The Grandfather of Delivering PIZZAS | PIZZA TIME (War Thunder AS42 Gameplay)

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The Grandfather of Delivering PIZZAS | PIZZA TIME ( AS42 Gameplay)


  1. Reminds me of the Japanese aa truck when in came out, although lot more mobile.

  2. I just laughed my ass off what is this

  3. Giuseppe

  4. name him luca changretta like the focking wop he is.

  5. God that intro music…much memories

  6. Danny devito

  7. Alberto his name shall be Alberto

  8. His name is Enzo Ferrari

  9. He must be Musollini

  10. Lets call him “Sandro” ,its a true italian name

  11. Should not the title instead read:
    “The Godfather of delivering PIZZAS”

  12. This is why there is no such thing as aa in WT only speedy TDs

  13. how many different versions of funiuli will you use before you run out

  14. Don Pepperoni ~


  16. “The guns reloaded”

  17. IT: L’inizio vale tutto il video..
    ENG: The start is whort all the video…

  18. TONY!!!

  19. Antonio

  20. you want a sprite pizza?

  21. What the hell happened to client stability? It is absolutely horrible.

  22. Wario

  23. Name that man peppe

  24. C’mon they must be Mario and Luigi. Two brothers in one “tank” 😀

  25. Hey phly can you please play the Westland Whirlwind! Loving the unloved. Attempt 99

  26. name the gunner su nell’aire

  27. Gunner is Fettuccine and driver is Alfredo

  28. The gunner of my Breda 88 is Giuseppe. I think that’s a good Italian meme name if anything.

  29. I dont understand why you have a crew replenishment modification when you only have a crew of 2

  30. More like the GODfather of pizza delivery am I right ?¡ (*_I’ll show myself the way out_*)

  31. What about calling him Filippo?

  32. Call him musolini

  33. Play the opening with 240p

  34. A.C. IV

  35. That music isnt italian but russian mate

  36. Mamma mia Roberto how are you holding the gun?!?!

  37. gunner same as gunther

  38. I LOVE this vehicle. In AR, people shoot at the outline. That often means they are missing half the vehicle, or can’t find you because the only thing exposed is the gun. The Ammo storage is surprisingly good layered armour 😉
    I had a teammate survive two tank rounds off that “armour”

  39. The gunner also has the most epic man-spread, and looking at the side of the vehicle while tilting the gun up 45 degrees shows his epic meatball launcher in all its glory.

  40. Lets call the man Giuseppe

  41. heavy tanks with low rate of fire are stupid this is proof

  42. after the first italian video, i knew you will use that song for an intro 😀


  44. *has an AA*
    *kills tanks no problem*
    *misses almost every shot on a plane*


  45. Lorenzo and Giugliano must be their names

  46. Mario drives, Luigi uses the pasta cannon.

  47. linguine works!

  48. Call him Luigi

  49. Bailey Donaldson-Fitt

    Name him Mario

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