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Source: OddBawZ

The Strv 122B PLSS is probably the best all round MBT in War Thunder. It's extremely well armoured, has a great gun, decent mobility of course… a VERY happy Commander Sight.

The Strv 122B is considered one of the best, if not THE BEST tank in War Thunder due to its versatility and survivability. It really is the whole package and it's just THAT much better than the Leopard 2A6.

Sweden Mains rejoice… they really do get all the cool ! 🙂




  1. Awww, but i love my freedomites ☹️☹️☹️

  2. 13 kills and only 74K SL on premium? That’s ridiculous! Without premium a stellar game like that would get you maybe 45K silver lions on top tire. Gaijin is so full of shit. Do they not want people to play WT?

  3. Ya gonna do a video on the mobile game?

  4. Vid 24 of asking you to play the m3 gmc

  5. please play chi-ha lg 2.7 , ik thats not your playstyle but its like a low level elephant cannon only challenge can be kv1s but you can usually over pressure them on top with 120mm pen and a meme gun what can go wrong with this, 10 rounds = 10 kills! you too can suffer immense pain from being killed by machine guns angle it right and maybe one off your guys survives fsy likr 10 off asking or something.

  6. Where i can finde the option to do this with the comandersight? The up and down

  7. The Leopard we Germans deserve, the Leopard we Germans are denied by the Snail. :/

  8. I love how all of bawz’s video titles are all caps, really makes it feel like I’m being yelled at by an angry Scotsman

  9. pls play type 60sprg

  10. 4:35
    No problem I just get Jumpscare . You playing really good❤

  11. (thinking) Hmmm maybe I try out top tier stuff again. They patched it right? (sees results) hmmm…NOT!

  12. Oddbawz with a nice number of videos 😏

  13. What button raises the thing on the turret?

  14. Great video as always love your content ❤

  15. What keyboard is it to raise the periscope

  16. sadly its only on the swedish tech tree and not on the german to ( the leo 2a7)

  17. 19:15 sounds like the commander’s laughing at the jet

  18. 6:02 I know I’m not supposed to try to kill tanks while playing SPAA but it’s so satisfying to get a tank kill dammit, so I will.

  19. how do you raise and lower the commander sight?

  20. bvm is the best🤓🤓🤓

  21. wow 13 Kills and then 78k… what a joke

  22. DAY 27: @OddBawZ i love the content and i have a request can you please play the Swedish BKAN 1C !

  23. Knock off leo 2a6

  24. Need more collars with phly 🙂

  25. Lmao “not freedom measurements”

  26. yep yep yep, climate change is making Scotland feel like my old home, Somali. Hallo from Glascow

  27. Wait i think i was in the first game of this video, i was driving a M1A1 AIM

  28. @OddBawZ can you do a video on the French P-63C-5 CAS showcase


  30. lies everyone knows the l3 is the best vechile ever created

  31. Hier kommt die Maus

    pls help me become as good as you i really need to get the MAUS
    cuz thats my goal and my name is maus so that PLS HELP ME

  32. The “slapper 95” is what I call its fin round

  33. Oh I’m sorry, I use human measurements not water measurements. 30 is small number. 100 is big number.

  34. Don’t get it why Top Tier doesn’t get big Normandy, it’s such a fun map.

  35. owerpowered tank in game but it burns nice in ukraina

  36. What is the keybind to raise the commander’s optics?

  37. lol that “angry lady” is actually saying “enemy aircraft in the area” or in swedish “fientligt flyg i området”

  38. Not the best tank in the world

  39. Grinded my way to USA top tier and was sorely disappointed by Gaijin’s portrayal of the famous M1 Abrams and how it can’t not survive a single round from anything and how it’s only strong point is the turret cheeks and that’s it. So I am now grinding out the Sweeds for this bad boy.

  40. wtf is that accent??😭

  41. Fun fact: When Sweden bought the licensing rights to produce the Strv 122, we decided that “Nah, that’s not enough armour”, and basically redesigned the entire armor layout, adding additional armour plating manufactured in my home town, and replacing the composites with improved domestically produced variants.

    So despite being essentially a Leo 2 Improved, it sports slightly more effective turret armour than the A5, and much more potent hull armour, with around 22% increased protection against HEAT, and 25% increased protection against sabot. And that is the 122A, while the 122B and B+ adds an additional 3+ tons of composite add-on armour, protecting against attacks using HEAT, HE, and mines.

  42. I hope they fix the RP soon, it’s been really low recently especially for kills

  43. OddBawZ never fails to upload mildly entertaining videos between 12-30 minutes long

  44. The angry lady is saying “enemy aircraft in the area”.

  45. This continues the Swedish tech tree’s motto of “different, but good”. Nuff said.

  46. 78k for 13 kills and premium time. without premium it would be probably less than half of that

  47. Bro the 31 degrees of Celsius in the shadow is cool. Try to stay in 45 degrees of Celsius, this is really HOT!

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