The GSOR 1010 FB – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The GSOR 1010 FB is the first wheeled medium tank in World of Tanks; but is this British T8 premium any good? Here's all you need to know!



  1. Mārtiņš Viļums

    i better wod take this than TP 56 garbage from last maraton.56TP is fail

  2. I swear if autocannons get added into normal gameplay, we are going to get IVFs. And nothing wrong with that, but balancing them would be an issue, especially considering that the constant damaging effect would be like a flashbang, and the fact that most maps are ranged

  3. Not getting one of these any time soon.

  4. sheridan with wheels

  5. Seems like a wheeled AMX CDC.

  6. Atleast its not driving around 90kph both forward and backwards with magic glue on its tires alowing it to make 180 full speed turns. Sort of behaves like an armored car.

  7. 24:03 “Even in a tank like this that has mediocre camo rating while moving doesn’t get spotted”

    gets spotted immediately lol

  8. Great, more clown car cancer. FUWG

  9. How do you get these Muppet games to where you slaughter the enemy? I never see that type of player behavior on this 1st map! Kinda strange… You just randomly take off to spot in a brand new tank, not knowing it’s capabilities, all the while the enemy camps that side? It’s almost like you can control the outcome… Everything is fixed now a days…

  10. Scorpion was not fond of qb lol

  11. I think it would be fun if they slowley started to add more modern tanks to the game and make them Tier XI, XII, XIII etc.
    But of course make them balanced so that they don`t absolutely destroy the tier under them.

  12. your affiliate link for wot doesnt work.

  13. Am I the only one toi hear seagulls in the video ? 😂

    I dont understand the point to insert this wheeled tank as it doesn’t have any specific play style except sniping… A track tank would do the same I guess

  14. AssBeaterGaming xd

    i dont understand people sometimes, if WG release overpowered tank – community is angry, if WG releases Balanced tank that takes some skill to make it work – community is still not happy. make up your minds people

  15. Nice that WG made a balanced tank.

  16. Waiting for wheeled maus

  17. It was told in the roadmap video 3 months ago that the british wheeled mediums won’t have two speed modes.

  18. I think they should just offer the option to swap the wheels for tracks .

  19. Considering the Bourrasque, this tank is a nice Tier 7 Premium.

  20. My god is this… A balanced premium???

  21. I R L wheels are used because they are more nimbke and QUIET than tracks, so why not up the camo on the move to show that?

  22. ace tanker, most kills, damage and exp out of all 30 players in the first game. QB= “I played a halfway decent game”. Please

  23. Accuracy in this game is non existent

  24. More of the same….

  25. I think this tech tree is the first step until they add IFVs (infantry fighting vehicles) into the game

  26. A balanced wheeled vehicle? Thats crazy

  27. looks rubbish

  28. Yevgeniy Khakhaev

    Quackybaby put gun rammer instead of vents into a vision slot….. quackers

  29. what a waste of tank. This was an ace tanker…wow no one is playing it…hahaha

  30. Republic of Texas

    They keep putting out bad crew setups because they think if they make the crew situation bad enough, players will accept their trash new crew system

  31. But does it have a battleship gun?

  32. I get the impression that this tank will be playstyle-wise similiar the Leopards, where the tank is most effective at mid-to long ranges due to the good gun handling and can use its mobility to quickly flank and change positions. I’m a little bit disappointed in this tank, since the wheels on this tank make no difference, they might as well have been tracks. But I’m glad for every premium tank which is not a BZ-176.

  33. In GSOR my second set up for big maps i use the upgraded radio system that gives -2 sec less visible when im spotted and to anemy tanks +2 sec to appear it helps together with optics and commander optic system to spot thru bushes,its fun set up and instead of optics can use bounty ventilation

  34. another made up tank to add to the ranks, i only say that as it means wargaming can balance however they want the whole thing is pretty much made up they have no constraints

  35. I would rather play a 122TM simply because of the shell cost. The standard shell from the GSOR 1010 costs 1200 credits for 360 damage while the 122TM standard shell costs 1065 credits for 400 damage with better shell velocity. And the 122TM has armor as well.

  36. amazing sandbag

  37. Just another nail on the WOT coffin – almost ready to be burried for ever !

  38. There was one of these in-game a couple of months ago. He died in 30s on the hill on cliffs, testing his speed, & armour.. .

  39. why make the new line so bad, just like the british scouts

  40. I think wargaming is starting to transition from hull down meta to faster paced light and mediums meta i think, which is a good thing ofc😅

  41. What is the DPM ? In the video it’s shown as 1770 but on tanks GG it now shows 1808, not a big difference but every little helps.

  42. i feel like sometimes when people talk about dpm they forget to talk about how dps dont matter if u dont hit the shells so a good gun can sometimes just end up haveing more dpm, anyhow love the video and cant way to try the techtree

  43. basically just a big box of gimmicks

  44. Bülent Alkın Türkoğlu

    This looks awesome. Cant wait to play brithish wheeled tanks

  45. Assante Nicewander

    Council of balance approves 👌

  46. Bz176 will have a field day … also this tank has to be bugged.. ?? it can neutral steer like a tank??

  47. It’s simple, make a commander a radio operator as well and you have to spend gold to retrain him. The more gold you spend the more you may have to buy. If it weren’t a money racket, then changing crew skills would be easy.

  48. Sd.Kfz.234 waiting room

  49. Yea, not wasting my money on this one

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