The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Combined Ops Edition

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Source: The Mighty

In which I get to show off several of your replays that amused me greatly but didn’t really fit anywhere else. Remember kids, recycle and re-use, we only have one planet!

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a replay, consider using a hosting service like

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. “I’ll eat my own ass” lmfao

  2. u literally put an akazuki kancolle character in with the introduction of Yamato ‘facepalm’

  3. I bounced 19k damage in my O-HO in a tier 10 match

  4. World of Warships is crap; I’ve given up on it.

  5. Any of you so called console peasants ready for the tank bowl? In case your not aware it’s US vs USSR.
    I think the prize is a champion version of the m4 Sherman.

  6. Someone beat that with almost dubble in a T95 so go ahead and bon appetit

  7. That Mouse blocked an epic amount of damage.

  8. Looks like the maus was on HT-15 …. the amount of bounced dmg is incredible… now i’ll pray for fiery salient in the maus (with 1 or no arty)

  9. Definition of insanity is: do the same thing over and over again. And expect a different result.

  10. Maybe 500 average alpha in a Tier VIII-X battle in WoT, ~60 non penetrating hits, I’m calling 27-30k blocked.

  11. Ive done 25k damage block. Still have the screen shoot to prove it.

  12. 23:48
    What did you say dear old Jingles? 😛

  13. >sadpanda
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  14. Keep up the work bro been subbed since 54k subs. Never stop being you

  15. I did a quick look at the schematic of Bismark’s “turtleback” armor and was surprised to find out how similar it is to tank sloped armor. What really surprised me is that the Kriegsmarine realized the benefits of the design in 1936 when her keel was laid and yet the Wehrmacht was surprised by the T-34’s armor design, five years later. Service rivalry I suppose.

  16. I was going to make a comment on the fact that he used the Akizuki chibi during the little Yamato introduction, but then he said something about it himself, lel

  17. it’s almost double 9000!

  18. KGC Abrams Main Battle Tank

    Now THAT is what the maus should be in every game.

  19. Theres a type 4 heavy replay where the guy blocked around 32k dmg

  20. Hey Jingles- in every replay in which you feature the Yamato, you play that little sound byte. In it, the name of the ship is voiced. And yet, every single time, you mispronounce the name of the ship despite having a sound byte TELLING YOU how to pronounce it! Why Jingles!?! Why!?!?

  21. Jingles…you haven’t done a ship review/history lesson as of late. Will you do one for the mighty Mo?

  22. QuickyBaby has a video where a T95 blocked 33k damage.

  23. i think that the maus has been equipped with super heavy spell-liner

  24. Jingles – you keep being amazed at battleships that take no action to avoid torps that they SHOULD know are there but can’t actually see at the time. Recent match of mine had me get close enough to a BB (I was already injured and spotted, it was worth it to me to go for the kill and risk dying) to launch torps. At that point he took the kill shot on me. AND STILL TOOK NO EVASIVE ACTION AT ALL. The torps were still kilometers out, I was only just in range. It wasn’t that he SHOULD have known I was there – he absolutely DID. Yeah, I have to agree with you about BB drivers.

  25. AMX 13 90 Crew: “Captain! Je think we ‘ad ze map upside down! Sacré bleu! »

  26. Saw a replay the other day. Doom turtle plays spotter. Blocks 34,000 damage. (Quickybabys post) I gotta say, I don’t play much (I’m away for months at a time so I perpetually suck!) but I really enjoy your vids. I appreciate the time you put into the facts and history into so many of your posts as well. It’s the main reason you keep me up at night!

  27. What is this pan Asian coalition you speak of?

  28. 20:15 is the amagi relying on that skill that enumerates how many ships are targeting you?

  29. Actually Jingles, the Iowa is “bigger” than the Yamato insofar as it’s longer (887 feet to 863). But it’s about 20,000 tons lighter, each fully loaded

  30. Jonas Van den Broeck

    Dear jingles, i really like your video’s, and i know, i am a bad subscriber and bearly like anything, but i watch a lot, i want to ask you a big favour, OneAndOnly has it through, could you please give him a shoutout? He is really good in his type of video and you know it, it was your competition that led me to that channel, if you would be so kind to say something, something that will create a wave that will keep this man in his job he loves and we love to see him do, i’ll promise on the chieftain in the tankmuseum where i volunteer, i will start liking, i will start to be the good subscriber

  31. Hot damn! I actually guessed! Last second guess got me 17k. Now I have no way to prove this but you’ll have to take my word for it.

  32. Well jingles before the maus was buffed the record was something like 26 to 30k… No idea what it is now, and that’s also before type 4 and 5 heavies were s thing and I and probably most of the people in this comment section watched a video with a complete idiot driving a type 5 and bouncing like 30k… 17k is still very respectable tho

  33. If they published the amount of gold shot at tiers 8 and up, I do not doubt it would be 45%-65%

  34. Jingles, if you look on QBs channel for a video from a few years ago called T95 Scout or something a T95 blocks 33k damage. It’s hilarious, watch it if you haven’t. Like so jingles can see.

  35. Why is that Yamato sailing with no Camo? 😕

  36. I fully believe that the AMX replay should have been part of an epic fails reel, cause that is an epic fail on a biblical scale. Funny as all hell though. I truly felt sorry for the guy. A good plan, but poorly executed.

  37. I think they swapped the gold ammo and regular ammo usage stats.

  38. Somebody should investigate this arty bounce, I have never ever before bounced arty shot, it always damage me by some amount of HP but after this last mini update I have bounced many times shots from arty… Before in Maus I always have been damaged even from tier 8 arty…. Now sometimes yes and sometimes not…

  39. Hey Jingles, you should give Star Citizen a look again now that 3.0 is out.

  40. Actually Jingles, I remember years ago you went to defend your base being capped and you went into enemy base… Don’t have time to search for video but if there are more Jingles veterans with time they might find it. Won’t judge, just saying…

  41. JINGLES 3 years later, and it is true!

  42. I blocked 13520 damage in my type 5 heavy in the cliff map.  Had a Skorpion G and a ISU 152 continually shooting me while I was angled slightly and tracked.

  43. Leaguedude69420 mlg

    I’d say the Object 140 wasn’t actually a good player, like most people that drive Tier 10 medium tanks, all you have to do is click 2 and slowly watch as the stats turn purple and then go brag to your 17 year old friends of how good you are.

  44. Well, that’s how you do HT15!

  45. I send in a 313k damage Yamato game, and instead we get shown a missed ram… feelsbadman

  46. Now imagine how much more he could have blocked if they added the HE bounces

  47. Start eating! infamous T95 MEGA SCOUT

  48. I am stuck on light tank 15 for the stug this may work for me ……

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