The Goofiest Artillery Tank

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Source: Spookston

The Swedish Spj fm/43-44 is a very unconventional in War Thunder. It has essentially no armor, but is very fast and has a massive 150mm recoilless . It's not very good, but it's very .

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Songs used (in order from to last):
Various Command and Conquer: Generals Tracks

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The Goofiest Tank


  1. Hope you guys are doing well

  2. that gaming protogen

    “how are you not damaging me?” its called swedish meatball armour

  3. I watched this while waiting for a connecting flight on only MAYBE 1 hour of sleep and I look like a lunatic crying laughing

  4. play the strv 103A

  5. In many cases it’s better to just run and reposition then trying to fight every enemy that pops up, especially when you’re in a situation where you can easily pull around a corner and turn around safely. Gotta be humble when playing and realize when you’re not going to win a confrontation.

  6. 20th video since i first asked spookston to play the sturer emil

  7. Could you also try the newly added m109? basicaly the same thing but higher tier. (would be kinda silly)

  8. I mean, the crew is pretty much covered by 50 mm of steel, so yeah, nothing should penetrat

  9. day 18 play obj 435

  10. Try the bt42, its a blast

  11. Cyberstorm industries

    1:29 Spookston goes to the backrooms.

  12. The bridge has taken another victim.

  13. Day 16 of asking spookston to play the flakbus

  14. tf happened to that bridge????

  15. Spiciest spud gun

  16. anyone kwon what meme that is at 7:25

  17. > plays as infantry support vehicles
    > vehicles aren’t good at fighting tanks
    > spookstoon 🤯

  18. video 31 of requesting LvKc 9040C and its light tank brother strf 9040C

  19. I’ve had so much fun with that recoilless rifle, for some reason I was really good at guessing exactly how much I needed to lead the target and I always hit dead-on with that massive gun. Not the best thing ever, but I actually got kills with it and enjoyed getting them because it took a good degree of skill to hit things at range with it.

  20. what about the chi-ha long gun ???

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