alone. I wonder if the Type 5 is still at 50% now that most has swapped to the AP gun.

  2. The weathering done on the texture helps a lot with the feeling of high detail. Take that away with that gold colour and it does look weird…

  3. 0:35 But…dust,snow and mud doesnt get on tank,its always clean 🙂

  4. this was my first game getting matched up with circon, and i didn’t even streamsnipe!
    pretty bad game for me but that doesn’t really matter.

  5. In other videos/ingame the model looks fine and hd. check your settings.

  6. This was just surgical… gg

  7. Ivan Stepanovic

    My experience with “new” MM? Just slightly better than the “old” one.
    Yesterday 12 matches played, 9 times bottom tier in +/-2, 2x bottom in +/-1 and once same tier all. So sorry, but I see no “major MM improvement”…

  8. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    I thought it would make much more money, being a golden type59, making 50% more credits than a regular type :/

  9. Meanwhile we have the king dragon on console which is like this but also has some red camo and a better 105mm gun with 390 alpha

  10. therandomnessisreal

    might be your graphics seetings circ, the ones i saw in my games looked brilliant

  11. man, do i wish the event didnt go under my radar. I wish I would have been aware of the black market when that thing was on sale.

    • West Coast Warriors Archive

      The thing cost 25000 gold. It sold out very quickly on the euro server and in 14 seconds on the NA server.

    • +West Coast Warriors Archivei mean, i have over 50k gold and nothing better to spend it on…

    • West Coast Warriors Archive

      +Stefan Nilsson damn. ive only got like 2k gold and I need to retrain a bunch of crews so Im waiting on crew retraining sales.

  12. yeah – not very shinny 🙂 3 dragon-heads , just noticed 😉

  13. 65 t upgraded is still kinda bad the need to make it faster or fix its frontal armour

  14. Detective Hoots

    When TRUvoodoo first rolled out in his 59G, he made it as pay to win as possible. All gold ammo, large kits and food. For the memes of course. lol

    I thought if the 59G had onyx accents on the dragon art, it would look even more awesome. Custom camo would be nice too.

  15. it tickles me when he was calling the IKV and Waffle lazy for not hunting down the t25/2 when he was literally the closest one to it at a couple points and decided to leave it alone to farm full hp tanks. Come on man, don’t be the pot calling the kettle black lol.

  16. it needs to be more shiny!!!!!!!!

  17. Circon has found his power animal… slide.

  18. Shroompie1235 ___

    This takes gold tanks to a whole other level

  19. Them memes are real xD send that to Jingles Circon xD

  20. Gold is a very soft metal, shouldn’t it therefore be easier to penn? LOL

  21. Why even bother with 3 ap rounds…

  22. i can’t wait to save up 100.00 to buy a clown tank…

  23. lol it would be so troll if they gave this 0% camo… I mean, it’s gold.

  24. You should go for the “High Entertainment” (HE) rounds next 😛

  25. would look better with black or red tracks :))

  26. There is a rule now, only fire gold at Type 59 golds.

  27. could be because you’re on a winter map, the gold might look frosted 😀

  28. i agree with circon that the model looks like an unfinished, if it was shiny like real gold is, it would look better

  29. SO the Type 59 doesn’t do more credits?! Seems normal for 5k dmg 147k credits?!

  30. Stock turret is the way to play the 65 t.
    The 100mm lets you use the stock turret, which has useable armor. For a reference it’s the M4 49 Liberté turret, and only some minor handling and ROF differences on the gun.

  31. The tank color reminds me of C-3PO. Unshakable and disturbing.

  32. Pompílio Souto

    Gotta love how in-sync WG is.
    WoWS: “Look at these new anime captains and camos. Also we’re getting mad max ones next!”
    WoT: “That’s cool, just a shame they’re not SOLID GOLD”

    • well to be fair. We do have atleast 2 anime tanks. Thought ofc more would be appreciated. Maybe Girls und panzer next?

  33. Wait, they’ve fixed match making? Or at least made it better? I honestly don’t believe you, can anyone else confirm? We’ve had the shitty 3-5-7 model for how long now?

    • They haven’t, it’s still shitty. That may have been his first but I can show you mine where I was bottom tier in last 5 matches at tier 8 & 6.

  34. The Type 59 G really needs to have black highlights to the dragon engravings to make them stand out better.

  35. WG attempts to install Trump’s bathroom in WoT…..

  36. Golden tank and golden ammo. ; )

  37. The type 59 king dragon looks way better than the gold one

  38. If Trump had a tank…

  39. Type 59 gold. Doesn’t have a full gold load. Circ, you’re doing it wrong…

  40. Wish they put a gold version of the first Russian Christmas cammo on it with the dragon barrel

  41. Time to 3 mark this one!

  42. Playwme Surname

    Now im not doubting your skill here Circybaby, but when i watch some of these videos it seems that only people making this game hard for you are your own teammates. The opposition dont even seem to be trying.

  43. This is why people have been leaving this game.

  44. Just Circon engaging in the Bling of War.

  45. Gold tank and ammo,sure its not pay to win game:)

  46. It’s beautiful. I’m glad you got one. The gold is Suuuuper saturated, but it’s cool. Insert “I like gooooold” meme.

  47. Balc0ra's Gaming

    0:10 limited MM on tier 8 is better now indeed due to the increase of equal tier games. My T26E4 loves it. Sadly there are two tanks I’ve not touched at all with the new MM. As 186 pen vs 220mm targets on the tier 8 HT lane is a bit useless. I suspect that’s why the Alpine Tiger hardly sold, even when it was cheaper than a 112. And why the IS-6B atm is hardly going down.

  48. Luís Augusto Panadés

    This vehicle is 10 times more accurate than Grille 15 (I’m talking about fully aimed Grille 15 shots only) and its aimtime is in the practice just 5 times better.
    With this vehicle you adjust your position about 10 times faster hanving just 5 times less aimtime at the end. Simply , Grille 15 is unplayable, is a piece of shit that Wargaming pushed over us. Unfortunatly the CC do not talk about it.

  49. Griffin Faulkner

    That guy in twitch chat bitching about the type’s aim time has clearly never played the T-34-2.

    2.7 second aim time with a fully tricked out crew, vents, the works. And that’s on top of a 7.1 second reload, with worse penetration and significantly worse armor.

    Throwing on the 122 is an exercise in futility.

    Literally the only thing the T-34-2 has going for it is its size. It’s fucking microscopic compared to pretty much every other tier 8 tank, including half the lights. Other than that, it’s just a complete shitshow.

  50. world of tanks is garbage cant stand the game and is dying as many people feel the same way. whats next type 59 with diamonds ffs they are running out of ideas but what I find amazing is people actually pay these clowns money on a free to play game lol

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