The Good, The Bad, the Sherman FIREFLY – War Thunder Gameplay

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. Baron it’s not just t34-85’s its every t34. The gun at close range from the
    front won’t kill it, you have to go for turret ring or check shots. I’m
    stuck at this Br and tier for the Brits. But it’s not just Russian ranks
    the 17 pounder was one of the only guns that could kill German tanks at
    combat ranges yet I couldn’t pen a panther that created a hill infront of
    me I shot him all over the front before I was rushed by t34’s. War thunder
    needs to buff British tanks.

  2. Foo-Foo Cuddlypoops

    Love how most of the T34-85s in the first battle are premiums. Wallet
    warriors are the fucking cancer of War Thunder.

  3. XD the sherman firefly’s main advantage is the gun depression?!?!?!? You
    sure about that?!?!?! (pppsssttt it’s like only 5 degrees)

  4. Alexander Vynogradov

    why not just shoot the commanders capola?

  5. Famous last words: “Is that guy alive?” – BaronVonGames- 2016

  6. HAPPY 100 B-DAY OF THE TANK!!! (…in battle… I think…)

  7. Spartaneous-Spartan 217

    Baron play as the panzer 4 please

  8. M4A3E2 Jumbo 76 & F8F-1. The two 6.0 BR American Vehicles!

  9. Nerf the SPAA. Jesus fuck. Too many times I have been fucked over by
    trucks!!!!! Whats next gajin? A bloke on a bike with an MP40???

  10. can you please play the tiger

  11. can you watch the stream afterwards?

  12. and the ugly…

  13. In real life the Sherman firefly couldn’t hit the Broad side of the barn

  14. So we have the gaz dshk but we can’t get a jeep with a
    .50cal/recoiless rifle what the heck!?!?!?

  15. In other news: The next Russian tank to be added will be the T-14 Armata at
    battle rating 4.2

  16. why is the quality ( graphics ) of your videos s o bad compared to phly for

  17. I don’t understand, the T-34-85 is really easy to kill you just shoot it in
    the top of the upper plate and all the crew dies

  18. baron do u never watch the kill feed

  19. Hey Baron. While I’m still a relative Noob to WT, I can’t agree with you
    more that there needs to be a LOT more team work among sides. It not only
    adds to the depth of GP, but I think you’ll stand a higher percentile of
    winning by doing so. I wish WT had Comms besides text that would allow you
    to talk to your team mates. that would be badass. Keep up the great vids
    man. Your the BEST!!

  20. t62 please for mother Russia

  21. Today is exactly 100 years since the first ever tank was used in combat
    during the battle of the Somme. Happy 100th anniversary tanks!

  22. Easy mode is the SMK..

  23. lol both 85mm shots penned the sides from impossible angles. thats Russian
    APBC for you >_>

  24. The Sherman Firefly is the first Sherman to have a. inbuilt tea maker.

  25. luv the vid. is it possible u could test out the is2 revenge?

  26. “why is baron so lucky?” Gets nailed at the beginning of the game and still
    does good

  27. m4a5 ram 2 Canadian tank plz

  28. TimelyGunRay Gaming

    Everytime I play the Sherman firefly I get rekt

  29. you two always make me laugh

  30. What’s the deal with the AA tanks? They’re OP as hell they just spray and
    knock out your crew instantly it’s just broken how tanks have to stop and
    aim while they just drive along doing drive by shootings wrecking
    everything they find

  31. that T-34-85(D5-T) is the most OP POS in warthunder. I hate that freaking
    shat tank. lol frankly getting sick of russian bias in wt and wots…..oh
    well GG

  32. can u play the T26E1-1 and a f84b

  33. baron y dd you not shoot his gun and push up and kill him?

  34. Baron…. Baron show us the easy mode, I’m curious to see how easy it is
    for you to play t-34-85..

  35. “Is that thing alive?” Famous last words

  36. Must be Do Do! LMAO!!!

  37. Someone tell me what happened to World of Warships Wednesday???????

  38. play ze super pershing plez.

  39. Firefly is terrible because it is overtiered. Should be about 4.3. T34-85
    destroys all at 5.0. Lots of Brit tanks are overtiered into uselessness.

  40. I vote the fatass combo – Sherman Jumbo (Either) and the TBF.

  41. baron you posted this before

  42. 14:06 Lost it at “Oh god!”

  43. M10 please it’s fun to use I recommend you use m72 rounds (I think that’s
    right) but use any plane of the short

  44. might be doodoo

  45. YES ! i win sherman firefly i comment for it.

  46. viva méxico !!!!

  47. This just shows how absolute shit the Sherman Firefly is. Extremely weak
    front armor, just about everything it fights can one shot it from the front
    even with perfect angling! Weak ammo types, because Gaijin can’t correctly
    model AP shell damage. And shit Russian level gun depression. This video
    should’ve been named “The Good, The Bad, and The Shit”.

  48. You sound like the mammoth from ice age

  49. What does this prove? Russian bias. Full stop.

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