The Greatest Carry Ever in World of Tanks

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– WZ-111 5A. Today IRazRI of the NA server is going to have to carry harder than anyone before in the the WZ-111 5A.

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  1. lol the use if those dead friendly tanks:) not alot of people do that surprisingly

  2. GG WP !!!!!

  3. My highest damage game was in my Jagdpanzer E 100 for 7932 damage

  4. You and DezGamez posted same battle at same time

  5. ThatsWhat SheZed

    great player, great replay

  6. That 704 made me so angry, I litterally want his PC to die so that idiot can never play any game ever again. I’d beat that man and make him swallow his teeth, fucking useless worthless idiot.

  7. themightyvanguard

    obj 704 shot first, watch dez games version of this replay and he hilihgts the confrontation between them.

  8. 5k Dmg- T54E1, T49- Yep Im noob

  9. “I don’t like to feature the same tank over and over again” unless it’s a new one and it gets me tons of views XD

    Still, very impressive battle! 🙂

  10. That is an interesting question QB, if you think that this is the most interesting tier 10 game, how about uploading what you think are the best games you have seen from tier 1-9.

  11. Žygimantas Petryla

    Fv215b 183 8700 damage

  12. cyberpunker 2002

    9.4 k dmg with the Centurion AX

  13. whats happening here.. look at the minimap.. whats that line please?

  14. Great game

  15. Marcelo Gutiérrez

    Quickybaby aint shit but Tips and Tricks

  16. 8216 DMG with my Lorraine 155 51

  17. highest damage dealt record is 8.2K with E-100.
    one thing i must notice about blue team mates is you are getting these blue shit even if you kill a bot or unfriendly behaved players. So please ask first then shot.

  18. 8.000 Damage, 13.000 Combine Whit AMX 30 B

  19. Štěpán Matýs

    Hi QuickyBaby, I am always enjoying your replays and this is really monster one 🙂
    Few days ago I made my best game ever with LTTB – I made 10 kills and around 6000 dmg done, win secured and lots of medals, but unfortunatelly I am not saving replays – my bad… I was saying to myself “shame on you, this game should be seen by QuickyBaby” 🙂 …
    Take care Buddy.

  20. Wow same replay as DezGamez

  21. 10.3k in the centurion AX but sadly on console

  22. So… what are the drawbacks of this tank?

  23. Do that like trick of pushing dead tanks to cover myself with. I am not superstar at this game but my best damage was 9k ish in the t95.

  24. Not speaking of his achievements in the match. I mean, you can do everything right and still have an average match. BUT how he realized his teammate got annoyed and trying to push him back into cover, taking a shot himself made him my personal hero. Incredible teamplay!

  25. 14 k dmg ?

  26. 16K with pre nerf 183. Penned all 12 shots. Still fucking lost.

  27. obj 704 is a dick should have relocated

  28. dam this tanks is awesome! I want one rn!!

  29. 8k damage t-10

  30. 1643 profit with this bloody awesome match – go fu wg – that’s why i won’t play this shit ever again

  31. 1.2k in a Pz. II, 1.4k in a T-127, 1.9k in a covenanter (i’m a low tier player)

  32. Great mechanics WG,look where the Grille’s gun aiming 8:02 ,and still hitting him…

  33. Highest non-arty ISU-152 5761 damage. 212A 6977 damage, this was before the last arty update. I think this was when highest tier for arty was tier 8.

  34. 7,158 dmg IS-7

  35. misterbullseye_e wot

    I have a question about uploading videos can you make a video about it ?

  36. diederick starre

    11416 dmg with the T110E4

  37. Hi QuickyBaby , 9 half k Dam my 5th battle in a T62A ,,, Will try to find the replay for you 🙂 aka MaD_DropZ_187 asia server , im an Up the Guttz type of player But i was also Soo nervous while playing that Battle ,Hehe

  38. My balls tingled

  39. So gold spam is skill?

  40. I SAW THIS 2 DAYS AGO 17/07. For those fighting over who has the ‘rights’ over a replay for uploading it first *facepalm*, check .

  41. Every player should see this replay, it is showed how to be true “unicum” not more gold more gold unicum. Perfect using ammo, knowledge about tanks “weak-point” etc and especially big culture of game, where the “true (gold)” unicums have lack of it.

    man, i salute you.

  42. This was the greatest famebat Tier 10 I’ve seen, well done razor

  43. Vladimir VojtaML

    Wargaming released a new tank… And that tank is hilariously OP =D why I’m not surprised.

  44. Carlos Ballesteros

    Amazing battle and amazing player. A total boss. Carried the game, protected his teammates, and kill that stupid 704. This was one of the best games ever!!!

    BTW my record of dmg is 9200+ on jpz e100, but only take a 2nd class medal 🙁 (idk what is the name in english)

  45. Hi Quickybaby, if u are interested to see a battle, Matilda, 11 kills Kolobanov’s, 1 vs 7, here u can find the video:

  46. quando eu acho que ja vi e tudo o wot o quickbaby me vem com replay desse … taaaa loooucooo..
    the best game ever

  47. Erman Kanlicalioglu

    t57 heavy–6250 dmg

  48. This guy completed World of Tanks WZ-juanjuanjuan 5A DLC. A real teamplayer and it was perfectly played. My damage record was 7.5k in the 50 120.

  49. Bálint Szöllősi

    my highest dmg was 10512 with Wt auf E100. but with its last version. We lost i was 1 vs 2 but with 1600 hp the T92 one shoted me while moving.

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