The Goofiest Super Heavy Tank (ft. @OddBawZ)

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Source: Spookston

The British II heavy tank has been one of the most requested tanks in War Thunder. Gaijin finally added it after years, and it's pretty fun overall.

Check the channel “About” section the link to the creator of my profile picture.

Songs used (in order from first to last):
Various Command and Conquer: Generals Tracks

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The Goofiest Super Heavy Tank (ft. @OddBawZ)


  1. Totally Toggers bro 😎

  2. Can you use the AMX m4? (Day 1)

  3. I wanna go hunt togs in the sturer Emil

  4. I wanna see odd and spookston play the maus now

  5. L take on Christopher Columbus, so much hate outta nowhere

  6. You should try out the Ru-251 it’s a real good tank.

  7. They add that but where is the m7 priest or the sexton?

  8. Challenger 2 TES day 6


  9. Day 40 of asking Spookston to play the t-35

  10. Remember the hot tog in wot

  11. Hey Spookston, Gremlin decal when? (via content creator code)

  12. Day 17 can you play MARS 15

  13. How is an inter war vehicle this high br lmao

  14. WalmartVeteranCartel

    “hey at least there isn’t a day to celebrate him… that’d be awful.”
    yeah. that would be wouldn’t it.

  15. Happy Leif Erikson day! Hunga Brunga Dunga!

  16. play ZSU-57-2, use it against tanks

  17. Next time, seeing The Mighty Jingles make an appearance would be nice!

  18. such a tog of war between you two

  19. I hope you will play m1a1 aim next i really hope😢

  20. Video 95 of asking for strv 103

  21. 11:32 ah yes, the classic M-SeX

  22. Anyone Tell Jingles???

  23. 21…is from 21 jump street

  24. Day 78 of asking for the SU-100p

  25. I’ve started ~30 games since I got this thing and every single game is 6.3. Got 3 kills in this thing, always getting instant killed by some Panther or Jagdpanther…. looks like it’s not a tank for me

  26. Can you both play the Challenger DS? I think y’all’s would have a blast and definitely get a nuke

  27. Interesting how solid shot just works with this thing
    Also Hot TOG

  28. We’re not leaving NATO with this one lads

  29. Franss the Mighty Coffee Addict

    10:46 is literally why I never play british planes with Hispanos on them

  30. Spookston maybe become an anti air main

  31. I would tell you a joke about the Tog… but it’s to long.

  32. Jingles would be proud

  33. Spookston complaining about the damage of the Hispanos while also using ground belts is quite incredible.

    • he uses ground belts because air belts are often either bugged or nerfed into uselessness. lots of players just use ground belts for everything, especially with British aircraft.

  34. I am unsubbing because Spookston is a liberal who doesnt like columbus.

  35. A skin comes with the Tog II that is the Hot Tog.

  36. Christopher Columbus was based. what the hell are you two talking about?

  37. Day 15 of asking Spookston to play the SU-122

  38. 0:49 the only time anyone says a British tank’s “reverse is not bad” is when it’s forward is absolutely abysmal.

  39. So glad that you war thunder players finally get to experience the glory of the TOG II

  40. “Its a Subway sub” my brother in christ that’s a whole a** burger King on tracks

  41. 5:06 This map just reminds me of Giant’s Shadow anytime I see it…

  42. Cant wait for gaijins servers to glitch again and lose the Tog along with all my other premiums

  43. Day 7 of asking m41 lekpz

  44. The_Internet Gaming

    Ah yes, two Hot-Togs

  45. The fact that the tank has sponson crew but the sponson machine guns arent modeled annoys me 🤣

    The smoke gun is actually pretty neat, its come in handy the few times I’ve remembered i had it 🤣

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